Million Dollar Girl 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zubair’s Manager tells that there is no coordination with worker’s aas production is only 20%,,,Zubair gets angry throws remote on Tv and tells why he have hired him??Manager tells sorry…Virat tells that its Rashid khemika,,Ceo Zubair’s company have invested twenty,,Zubair tells that he has hired that company..zubair tells that Rashid is 50% more good than Virat and Avanti,,,Tells that he came banaras thinking will get talented people..But they are donkey who only know hardwork not to use brains…Zubair tells Virat is educated but not innovative..And Avanti smart but not supersmart..Zubair tells he thought to give money seeds to them and start up..Under which they can learn something..Avanti tells If she get one more chance??Zubair tells that Avanti is seeing dreams,,Virat tells its unfair and need a tie breaker..Zubair tells its his office and its his wish…Avanti tells that Even zubair First proposl was rejected when he was in hostel…Zubair tells to say him something new,,Avanti tells Even she dont have basic buisness knowledge..Avanti tells that even its happen that one day she buy zubair..Zubair tells Avanti talk big..Virat tells that talent is lso important,,Virat tells that he also can be like zubair..Zubair tells What is plan of Virat??Virat tell he will execute it,,Avanti tells that her buisness plan is also ready but need time for presentation..Zubair tells okey he is giving time.Avanti and Virat goes…Zubair’s secretry comes and brings drinks,,Virat tells that this is the last chance he have…Avanti tells that Job is going from her hands..For that she need a smart buisness plan..Next day Vicky gives lemon juice to customer..Customer tells Vicky to give juice with love.. One person bring corrior for Vicky,,Vicky tells who brought???Postman tells he dont know…Vicky signs…The postman says Vicly not to see dreams with open eyes…Vicky tells okey..Vicky reads the letter and gets happy…Vicky runs jumps tells that his loan is approved now dhaaba will become restaurant…Vicky call Kavya to say thankyou..Vicky cuts the call…Tayaajii tells that she want money Kavya tells that she will get salary on 15th,,,,Tayiji tells to say Avanti to do something in life….Atleast kavya is educated vanti didnt studied anything..Ab=vanti listens and feels upset…Vicky calls Avanti and says OVER!!!OVER!!OVER.Avanti asks what happend..vicky tells that his loan passed.Vicky tells to Thank Kavya Avanti sadly says okey she will say….Vicky tells that If Avanti need money he will give now,,,avanti tells she dont need now It was a task for zubair..vicky tells atleast Avanti must have said that it was a task Avanti tells that it was secret…Tayiji tells if avanti was not born it was good as she is waste will not do anything…Kavya tells that ankit also sitting at home from day and night…Atleast Avanti is trying…Avanti comes..Tayijii sees Avanti makes face and goes,,,
Kavya gaves Avanti money and tells to invest it..Avanti tells she dont need it now..Avanti hugs kavya tells that nothing is going is right and Mother is also very disturb..Kavya tells not to worry..Avanti tells once If zubair accepted her buisness proposal everything will good…Kavya tells its okey they are managing..avanti tells no..
DJ tells that Vicky will become a big man now,,,Avanti comes tells congratulations..Vicky thanks avanti…Avanti tells DJ and Vicky to give her some buisness so that zubair will accept and make her PA..DJ,,Vicky and Avanti thinks…Vicky tells that he have an idea,,,Vicky tells that will open a coaching class…Avanti tells that its a waste of time..Vicky tells that Already Avanti had sold Saree’s..Avanti tells that Selling Saree was a different matter…
DJ’s father calls her and tells to come..DJ tells mobile phone is a dangerous thing..Avanti tells that to thank DJ father vicky asks why??Avanti tells that all of us uses foreign mobile phone If in India we made mobile phone??Avanti asks If it is a good idea??DJ and Vicky tells superb…Avanti tells now she have to go and prepare the file and give before Virat…Dj tells she will drop Avanti..Avanti agrees…
vanti tells DJ that she did very bad with Bhuwaan…DJ tells that it was a challenge..Avanti tells to go and say sorry to Bhuwan…DJ tells that she is not feeling guilty anymore and she will not say sorry..Avanti tells If DJ dont believe tells to go and see in mirror her face..DJ tells okey she will say sorry to Bhuwan..Rajat’s father asks Rajat what is the problem with weaver why they gone??Rajat tells who have to be here is gone…Rajat tells that Virat shown Weaver different proposals and now went…Rajat’s father tells that this is the time to prove all that Rajat is not useless…Rajat tells that If he have not played such manipulated game with Virat He would be here..Rajat tells his father not to tells lies..Virat and Avanti runs and comes to zubair’s office..Zubair gets shocked seeing both of them..

Precap:Precap::Virat tells Avanti he known the idea of Her

Update Credit to: Ansari

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