Kaira: Humdard By Khushi (Epi 2)

The next day
Goenka Villa
Dadi: Jaldi karo, flight miss ho jaegi
Surekha comes there with some packages in hand
Surekha: Maajhi, maine ye sab pack kar liya he
Dadi: Haan, driver ko bolke gadi main rakhva do
Suwarna: Maajhi, everything is fine.
Dadi: Okay, are Manish and Akhilesh ready?
Surekha: Yes Akhilesh is just coming with Luv and Kush
Suwarna: And Manish is just talking to his assistant.
All the members of the family come there.
Akhilesh: Lets go now
Everybody nod.

Birla House
Rags: Dadi, I have prepared their gifts.
CK: Okay, I will check
Yuvani comes there
Yuvani: I’m so excited, I’m gonna meet my going to be family!
Rags: Yeah Yuvani, but why haven’t you applied makeup?
Yuvani: I will do it later
CK: Yuvani, it will take time. You should look good before them.
Rags: Yes, remember, the first impression is the last impression
Yuvani: Okay, okay, I will start now
Rags: Done, I’m coming to help

Both of them go. CK too goes to check the arrangements. Bhavna and Suhani had heard them
Suhani: Di, mujhe yeh rishta kuch thik nahi lag raha..
Bhavna: Hmm.. Hame toh ye bhi pata hi nahi ki Kartik Yuvani ko pasand karta hai ki nahi..
Naira comes there
Naira: Aunty, I’ve done all the preparations for their stay.
Suhani: Okay, thank you so much beta
Naira: Aunty, this is my work. You shouldn’t thank me. You can check if you want.
Suhani: No no, if you’ve done, then it will be perfect.
Naira:No aunty, you should check
Suhani: Okay,but I know it will be perfect.
Naira smiles
Naira: Aunty, mujhe market main kuch kaam hai, toh main..
Suhani: Okay, par jaldi aane ki koshish karna.
Naira: Okay aunty, I’ll try
She goes away.
Bhavna: Sach main, bohot pyaari bachi hai..
Suhani: Hmm..

In the evening
Goenkas reach Birla House.
Birlas welcome them. They talk and enjoy but Kartik doesn’t take part in the conversation. Yuvraj was noticing this
Yuvraj: Kartik, Are you fine? Do you need something?
Kartik: Ab no.. I just want to get some fresh air..
Yuvraj: Um.okay, Yuvani can join you..
Kartik: No, no need. I can manage
He gets up and walks away from the house. Kirti gets tensed for him and follows him.
Suhasini: Woh nayi jagah hai na, toh bas isliye..
Yuvraj nods.

Kartik gets out of the house. He goes to open his car’s door but stops and puts his forehead on it. Kirti comes there and sighs seeing Kartik. She puts her hand on him. Kartik looks on his shoulder and sees Kirti. He again puts his forehead back.
Kirti: Kartik, I know, you are not happy with this alliance.
Kartik doesn’t respond. Kirti turns him to her.
Kirti: Kartik, kyun khudse hi jhut bol rahe ho?
Kartik: Kirti, I’ve no other option
Kirti: Kartik but-
Kartik:Leave it Kirti
Kartik opens the door and starts the car and gets away
Kirti: (in tears) Kash Naira hoti..
Aditya comes there.He holds Kirti’s hand tightly, hurting her
Aditya: What are you doing here?
Kirti: Aditya-
Aditya: I want you back, now!
He goes away.
She turns back to the house. She remembers her conversation with Naira..

FB plays
Naira: Kirti but-
Kirti: Naira please, please kisiko kuch mat kaho..
Naira: Par yeh galat hai Kirti, Adityaji tumpe aise hath-
Kirti: Please Naira, baat ko samjho
Naira: There is nothing to understand, if Kartik comes to know-
Kirti: No,you will not tell him
Naira: Why didn’t you tell this to your family?
Kirti: Naira, my family isn’t like yours. You have not met my family till now, and when you will, you will understand why I didn’t tell them..
Naira: Yeah, I haven’t met your family, but I know no family will let their daughter be tortured like this’
Kirti takes Naira’s hands in hers
Kirti: Naira, please don’t tell this to anyone, please, at least till your marriage
Naira: But-
Kirti: Tumhe meri kasam
Naira takes away her hands from her and looks away.
FB ends
Kirti: Please wapis aa jao Naira..

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