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Day 70
Gaurav says to Lopa that people who comment here, complain about everything, answer to people for their people get things there, people who ignore things and dont answer rubbish things, people think he is taking convenient way, when i start talking then people will know difference, Lopa says you shouldnt be silent in every situation. Mona says i think.. Gaurav says its my choice for which thing i want to fight for, Mona says means you would fight only for your things? Niti just asked Priyanka did you take medicine and Priyanka started shouting so shouldnt we support Niti in it? Gaurav says i was not there, you people dont understand this concept, Mona you called me boring for not taking stand, Mona says everyone is saying it, Gaurav says we were not talking about who is

entertaining, Mona says you are an actor, hero saves everyone, its not wrong to take stand, Gaurav says you have to be right always, Lopa says raise your voice against wrong, Gaurav says i dont have problem people saying about other people, how will we close mouth of anyone? if i start talking non-stop, what can you do against it?

Mona is lying on bed. Swami puts comforter on her and caresses her head. He massages her head and says i love you, i am hungry for pure love.
Niti says to Rohan that Swami and Mona have issue since very long, even i uncomfortable about him.
Swami is weeping. Mona asks what happened? Swami says i never got love, i got money, i have hunger for love, i can do everything for love. Manu sees Swami and Mona and says he doesnt do this with us because we answer him back.

Mona asks Manu why you got care bracelet from Sonakshi? Manu says she said that you need care, Mona says people get irritated when you care about them, you were saying that i irritate you now, i am just showing friendship, Manu says you thought that i said i am irritated with you? Mona says Salman questioned this only, Manu says i want you to go home, i swear on mother that i wanted to say many times that dont go home but i was not happy that you didnt leave, you are worried here so you should go home.

Manu and Manveer jokes about Swami. Manveer says to Swami that he has something, you cant loose, did any tragedy happen with you? you dont understand anything, Swami says i won competition when i was 5years old, Manu says you are mental since then? Swami says i am fighting from world since then, Manu says 5years old can only poop, what you used to do? Swami says i used to recite without any learning, Manveer jokes that you have inborn talent? Swami says people used to like my lectures when i was kid, there will be miracles in my movie, there will be special effects in it. Manveer says call director of movie avatar for your movie, did you see it? Swami says i dont need to see it, in Gandhi movie, I.. Manu says you did role of Gandhi’s stick.

Manu says i am giving empty box to Swami for his birthday, he can put his praying things, Manu says you can hide it in your bag, Swami leaves. Manu says to Manveer that he is weird, Manveer says he is innocent, Manu says he is simple. Manveer says he is putting things in box rightnow, he is filling it with love, he is kid, he plays with things like kid. Manu says he is stubborn oldie, he is like Priyanka too.

Day 71
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Om Shanti Om’ ringing in Swami Om’s birthday. Inmates dance around Swami. All wishes him birthday.

Manveer asks Niti why you are not eating food? Niti says dont keep asking me, i dont want to eat, Manu says dont do drama. Niti says i will make it myself. Mona is cooking food. Manveer says i am not cooking, Niti says why you are all joking about food? i get irritated, Manveer says you get irritated with everything. Manveer says sorry for everything, Niti says dont drag things, Manveer says i wont come near you, you remain yourself till i am here, Niti says dont threaten, Manveer leaves. Niti says he doesnt have habit to listen, he take everything on ego. Manu says i didnt have same habit too but i changed myself. Niti says i help him in cooking everyday but he always say that you wont eat it right? Mona says he was joking, you will miss it when he doesnt do it, Niti says i can feel bad too, and he could have said for it but now he is saying that he wont talk to me till end of show just for this small thing?

Niti is in confession room. Bigg boss gives her instructions and asked to read it only when Bani and Gaurav are in confession room, its their secret task.

Bigg Boss gives the housemates a golden opportunity to win back their luxury budget by being a part of a new task- Bani and Gaurav’s show. According to the task, a volley of hard-hitting questions by audience will be thrown at Bani and Gaurav while they are in the confession room of which they have to give honest and satisfactory answers. While Gaurav and Bani are told that the questions will be coming from the live audience, if they are not honest then luxury budget will be affected. Swami says talk bad about me, i wont mind, Bani says we will say truth only.

