Kaira and Swadarsh : a love story (Part-4)


Hi guys , hope you’ll liking the ff …
Here goes the next part and I’m really sorry for not giving many swadarsh scenes but wait for some episodes more na ??.
And Adarsh will be elder than Abhay
Sorry for making these abrupt changes also but what to do in not a great writer .

Kaira were in office only but in their own cabins ,
Sakshi -mam today u have got many meetings and it will take long I think Karthik sir is going home early today
N-ok I will see
Karthik side –
Chetan -sir are u there 2day till evening there are many meetings
K-no Chetan I have to go home early today as dad has called all of us .
C-ok then I will tell Naira mam
K-I’ll talk to her directly .
Karthik went to nairas cabin and saw her thinking something deeply
K-aaj kya hua hein , some 1 is 2silent
N-arre Karthik nothing come in and sit na
K came and sat
K-accha listen can u pls take care of all the meetings today I have to go as dad has called all of us he wants to discuss something really important and plus last time we told him no and he got really upset . So..,,
N-it’s ok no problems u chill I will handle the meetings
K-Thnks so much Naira ur great .
N-anytime .
K-how’s SWADHEENTA Di I have not met her only
N-she’s amazing she’s got a cast tomorrow , how are uncle and aunty
K-they are good accha we will talk during lunch bye ..????

Ok bonus swadarsh scene ✌?️# I have decided to give between kaira #

SWADHEENTA is not getting so irritated now days with Adarsh Infact is liking his company and for our hero ? he is tho on cloud 9
Adarsh is at her office because they are now # best friends #
A-so SWADHEENTA what’s up with u
S-arre Adarsh u have no idea how scared I am for 2ms case , though I have fought many I don’t know I’m scared .
A-chill yaar nothing will happen and u will win the case I bet , ok so u have a condition
S- what ?
A-we will go for lunch tomorrow if u win the case , and I’m tho sure ur going to win it so no chance of losing only
S- Adarsh ……..ok done


It was almost 7 and all the meetings went well till then . Kaira were in office only Karthik went to Naira
K-Naira I’m leaving ha thanks so much
N-ya u go I’ll handle everything…
He went Naira was just sitting and thinking something she then messaged SWADHEENTA .
N-Di I’ll be lil late today Karthik had to go somewhere I’ll come home in the night u eat dinner and sleep if u want to . Atb for ur case 2m I know ull do it
S-ok but come fast I’ll be waiting ha .
N-ha ok bye meeting is starting

Here Adarsh had also gone home at Sinha mansion
M-I have called all of ull here becoz I want to ask ull something
J-say na dad what is it
M-I hope u all are happy with the merging coz I was thinking to make my will
Ad-dad we are very happy with the merging and don’t think of the will now we shall talk about it later na
M-no I still think
Ab-no buts dad we are happy with the merging
S-ok then
M-Karthik that deal with the Rai company was going to happen today na how was it
K-actually dad Naira was handling the meeting today because it was at 7 and u had called us so I asked her and she agreed so I have not spoken to her yet on anything
M-arre Karthik u shld have been present it was a very important deal
K-chill dad I have spoken to Naira and the deal is going well we have chances to get it
M-good u have the update just get me that file na which I told u that day
K went to check and realised that he had given it to Naira as she had asked for it in office
K-dad actually Naira wanted the file so I gave it to her and the other copy is in the office only
M-it’s very important
K-dad I’ll go and get it from office
M-go with Adarsh its late now
Karthik and Adarsh left and reached
K-bhai come up na pls
A-ok I’m coming

They both went up and saw all the lights switched off except 1cabin they went inside and saw Naira was sitting and working on the laptop with her dinner box beside it not touched at all
A- Naira you are still working it’s so late
N-bhaiya I’m going home only in a while
K-u haven’t even eaten anything atleast eat ur dinner
N-chill it’s ok I’ll eat it Karthik
A-no u have to eat it right now and go home
N-btw what are u guys doing here ??
K-I actually forgot that file in office so I came to take it with bhaiya
N-ok fine take it in that time I will also be done
A-ok so let Karthik take his file and u eat dinner then we will drop u
N-it’s k I’ll eat at home and go home by myself I hav my car
K-atleast eat na
Karthik went to get his file
N-bhaiya I’m fine I’ll eat at home I’ll leave with ull only ok
A-ok come close everything we will wait for Karthik at the entrance
Naira packed everything and went outside Karthik came ..they went in their cars Adarsh and Karthik drove till nairas house and saw that she reached safely .
At Singhania mansion Naira entered and saw that no 1 was in the hall and checked and saw her Di sleeping in her room with files means she was still reading for her case .
She went to her room a, changed and was too tired to go down so she went too sleep only

Sinha mansion –
They entered and went to Manohars room and saw Abhay and jay already present there
K-dad here u go with the file and the office was open only Naira was still there doing some work
M-oh Matlab she is working very hard ha
Ad-Ha dad she had not eaten anything her dinner was also there only
S-oh tho wo abhi itna kam kar rahi hein so call her for Dinner tomorrow we shall also meet her again na
J-ya that’s a gr8 idea
Ab-mom uski ek elder sister bhi hein , SWADHEENTA
M-ya call her also na so tomorrow dinner @8 inform them
K-yes dad
All -gn mom and dad
They went to their rooms , sometimes Adarsh and Karthik shared a room though they had theirs also .
Kadarsh(Karthik + Adarsh )
When they went both were sitting on the bed , 1 was thinking of Naira and the other of SWADHEENTA both together said beautiful ?

Together at same time
– you said this to whom ?
-tell na
-I think I like Naira /SWADHEENTA
Both were laughing
A-lets go to sleep
K-ya gn sd
Next morning –
Singhania mansion
Both got up early Abd were getting ready .
N-Di chill for the case ik Ul do it ,
S–thnk u my lil sister , chal bye I’m leaving
N-come I’ll drop u

Ok guys that’s it for today
Hope ull liked it
I’m sorry for updating late I’m having holidays now so I’ll update it early
Thanks bye
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