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Manik asks Dhruv cheerfully, that is he so angry. He says if he is really angry he must call him big names, he would like it. Dhruv jerks his hand from his shoulder and says he doesn’t want to see his face even. He says nothing is left to speak. Manik asks why he called him if he doesn’t have to talk. Pandit ji comes there and asks them not to waste time and practice. Manik says to him, can’t he see he is speaking to his friend. Pandit ji asks Manik to ask his friend that if he wants to talk. He introduces Nandini to his new partner for Fusion Concert; Pandit ji says he asked Dhruv to call him here because he has been replaced. He tells Nandini that the class has begun. Manik laughs and says you really know how to play this game, not bad, infact good. This is gonna be fun. He leaves the

Cabir was sleeping, snoring heavily. Navya’s mother brings a cup near him. He wakes up, murmuring someone has opened a masala factory at home, but finds Navya’s mother there. She asks so it is his. He says yes, it is mine; but not completely. She says half of it is Navya’s. He says he doesn’t take any rent from Navya. Her mother asks why should he, he should infact marry Navya. Both are shocked but only then Cabir gets Mukti’s call, she was badly crying and calls him to the address.
Pandit ji appreciates Dhruv’s performance, saying he should have selected him better. Nandini was quiet, Pandit ji sends Cabir to get Nylon strings from library, sits besides Nandini and removes a paper from her hair. She asks why he did this, why she replaced Manik with Dhruv. He himself said that Manik is the best musician. He says he wants her to play the best, whatever it may cost. She begins to argue, he angrily tells her to concentrate on her practice, he doesn’t need an advice from him as to how to organize the concert.
Manik was sitting lost, when Aaliya enters the music room. She places a hand on his shoulder and sits on a stool nearby. He asks you and Dhruv… are you ok? She says fine, he asks if Mukti is ok. Aaliya says Cabir called her after dropping Mukti, he said Abhimanyu is missing and I should go to her. He says we must go, for sure. She asks what he is doing here instead of practicing for Fusion concert. Manik says Dhruv replaced him, he isn’t performing. Aaliya asks how he can do so. Manik says it isn’t his mistake, but Pandit. Aaliya says he could have refused. Manik says it doesn’t matter, he is happy and may be their friendship gets better. Aaliya says it won’t happen, she has seen him broken to bits, he is all messed up and a very new person.
Dhruv comes across Nandini coming downstairs, she asks him how this all got so messy. He asks doesn’t she like him performing and getting chance. She says she is happy, but he is in a state of mind that he won’t understand anything. She says his and Manik’s friendship is the most beautiful thing. Dhruv says he knows she would take Manik’s side because she loves him. She says as a friend she doesn’t want him to regret in future. What has happened to him, it is Nandini- his friend. Dhruv says everyone changes, and so he has decided to live his life with his own will.
The boys still knocked the door, Mukti cried badly. Cabir comes there, opens the door. Mukti hugs him hard, crying badly. He consoles her saying he is here now.
Nandini thinks about Manik when he said that they will hope only if they will be able to survive till they can perform in the fusion concert. Manik passes by and watches her there. He says he was looking for her in class. She says she tried to talk to Dhruv but he… He asks what she said, she shouldn’t ask him to leave the concert, he needs it. Nandini asks what about us? He was silent. She says if he isn’t in the concert, what will be left in their fight. He asks if she thinks he didn’t think about it, but look at Dhruv, he is the best. This all is happening because of Pandit ji. She asks him not to blame others for his mistakes. Manik asks what is his mistake. Nandini says she doesn’t know what is his mistake, she doesn’t want to talk to him even. He asks what is she upto. She shouts that they must just leave it, as neither he nor their fate wants them together. The janitors had till then put cupboards in the door way, she struggles to pass from between them. Manik comes to help her but making way for her. Both look at each other, intimately.

PRECAP: Nandini tells Dhruv that Manik sent an SOS message to him to come, doesn’t he know what has happened to Mukti. Dhruv says Manik has gone there, I don’t need to. Aaliya says to Manik that he has changed, that is why he didn’t come.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. fairy

    epsd was nt so gud…
    dhruv nd the pandit uncle bth hv gn mad…bhvng weird……bth is shwng their angr on manik….

  2. fairy

    yes rhea, u r r8….
    drctr hv lost d intrstng new idea of kyy…..nw they r shwng borng stry…especially dhruv’s stry , angr..etc etc…

  3. Ammy

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  4. JAADU

    Hindi: mein kho gaya hu tere pyar mein
    Ab tu bhi kho ja
    English: i m lost in ur love
    Now u also get lost!!!!!!!

  5. JAADU

    Tu hi ye mujhko bata de fb chalau main ya na
    Apne tu fon ka no. baatade call lagau main yaa na
    Apne tu ghar ka pata de aau mei

    • JAADU

      mein ya na
      Khana tu rakh ke paka de
      khau mein ya na
      Itna bata de mujhko
      kab milne aau taujhko
      hota nahi intazar

      tu hi ye mujhko bata de dusrii patau mein ya na

  6. Laura

    Sana how will i know whether u will come or not u asked suchi to come which is why l am waiting for u

  7. Laura

    Gud night to all my kyy friends missing u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    Nutz remember me when u come tomorrow morning

  8. Nutz

    Happy birthday ibu, many many happy returns of the day yar, may u always stay happy n keep smiling.