Bani and Gaurav are in confession room. Bigg boss says you both will be going live where audience will ask questions from you.
While outside, Niti reads task to inmates that Bani and Gaurav will be asked questions but not from audience but from inmates, this is your chance and will secret task, you have to keep it hidden from Bani and Gaurav. Their secret task is that they have to ask difficult questions to Bani and Gaurav and bring their hidden emotions and game infront of people, till end they have to keep it hidden.
Bani and Gaurav are in confession room. Bani starts talking like host. Gaurav says let them talk. Manveer asks question that Bani saw nasty fight between Lopa and Priyanka kept silent and didnt protest and you also said that you didnt know Priyanka used that nasty language. In confession room, Gaurav asks Bani to be honest. Bigg boss repeats Manveer’s question to her. Bani says i was not in that room, the words i listened from Priyanka and Lopa, after that i didnt think i would be able to listen that kind of language, nobody cant make Priyanka silent, its good to not coax her, Lopa says imagine if she said those to you then i would have seen how much you ignored her. Bigg boss says what Priyanka fought with Manu, you said its personal matter, why? Bani says i took stand against Swami personally but i didnt ask inmates to boycott him. I didnt boycott Priyanka because nobody told me that they are boycotting Priyanka. Manveer says when all were going hysteric, they both were sleeping. Gaurav says about Manu’s comment, we should have taken stand against Priyanka but i was in bed and tired but thats not an excuse, truth is that let low people talk, its useless to stoop to their level and go in unnecessary fights, inmates laugh, Lopa says i will see if he will remain silent if it was said for his sister, be a man enough dude. Gaurav says if words are so disgraceful then we should avoid it. Manveer asks that if you both are so scared of Priyanka’s filth that you would go against inmates and chill out with her? or is it that you will do everything which Bani does? Bigg boss asks this to Gaurav. Gaurav says Priyanka came to me and tried to give her point of view and she kept saying that she is ill. Bani says Priyanka was nice to me, she didnt say anything against me, she was good with me and i was good with her, if she insulted me then i would have given it back to her, i would have stopped talking to her, Lopa says she is contradicting her own statements. Bani says inmates dont talk to me then expecting me to boycott, atleast tell me about boycott, talk to me. Niti says 9people will tell one person about everything?
Bani and Gaurav comes out confession room. Bani ask inmates did you people boycott Priyanka? niti says nobody was talking to her, Bani says people are asking like it was official boycott and me and Gaurav didnt take stand. Niti says it was not officially announced but nobody talked to her so it means we were boycotting her. Mona says all were against her, Gaurav says i will say when i want to against anyone, why you keep calling me convenient, dont keep saying it, Manu says she is telling her opinion, Gaurav says she always does this that i am always looking for convenience, Mona says i am not saying it, people are saying it, she leaves. Gaurav says i didnt know that people will not like it, Manveer says you didnt go through any slangs? fight? Gaurav says i will fight with you when you argue with me but Priyanka didnt argue with me. Manveer says even i didnt have personal fight with Priyanka but i took stand against her, Gaurav says i have different way of handling things.

Manveer says to Bani that i dont think people will understand Bani from bigg boss 10, you are not Bani. Bani says why? saying now? Manveer says you are restraining yourself, i dont think anyone can describe you, Bani says Gaurav can describe me. Manveer says no one can tell about Bani from this show, Bani says i asked you to ask anything personal but you didnt and said that talk about work, you dont wanna know me, Manveer says nothing like that, Bani says i know your family, i know that you cant eat rice at night, Manveer says you keep distance and dont remove it, Bani says i am exactly like this, Manveer says you eat, gym, sleep and task and Gaurav, thats all you do, she says yeah.

