Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik taunts Nandini- hope? Nandini says they have something really important to focus today, she leaves. Cabir whistles and asks Manik for some work. He reminds Manik that he has to bring Rocky and his big brother to bar today.
Mukti and Aaliya watch Dhruv standing in the corridor, they turn. Mukti says Dhruv has changed a lot. Navya meets them, Aaliya says she has to teach Mukti about Hindi. Dhruv watches some boys tearing the campaign posters and throwing them back on floor, he picks them up and pastes them again. Cabir watches this, but doesn’t go to them. Rocky calls Sooraj saying that Fab5 considers him as cowards, Sooraj tells Rocky not to worry and go to pub, as they need to teach a lesson to Mukti.
Manik stands up in astonishment watching Nandini in western dress,

she asks why is he looking at her like this. He says she always leave him surprising, she says she has always seen girls in these dress. He says he never saw her. He says he thought she won’t be comfortable, she says she told him she could do anything. Manik kneels down in front of her, holds her from her waist. She asks what he is doing, but he stares into her eyes. She asks him to get up, please. He asks her to stand still, she turns around but he holds her shoe, zipping it up. He controls himself and says all the best, as this is her night. She says thank you, and is about to leave. He holds her arm and says she is looking hot. She is happy, he asks her to go now.
In the pub, Rocky and his friend arrive and say no one is here. Cabir sat on a table with cap on, and places a cam-corder. The waiter put a reserved board on all the tables. The boys were talking that they were afraid for no reasons, there is no one here. Mukti won’t dare come back.
Manik and the girls waited in the car, saying that no one has arrived. Nandini asks to go inside, as it is already late. They girls come out of the car, Navya felt uncomfortable in her dress. Navya said there are only three of them, but Nandini says Mukti will also be with them.
The boys ask the waiter that when Mukti is here, they must send her to their desk. She runs to join the others, hiding behind Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to hide behind but get along with them, Nandini says when she won’t feel anything wrong with it, the others won’t as well. Navya composes herself for a while, then leaves.
Mukti comes to the bar, dressed in saree and glasses. The boys made fun of the Behn ji, who has come wearing saree to pub. She asks the waiter to bring tea, they make fun. The waiter says she can get fresh lime here. The girls take their seats on a nearby table, Mukti makes a call saying where has he called here; everyone is laughing at her. Rocky and his friends come to take Mukti’s table with her, she hides her face and says someone is coming to meet her. They boys say no one will come today, the waiter comes with the order. Rocky misbehaves with the girl, teasing him. Mukti stands up, holding her hand as she resists saying she will call police otherwise. Manik stands up in anger, but Cabir keeps on recording it.
Sooraj comes to bar, saying he uselessly called the media, no one is outside there. Mukti asks Sooraj that she saw him on TV today, he said himself that those who wear sarees are the pious ones. Sooraj says he can’t do anything about these guys. Mukti gets her form, removes her glasses and her saree as well, she was wearing tank top and shorts. Sooraj says she is such shameless who came here inspite of so much happening. He makes a call to ask the police and media come and see the drama. The girls join Mukti, Sooraj asks the police to arrest them. Nandini asks why would they arrest, have they seen their mentality; Mukti was wearing short dress so they teased her, but when she wore a saree did their attitude changed. Sooraj asks her to shut up, Manik jumps in saying this all rubbish has already been recorded. Cabir comes in with the camcorder, makes a recording saying he will put it in youtube channel as well. Manik tells Sooraj to control his boys other than their the dresses of girls. Nandini and the girls ask him to control their eyes instead of making girls wear sarees.
One of the boys produces knife, Manik beats him badly. The police arrest all Fab5, Manik asks why arrest him when it is his mistake. A lady comes from behind, media runs to her. She says she is here to support Mukti, she is every girl’s freedom protector, she asks police to arrest her too as she has also is with these girls. Other girls come in shouting that they are with Mukti. Nandini asks Sooraj what happened now, police ask how much would they arrest. The police inspector says he can’t handle this, Manik says he can, may be Sooraj would have to go to jail. Sooraj asks Mukti for his footage. Sooraj asks where the footage is, else they will all suffer. The lady police inspector takes the crowd and celebrity to a side. Sooraj gets aggressive, the police men held Manik. Manik holds the stick Sooraj holds on Mukti. Dhruv was outside hearing shouts and bucks the girls to break entrance of pub, Manik tells the inspector that the door is now open and as they go out once, they will all be in chaos. Cabir shows him his secret footage of the arrest and after events, Manik asks him to open him up if he wants to save his job. The inspector opens the hand cuffs.
They say they are waiting for Sooraj to be handcuffed. Sooraj resists, but the inspector calls his team to be arrested. The celebrity girl congratulate them all, Manik asks her to join them. She says she support them all the way, and assures to join them.
Cabir is asked by a reporter that he is ready to play his recordings to his channel. Cabir says that is a good idea, asks for his business card so that he can call her. A girl throws Mukti’s saree on Sooraj’s face, infact Manik drapes him into it. Everyone laughed at him, and clapped. Mukti comes and puts a tikka on his face as well. They all enjoyed that these boys loved numbers as they spead Mukti’s number in public, so they will give them what; a girl throws a shoe onto them before they leave.
Manik smiles, looking at Dhruv but he leaves. Manik is happy that he knew he would come. Manik and Cabir ask the celebrity to join them for dance, she dances with them. Everyone joins them for dancing on Nach Le. The celebrity invites them for party, and leaves.
Navya and Nandidi were celebrating Sunny Leone coming to their event. They said they never thought it would be such a big turn out. Mukti comes to Nandini and hugs her, Nandini hugs her back. Mukti says she doesn’t know what to say, but thanks a lot. Nandini says they all have done it together, Mukti says she knows it was possible because of them all. Mukti says it was her idea, she had broken down and it is only because of her this all happened.
Cabir teases Manik for staring at Nandini. Aalya sides Mukti, saying she is really courageous. Navya smiles that Nandini made her wear small dresses, what if her amma sees it on news. Cabir says it will be great for her if she sees them. The turn the RV on and the news of campaign was running. Nandini chokes crying and asks to go inside. Manik was about to go after her, Cabir says there is something in Nandini. Manik goes behind Nandini.
Nandini comes to the room, Manik hands her a towel. She was crying and hides her face. He says there is something special about her, Cabir was saying. She says he must say thankyou to him. He says he never thought Mukti would hug her, Nandini says it is beginning of friendship. Manik says Mukti’s life is a bit messed up, she doesn’t gel up with anyone other than Fab5. Nandini says Mukti is a beautiful person, and if she can understand him why not Mukti. He asks if she understands him really well. She asks does he has some doubt. He asks her to tell her then why he came here. She says to appreciate her idea, he denies and moves to her. She makes another guess that may be to ask if she enjoyed the party tonight. He says he came here because of the way she look today. She puts a towel between their faces being so closed. He backs up, she tries to move on but he holds her back to him. He says she knows what he wants, he was about to kiss her but she pushes her back and says she doesn’t know what he is talking about and everyone must be waiting for her. He says he won’t go without taking that thing. She runs anyway. He calls behind her to tell them why he isn’t here. He murmurs to himself, why is he behaving this way, is he in love.

