Udaan 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji talking to Girdhari Lal and saying he will help him in getting the votes, he will win. He says you kept my words and has done Ishwar’s transfer in naxal area, he will be there and get his senses, thanks a lot. Ranjana comes to him and asks about Vivaan. He says what can I do, you have let him free, he has gone in the village. She says what days have come that my son is there in the village and celebrating Holi with the bonded kids. He says its matter of one night, and then where Vivaan and where village, where Chakor. He asks servant to call all villagers in haveli for Holi. She asks why, will he play Holi with them. He says no, I will show my color to them.

Kasturi talks to Chakor and asks her to have the Lord’s blessings chunni again, as she faced lots of problems before. She says thank Lord today. She ties the chunni/cloth again and Chakor smiles. Kasturi says you won today, Chakor says no, education won today. All the villagers smile. Chakor does the aarti and prays. Lakhan comes to them and asks Vivaan to come with him, and also Chakor. Kasturi begs him to leave Chakor with them, as its Holika, she will drop her tomorrow. Lakhan says enough of this motherly love, Chakor is Bhaiya jis property, she has to go. Chakor says I will come to you all tomorrow. Lakhan asks Chakor to run after the car. Vivaan says she will come with us in car. Lakhan lifts him and goes. Chakor runs after the car and everyone cry.

Bhaiya ji asks Chakor so you got the fees. She says yes, you said I can go to school if I pay fees. He asks who will give the interest your parents too and says you are my bandhua, and don’t think about freedom, till you give me money. He says forget all this, and stop this freely roaming. He says you were, you are and you will always be bandhua. She looks at her wrist stamp and asks him to allow her to study, as he promised. He says fine, remember one thing, do your work first and then go. She says fine and goes. He thinks to overburden her, then she will not go to school.

Its morning, Imli and everyone worry why did Bhaiya ji call them to haveli, maybe to punish them. Bhuvan asks them not to worry, as its Holi day, and Baa is back so he may call us to give sweets. Imli says lets go and celebrate Holi with Chakor. Vivaan cries and says he will not go to Lucknow. Ranjana scolds him and Bhaiya ji asks him to come and talk to him. He asks what happened to him. Vivaan says I don’t want to go Lucknow.

Bhaiya ji says the situation is tense, see Manohar is drinking a lot and sits with Amma, its not good for his health, if he stays here, then he will drink more wine, you can think about him, and take him out of this. He says take him to Lucknow, else he will also get ill. Vivaan asks about Chakor. Ranjana says I told you not to take her name. Bhaiya ji says no one can stop her now, from studying, you love your dad a lot, so agree to me. Vivaan says fine, but I will come back soon. He says promise. Bhaiya ji laughs and says best wishes for Holi.

Chakor sits with Baa and smiles. She talks to the nurse and takes care of Dadi. She brings Bapu’s pic and fixes it there. She applies her tilak and says happy Holi. She recalls how Baa stopped her last time from coloring her face, and applies color to her feet. She goes to Vivaan and does not find him. She says where did he go. Girja asks Chakor to go and sends her for work. Vivaan comes and asks Girja about Chakor. She says she has sent her for some work, she will send her when she comes.

Chakor waits for Ramu Kaka, and sees the colors. She throws colors and it falls on Suraj. Ragini laughs. Suraj gets angry and Chakor says it happened by mistake. He comes to her and the boys color him. Chakor laughs. Suraj goes and his friends throw color on her. She bends and it falls on Lakhan. They apologize and she smiles. Bhaiya ji scolds Suraj. Suraj says she has put color on me. Bhaiya ji says be careful, friendship and enmity should be with equal people. He thinks he will punish Chakor and all villagers today.

Ranjana asks Vivaan to get ready and they will play Holi there. Vivaan says he has to play Holi with Chakor. She scolds him. He thinks how to play Holi with her as I promised her. Girja tells Chakor about Vivaan going Lucknow and Chakor is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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