Gaurav comes to Mona and sits on her bed, he says hello, only one week is remaining, dont fight with me, he gives her hi-five and says i dont talk bad about you, have faith. Bani comes there, Gaurav says sit with Mona, she says no. Gaurav says Mona gets sad, Bani says she is happy, she gives opposite expressions, Mona nods, Gaurav says keep smiling even if you are sad from inside. Mona says elders of house take stand against wrong, i told this to Rahul too, you dont say anything to stop anything filthy but i am clear now that you dont wanna talk, Gaurav says i dont fight like this in real life.

Gaurav and Bani are in confession room again. Manveer asks questions that Bani thinks she is winner and no one is competitor, who are top 5 for her? Bani is asked this question. Bani says i feel i am winner, i can be winner, top 5 will include Bani, Gaurav, Rohan, Manveer/Manu and Lopa. Inmates laugh at this, Bani says Gaurav will be in top 5 because he is with me, Rohan laughs. Bani says Gaurav is strong. Manveer questions whom you would nominate if given chance now? Gaurav says i would nominate Niti, game is at stage where shots will start, her journey was nice and i have nice relation with her but other inmates are more active in game. Gaurav says second name is Manu, he does competition and i didnt see him tested in tasks, Niti acts like breaking screen with slipper listening it. Bani says i would nominate Manu and Manveer then M3 will be nominated, that would be insane and it would be fun to see who will get most votes between them.
Gaurav says Mona likes me and gets disappointed if i dont protect her, Mona says i dont say it for myself only, i say it because you are man of house and should take stand for everyone.

Rohan says to Gaurav and Bani, what was it about this time? Bani says it was not about nominations, Rohan says i am trying to prepare if i am called inside, he leaves. Gaurav says to Bani that he is trying to be in game, he is cute but he is always thinking about game, he plays game with niceness, Bani says i understand, Gaurav says his mind is always on game, he has very strong stand against you, Bani says why? Gaurav says his tone is not b*t*hy, gossipy and he doesnt insult but i am telling you he is not fond of you. Bani says how sad.

Bigg boss announces that Gaurav and Bani’s task has ended. Bigg boss tell Gaurav and Bani that questions asked to them were not from live audience but from inmates only, Bani says nice. Bigg boss ask inmates that you people think Gaurav and Bani answered with honesty and are you satisfied with it? First Lopa. Swami says she has to say yes for luxury budget, Gaurav says give honest answer. Lopa says no they were not honest. Niti says no, Swami says no, Manveer says no. Rohan says yes they were honest. Manu and Mona says no they were not. Bigg boss says most inmates think that they were not honest so they have failed in task. Gaurav asks if they think we were not honest or you people were not satisfied with those answers? Inmates say we were not satisfied. Manu says you people were not clear with words. Lopa says they asked you to be straight and clear with your answers to be honest but you beat around the bush. Rohan says they said truth, i liked their answers.
Manveer says to Manu that Rohan is taking Gaurav and Bani’s side but he was laughing on their answers and he was reacting like Lopa only.

Manveer says to Lopa that Rohan had same point of view then why he said they were honest? Rohan says dont say wrong, Manveer says the things we disagreed, you disagreed too, Rohan says i am not a kid, if she thinks she is winner then she is honest. Gaurav says to Bani that they are so touchy about all questions, wow, Gaurav says let them be. Rohan says most questions were personal, it was my point of view, you are saying that she put me in top 5 thats why i voted for them? Manveer says you are not mature, Rohan says all know who is running who. Lopa says Manveer he can think what he wants. Gaurav says when we were playing owner-servant task, she used to say ill words to me but you people used to stand with her. Manveer says you both were giving twisted answers, Gaurav says you people focus on others a lot and think a lot, Bani says i am not diplomatic, i said what i wanted to.

