hi guys.its preeti here with an os after a long time on shraman..hope u all would like it..i was eagerly waiting to write something on shraman.today i got some time so here i m with it..i hope u all will like it..here i go..like all my other os its not gonna on the track of edkv..here i go.
a man is walking on a road and he saw a girl sitting on a side crying and looking here and there with the most cute face..the man goes to her and sitss on his knees..
man: hey why r u crying
the girl doesnt reply back
man:ok baat nhi krni toh mat kro but stop crying
the girl look at him with innocense .
man:okk tell me ur name..i m shravan, shravan malhotra
girl:shhrrraaavvaann!!okkk my name is suman9with diffuculty)
the way she replied was just like a kid
shravan understood that she is not having the correct mental state
shravan:ok so tell me why r u crying
suman:i lost my home
shravan;ohh,so would u like to go in my home
suman:noo mamma has said not to go with a stranger..
shravan;stranger kon ??
shravan:no i m ur friend i talked to you now i m ur friend
suman:no,,u r not my friend
shravan:comeon we can be friends if u trust on me
suman;mujhe bhook lagi hai pehla kuch khane ko do
shravan searched in pocket and found a chocolate
shhravan:(giving her chocolate):ok eat it
sumo:no mamma ne ajnabeeon se chocolate lene se manna kiya hai
shravan;toh phir what u want to eat
sumo:kuch nhi tum jao
shravn goes from there and sumo see him cutely
she was left alone
sumo;mujhe chocolate le leni chahiye thi now what to eat
shravan comes there again with a ice cream and offer sumo
shravan:would u like to eat ice cream ki mumma ne mana kiya hai
sumo:nhi mamma ne toh sirf chocolate lena se mana kiya hai icecream ke liye nhi so i can eat it.
shravan gives a gentle smile and gives the icecream to her
sumo fastly takes the ice cream and starts eating it sweetly..shravan sees her quietly
shravan:i think its yummy isnt it ?
suman:tasty hai..
she offers the ice cream to shravan
shravan:no i dont want u get
she finishes up the ice cream and some ice cream fall on her hand and clothes.also her mouth was left with cream.she looks at shravn
shravan takes out his hankerchief from pocket and polietly cleans her hand and face
sumo:ok ab hum dost
shravan:theek hai so u can call me shravo
sumo:ok u call me sumoooo
shravan and suman started talking and shravan was mesmirized hearing sumo”s cute talks
at that time sumo felt asleep
shravan looks at her and takes her in his hand and go to his home and make sumo lie on the bed

at night
sumo wakes up
sumo:mamma mamma!
shes shouts
shravan comes at that time
shravan:what happened sumo
sumo:mamma kaha hai??
shravan:abhi woh bahar gyi hai kuch der baad aayegi
sumo:ok (she looks sad) khana kaha hai
shravan:ok mai de deta hoon
sumo:jldi mujhe bhook lagi hai
after some time shravo brings some food
shravan:eat sumo
sumo starts eating but she didnt like the food cooked by him and throws the spoon on his boot
shravan:oh ho sumo kya kr rhi ho
sumo:ganda hai not tasty mujhe pizza khana hai
shravan:dont u like this food
he orders pizza.
after some time the pizza man comes and shraman enjoy the pizza
after having pizza and doing some cute chit chat sumo goes and sleeps
shravan was lost in his thoughts
he goes to the bedrooma nd sees her sleeping..he covers her with blanket and goes to sleep on sofa

at mid night
shravan wake up hearing some voice.he sees sumo cleaning his boot on which she has spilt the food
shravan:sumo what r u doing leave it
sumo:woh maine tumhare jhoote karab kr diye so cleaning it
shravan:leave it go and sleep
sumo;nhi mai nhi songi first i will clean it
shravan:no sumo’leave this work and go sleep
sumo:tumme sona hai toh so jao
shravan;sumo zidd mt kro
sumo:tum jao
shravan picks up sumo and lay her onthe bed
sumo wake from the bed and agian start cleaning
shravan takes away the shoe and throw it away
shravan;ab jao sleep like a good girl
sumo looks at him angrily
sumo:katti pakki wali katti dont talk to me
shravan;okk..u sleep
both of them sleep