  9. Nutz

    Oreo m sry yar, i wsnt hr wen u needed us, u had to face lonliness.
    Gud mrng my frnds, n ammy hope u complete ur packng quickly:-)

  10. Ammy

    Haha…..dat no ball yesterday created lot of hypes….haha…..diff ppl hv diff openions abt it…….nd I jst couldn’t help laughing reading thm…..haha…….sm openions vry vry funnnyyyy

  11. Ammy

    Hear this guys……i read it jst nw…….a Bangladeshi fan saying BCCI has purchased ICC………dats y Aleem Dar signalled it a no ball!!!LOL

  12. Max

    Oh exam tension is felt lot hre. hey stay cool guyz. Life is beyond reading , writing nd calculating ha ha

  13. dawn

    Guys bye I think I’ll meet u after 5 days as my exams are going on
    So…. Bye I’ll miss u all…..

  14. Max

    Not again. not a word abt queen@ lovya. U speak only abt me. dont drag queen in dis. plzzz its a request

  15. lovya

    shit max you could have asked any other thing
    not this dear. well I get a sort of pleasure while insulting queen

  16. Yaa India Pak would be the best semi
    And evn it will be difficult to defeat aus…….pak easier ……mch easier…….bt der battng was disastrous

  17. Max

    tatz ur inferiority complex lovya. nw stp it. cauz im nt going 2 reply u now on. dont spoil d atmosphre

  18. lovya

    he wants queen but queen is not interested
    he went behind her. nobody is asking him
    but only me why?

  19. kiara

    if he likes u he will surely talk to u and will not avoid u…………….plzzz leave that yaar…………..

  20. lovya

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  22. lovya

    Yes I am sure kiara.
    he gave it here
    All members here took it mailed and he is replying only them

  23. lovya

    well wisher love has no gender. be it boy are girl both have same feeling.
    Do not say male dominist dialogues

  24. kiara

    u r true in india there r many customs rituals for girls and boys hav many rght……..girls cannot go out after 6 in some cities………..stupid rights……….

  25. well wisher

    well Indian society has taught dat feelings may be common.bt the way of expressing different…………

  26. :::::

    Kya natak hain???? Tum logo ko yeh site love site lagti hain kya??? Jab dekho tab koi na koi love love love karta rehta hain. Aour kuch mahan hastiya duusro ko batate hain ki tum inse pyar karte ho. Unko samjh nahin aata kya toh tum unko batate ho itna agar apne parents ko batate na love unse karte na toh aaj unse zyada tumhe koi auor pyar nahin karega
    Gadhe sab ke sab

  27. well wisher

    yes i agree …….
    u r r8….sm ppl thnk it a dating website…..kya pyaar ka chakkar chalatehai god knws

  28. :::::

    Kya pyar pyar pyar kabhi apne parents ko bhi itna time de diya karo jo time yaha yeh faltu baat mein lagate ho. Khush hojayenge. Love is waste of time SMTIMES

  29. well wisher

    if u dnt accpt social norms nd regulation.u knw wat is it called…………..u r a social rebel………nd u bcm dangerous fr the entire humanity!!!

  30. kiara

    why should society care for us………can we live in this world as a free bird without any customs……….i truely disagree with social norms

  31. well wisher

    no pyaar vaar waste of tym…humesha…………..go focus on ur career.pyaar kar ke kuch v nhi milega………career pe dhyan do………..phir dusro se respect ve milega

  32. well wisher

    typical western thnkngs@ lovya
    u all need the most is a good atmosphere moral values and ethics which western culture fails to provide wid

  33. lovya

    @WW I am not getting ur point. but something ur saying abt career.
    You feel career is imp and I feel my max most important. It depends on ur likes

  34. lovya

    @WW Ur saying that ur Indian society has all moral values haaa haaa
    joke of the decade. Here rapes robbery and murder happens every minute
    come on grow up.

  35. well wisher

    hi kiara
    see okay you fall in love get married bt thn wat happens……. dats not a future fr u gals……….cmon focus on ur carrer on ur abilities…………prove dat u r bttr dan ur male counterparts………..dats the way u can celebrate womenhood……nt by falling in love !!!!

  36. well wisher

    cmon grow up…………american society has more evil dan indian society…….see ur own society first…………they r the root of eery thng
    yes i knw u i thnk :::::::::

  37. kiara

    better our parents can choose our partner…………they will select our partner who will look us well than our lover

    • :::::

      Na baba na i m not ammy u r ammy mujhko na yaha pe bas 2-3 log pata hain ikk tum ikk aatma ikk suchi ikk aadhya ikk fairy ikk nutz

  38. kiara

    can anyone of u stop this……..either lovya or ww………………lovya u do as u like…………and ww let her do watever she want to do

  39. lovya

    @ww I know we are evil. But u wre saying ur society teaches morality then why evil happening in ur society

  40. well wisher

    dat Indian gals understand thir limit proved ey r bttr dan der male counterpart
    boys do mistake crossing their limits.bt gals r well aware of it

  41. lovya

    @WW ur society teaches hypocrism. One side u pray women as deity and in other u rape her
    U teach girls not to get raped rather than teaching boys not to rape
    list is really big

  42. Well wisher

    Our boys……..hv the right respect for girls…….nd it is wat we teach our boys to respect gals……….
    U cnt judge indian society on basis of sm incidents
    Yes I admit those ppl who do it……r not human beings……
    Bt we learn frm our mistakes which u ppl dnt do

  43. Well wisher

    Suhu???dnt make me laugh
    U said u knw fairy nutz ammy aatma
    So question is who is suhu??

  44. Well wisher

    I v nthng to say
    Lovya has no idea abt greatness of indian society
    Jst clearing her doubts……

  45. //\\

    left aankh maro maro right hand dalo dalo
    chalo karo besharamiyaan
    paas to zara chalo, saas lelo up down
    chalo karlo tere manmaniyaan
    arey banta h kya h, toda pyaar karlo re
    pyaar main hath guzar jaane de
    O max toda chance mar lo
    O lovya ka chance le lo

  46. //\\

    how it got [email protected]

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