Manu says there is clear fight between celebs and commoners, nobody should forget it. Manver says Lopa and Bani have deadlock like dogs fighting. Manu says Gaurav and Bani are not deserving to be winner for me.
Bani says to Gaurav that people think of me as they used to think about me, i was not avoiding her, she was nice to me so i didnt probe her, all think that i am scared of her thats why i am diplomatic. Lopa and Rohan are there too, Gaurav says i am scared of people too, Bani says i am cheap, hypocrite, i have got many labels.
Manu says

Seizing the opportunity, the housemates begin to identify questions that will probably leave Bani and Gaurav tongue-tied. Manveer takes the lead and asks Bani and Gaurav to cite a reason for completely avoiding Lopa and Priyanka’s fight and silently supporting Priyanka. To this, Bani replies that initially, she was completely unaware how the fight erupted and what was the real reason behind their fight. And hence, she decided to stay away from the conflict. Bani also adds that Priyanka never made any hurtful comments about her or her family unlike Swami Om and hence she was always cordial with her. Gaurav says that he did not wish to malign my image or touch a new low by getting involved in someone else’s issue. Lopa and other housemates who are watching them live through Jio TV express extreme displeasure and despise Bani and Gaurav for giving diplomatic answers.
Manu says if Rohan cares about them so much then when Niti was showing slipper on screen, he could have said that Gaurav is like my brother so dont do it. Manveer says Niti that was not good, Niti says did you listen his words? Niti says you can swear at you, shout on people but i cant have fun? dont have double standards, Manveer says you will attack people with slippers? Niti says you can curse people? Manveer says it happens in frustration, Niti says mine was frustration too Manveer says dont shout, Niti says one person is calling me weak and i cant be frustrated? you can use curses? Manu says its not good for you Niti if you show slippers to people’s faces.

Manveer says to Manu that i am playing in her favor and she is doing this with me? Manu says she is using you, you can be pacified easily, she will forget friendship for tasks, she is playing game, she came till here playing game, she is in center now, she thinks that she can take decision, Nitibha is double-faced and she sweet talks Manveer to get her work done. However, her every move is well-planned in order to fulfill her selfish desires. Manu says i made you and Mona play in show.

Manveer is washing kitchen counter. Manveer says i washed whole kitchen in anger, Niti says he will clean out people in anger, i am scared of his washing. Mona hears all this.
Mona asks Manu what is going on between Nit and Manveer? Manu says she is ill-mannered, she can say anything, Mona says she is taunting him all the time, Manu says i dont like her nature, she should have patience with guy and listen to him.

PRECAP- There will be captaincy task in which house is turned in to Kashmir, there will be snow storm coming in house time after time and inmates have to run in igloos be saved from it, the inmate who is not able to capture any igloo will be out of captaincy race. Swami says if i push anyone mistakenly while going inside igloo then it wont be my fault, Niti says dont push anyone, if anyone gets hurt then you will be thrown out of house, snow storm comes, inmates run to igloo.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nitibha does not using Manveer… I don’t think there is any fakeness in there friendship… they don’t backbite about each other unlike Mannu, who did so about them and about Mona too…. double faced man????
    Now he is breaking Manveer-Nitibha’s friendship… Manveer should follow his father’s suggestion and be aware of Mannu….

  2. It’s really strange that so many people could not understand this secret task. They were on their own trip! They all looked really foolish apart of Rohan who seems to have understood that the task was not to judge Bani and Gaurav answers if they were right or wrong, but to judge if they both were true from their own perspective according to the two personalities.
    Bani thinks she is a winner, fake answer? Saying otherwise would have been!
    Gaurav says I won’t get into others fight, fake? That’s what he always say and has been doing!
    The fact that the whole house was laughing while both were answering shows that they were not agreeing with their options.. which means that they think differently, not that the two of them were faking their answers! If Bani and Gaurav gave diplomatic answers then OK they faked.. but they were not at all..
    Like when Om says ‘I can walk on water’, is he himself or is he faking? All knows its fake, he obviously cannot but he is like that only! So, he is not faking his ways of ‘faking’, he is self-praising only! That’s the difference which all didn’t understand about this task.
    Rohan was best on that part… he might have been having fun while listening the answers but it doesn’t mean he walk with his ego of not having same option. All others were walking in group! How stupid to lose luxury budget on that! Those I thought were more smart and intelligent happened to be egoistic and stupid! sad!

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