Update Credit to: Sona


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    The current track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows that Manik and Nandini start a campaign #ItsNotUsItsYou to support Mukti.

    Nandini wears a western dress which makes Manik surprised.

    Manik fails to stop himself going closer to Nandini.

    Manik feels hesitates to praise Nandini’s beauty but finally tells her that she is looking hot in this dress.

    Manik’s dilemma whether he is in love with Nandini or still angry

    On the other hand, Manik feels proud to see Nandini’s efforts gives Mukti a new life and Mukti also hugs Nandini.

    Manik says to Nandini that there is something special to her and makes her closer to him.

    Manik falls in love with Nandini’s beauty and tries to kiss her.

    Nandini pushes him back and tease him.

    Manik is confused over his behavior and thinks that if he is not angry with Nandini anymore.

    It will now be seen that Manik starts to think about Nandini and finds that she is innocent and kind hearted girl.

    Cabir tells Manik to accept that he is still loves Nandini only.

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    Manik and Nandini’s hope and fight filled love story is getting interesting day by day in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.

    Manik is glad to see Nandini’s will power and her unconditional helping nature for others.

    Manik also feels good whenever Nandini around him and also tells that he has all rights on her only.

    Nandini has realized that Manik does not hate her any more but she wishes to get Manik’s forgiveness.

    Apart from this, Manik turns crazy for Nandini after the campaign and he tries to kiss her.

    Manik completely mesmerized to see Nandini’s beauty and wants to get closer to her.

    Nandini plans to make Manik confess his love for her

    However, Nandini stops Manik to kiss her because she wants to hear love confession of Manik for her.

    Nandini is waiting for Manik’s love confession since long time but it always halt by situations.

    Let’s see if this time destiny unites love birds Manik and Nandini by their love confession.

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    O Re PiyaO….In Faaslo Ka Ye Faisla Kyun Dil Ne Mere Kar Liya Khud Hi Na Jaane Kaise Jeeyega Hoke Ye Tumse JudaMain Waari Jaawan Main Waari JaawanSaath Ho Ke Ho Ya Ve Kasoor Re Naadaan Se Dil Ki Har Khwahish RoothiSapne Huye Hai Saare Choor Piya O Re PiyaPiya Re Piya Re PiyaPiya O Re PiyaPiya Re Piya Re Piya

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      jo khud sambhale khudiko
      ban hi jaye bund moti bante bante
      chalte chalte humsfr ko yaad rakhna chalte chalte….. 🙂 😉

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