KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 17)

So guys this is chapter 17:
The episode starts with a bright morning in singhania sadan. Naira gets up and ready and went down. Everyone was about to start aarti,. Just then Kartik entered. Naira ran and hugged him tight. He later filled naira’s mang with sindoor and make her wear the manglasutra too. Everyone was shocked.
K: wo Rahul asked me too do it as doing it today will increase love between husband and wife so I did.
N: He is a drama.
NA: Naira Kartik Goenka, please remove it as somebody is coming to see you, I mean Gayu
N: but why, I think u should invite kartik too as its my sisters proposal, it will look good if my husband is there too.
NA: No it wont look good. People will think that its fault in Gayu that her younger sister is married before her, so remove it.
N: but papa..
K: its okay na Jaan, u can remove for now, as soon as they will leave call me I will do it again. U know na love doing such things with u.
N: Okay fine.

Every one was relieved as the boy was coming to see Naira. now akshara reuested naira to get ready, but it was a bit weird for her as according to her grooms family was coming to see gayu. Later everyone got ready. As the family came, akshara requested naira and gayu to come down. Everyone was behaving like naira was bride and naira was amazed with their behavior. Later the boys family requested naira and boy to talk in alone which was shocking for naira. She felt some thing fishy and and called Kartik to come as soon as possible. Kartik rushed to the house. When naira, gayu and that boy were about to go to Naira room(on Akshara’s request), kartik entered.
K: Jaan, u okay na.
Naira turned and kartik was mesmerized seeing her, although he was tensed. Naira hugged him. The entire family was shocked seeing him
N: Kartik! I think this proposal is for me, and gayu and everything was their idea. They are planning to part us away.
K: How dare they think that my wife will marry someone else.
BOY’S MTHER: Mrs Singhania, u said me that your naira is unmarried and kind girl, but what is this. Thanks god my son did not came in your plans. Wht is this? Can u please explain me.
A voice came: May I tell?

Everyone was shocked seeing Rahul.
R: okay so the thing is…………………………..( narrated whole incident) and I came to know about it and that’s why I asked bhai to make maira wear sindoor and mangalsutra, but it didn’t worked so I prayed to god and there love solved the case. So I want singhania and Goenka family to confess wht they did.
Naira ran and hugged Rahul
N: Idiot, u r the best brother in this world
R: thanks j.b I know.
N: shut up idiot, infact u have a little mind I thought after the thing u did but u actually are an idiot, but the best bro, who trusts me.
R: And will always do.

The boys family left and singhania and Goenka’s confessed what they did.
N: Bhai, papa, u did it with me, its unbelievable. I hate u
NA: We had to do it to separate u from this Kartik. He is not good for u. he is for gayu we will find someone else for u
NAK: I am sorry naira!
N: No sorry, n yes thank u for showing me your real face, I hate u all from the bottom of my heart. I hate u. kartik! I am going to pack my bags, I wont stay here.
K: We will return to Delhi.
R: Yes!
N: okay, u book the flight and I will pack our bags.
K: okay
R: bhai, can u plz pack my bags two, I will get tickets
K: Okay
NA: wait princess, don’t leave us again.
AK: PLZ don’t leave naira
N: No way, I don’t believe u guys. First of all u were all separating me from my husband and now. Stay away from me u all.
AK: Please beta, listen
N: no
MA: Mr Kartik and Rahul, let me tell u, u have no space in my house or business.
K: but if u r forgetting Mr Goenka, the business in all delhi and risikaish and the mansion is on mine and Rahul’s name. we will get it separated soon from Goenka empire.
Naira packed her bags and came down, kartik kept belongings in car. The went to Goenka house and packed every thing and came back to singhania house as Rahul was supposed to bring tickets there. The whole singhania family, requested naira to stop, but she didn’t. later Rahul came up with tickets. And they let for Risikaish and promised not to come back ever, before leaving suwana hugged Rahul and took a promise from him.
Hi guys! Hope so u liked it. Guys I decided to write a one shot story on our beloved couple Kaira. Actually it is like the movie jab we met”. Most of the Os is same to the movie but there are a few very minor changes. So please tell that u want me to write or not.

Take care! Keep reading! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh!!! 

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