in morning
shravan comes in the room with breakfast
he woke up sumo
sumo wakes up
shravan:have some breakfast miss sumo
sumo:noo mai katti hoon
shravan:ohh abhi tak
sumo:haa dont talk to me
shravan starts eating food
shravan:yum tasty bread and jam
sumo felt hungry
sumo:how bad friend r u?akele hi ka rhe ho
shravan:coz tum mujhse katti ho
sumo:but that was in night raat gyi baat gyi
then they both have the breakfast

shravan was doing some paper work
sumo:shravo i wany=t to play
shravan:no sumo i m doing work
sumo:pr i want to play
shravan:be a good girl and let me do work
sumo;no no no
shravan:ok tell me what do u wanna play?
sumo:ahhhhh kuuch bhi
shravo:ok lets go out and play something
they come out of house
shravan sees two sacks lets do a sack race
sumo:ok i will win
shravan;itna confidence
they start doing sack race and shravo was ahead sumo but when he saw the pretty face of sumo he falls down
sumo:ohh ho gir gaye tum
sumo wins the race
sumo:yipeeeeeeeeee mai jeet gyi
shravn:oh mai haar gya i loose
sumo was very happy

at night
sumo saw a shadow of cat and was scared
shravan:kya hoya ab
shravo sees it and got to know that it is shadow of a cat
shravo:oh this
shravo;dont worry we will save this world
shravo gives a pan to sumo and takes a pan in his hand and they both strike on the shadow..the cat go away and ssumo laughs
sumo:yessss we won we save this world
shravan was really happy.he have never enjoyed it in his whole life
next morning
shravan leaves letter for sumo that he is going and will be back in 2 hours
sumo read it and gets sad
shravan actually want to treat sump properly and so he went to meet doctor..on his way bacck to home he sees some flowers so decide to take it for sumo
when he reached home..he saw a car and sumo hugging a lady
shravn:sumo sumo
lady:hey u stay away from my daughter
shravan:but but
lady:get away
sumo:mamma he is not bad
so the lady was sumo’s mother
sumo mom:no sumo u know na this world is filled with a lot of bad people soo
sumo:no mamma he is good
sumo mom:but sumo would u like to stay wiyth mamma or him
sumo looked at both of them
sumo:with both
sumo mom:choose one
sumo:i want both
then sumo mom talk with shravan for sometime making him clear her point..sumo loked at both of them
shravn comes to sumo
shravan:sumo u go with mamma
sumo:pr shravo
shravn;sumo goo
sumo:pr shravo
shravo:suman(he shouts)
shravo:i said leave my home
she starts crying and sits in the car and she goes away with her mom
shravan was left there helpless lost in the memories of suman
‘kaisi tu ajnabbe,
do dinno mei mujhe pagal kr gyi
aisa jaddu chla muj pr
ek ajnabee apni bn gya..”

thank u
hope u all liked it
feeling very good for writing for shraman after a while

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  1. I want a sequel… plsss … it was lovely. Write more … Really after a long time.pls write more os . Ik ss is difficult but os will work.

    1. Prettypreeti

      hey deo afater a very long time..how r u? hmmmm..seriously I also want to write more nd more on shraman but I m busy coz of 10th class..so I will take tiome btw thank u sweety

  2. Fenil

    Ale PPP ,aap bhi likhte ho !!:P:P|O|O

    Kya khoob likhte ho yrr.
    Marvellous OS.
    Fantabulous work on Sharman.
    Copy karne ka man bana liya mene yrr.
    So innocent sumo.

    Very lovely moment when sumo says Katti…badi wali Katti…hehe8)8)8)O:)O:):):) jab subah hui raat gayi baat gayi jaam sandwich dekhke.

    Totally unique story.
    Loved it to the core.

    1. Prettypreeti

      yup fenu bhai mai bhi likhti hoon..and mujhe likhna bhut pasand hai and thank u for ur complement means a lot..yup u can copy it I will sell u the copyright but haan paise lagege..just kidding bs meri Olivia bhabhi ka kyaal rkhna and secondly if u copy it then do tell me I would love to read and I know u will portray much better

      1. Fenil

        yaa sure PPP (becoz i have also one Preetypreeti on YRKKH) hehhe…sure i will tell u if i will copy and edited this

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