Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak seeing her shop papers. Maasi tells her about Uma’s mum Ganga. Uma says what should I tell about her, I don’t know even her name. Kanak thinks don’t know what sign Shiv ji gave to this Raavan, but I understood why I have come here. Maasi asks Kanak to come. Kanak thinks I got trapped in right place, I hope Raavan’s mum understands my pain, she handsover shop papers to me and lets me go. Maasi asks Ganga to see who has come to meet her. Kanak sees Uma’s mum ill. Maasi says look at Uma’s wife, won’t you meet her. Uma asks Kanak to come and take blessings. Uma and Kanak take her blessings. Kanak thinks I ha dhope you will help her, my hope broke, but I greet someone in this house heartily for the first time. Ganga moves her string and rings bell. Uma says Maa’s blessings is like Lord blessings, you can think of this family as Maayka and Sasural, get their love.

Kanak’s phone rings. Maasi asks whose phone s ringing. Kanak goes out. Gabbasa brings her bag. Everyone look on. Gabbasa says its Bhabhisa’s purse, I kept it safe, her phone is ringing. Suman says now Uma’s problems will get away, now we can find Bhabhisa’s name and address. Suman takes the phone. Kanak thinks of her dream and thinks I can’t tell him about my family. She throws her phone in hot coal. The phone burns. They all get shocked. Kanak gets back. Suman asks what did you do. Maasi asks Suman to get calm. Suman says no, since marriage, Kanak is doing what she wants, we all gave her respect and explained her, but her anger is increasing, what’s the meaning to put mobile in fire. Saraswati says so that we don’t know about her, she does not want to tell us anything.

Maasa warns Kanak. Uma looks on. Maasi reminds Kanak that she is part of this family now, Shiv ji gave this sign, you were adamant so we had to force, if you get angry, we will burn yourself and this house too, see this house and family, you got a life partner like Uma, its like a dream, accept and respect it. Suman asks her name. Uma says Kanak will say when she has to, Saraswati take her inside. Saraswati and Suman take Kanak to room.

Maasi sees Paulmi and says Uma thinks of much ahead, he knows its first night today, he prepared well, Kanak will become Uma’s forever, all the strangeness will get away.

Golu goes to Vansh and asks his help. Vansh is worried for Kanak. Golu says Kanak is moody, she maybe busy and not answering, she will call you when she gets free, tell me do you see my bride. Vansh jokes. Golu gets glad and goes. Vansh says I hope Kanak is busy in some imp work. Saraswati talks to Kanak. Kanak says I just want Bhabho’s shop papers, then I will disappear.

Kanak thinks I m reaching close to my destination now, everything will change now. Saraswati says this is your room from now. She goes. Kanak says Raavan is coming here. She thinks of Uma’s words. She checks the door. Maasi tells Uma about dry prasad. Uma says its fine, you know everything. She teases him and says Uma used to check puja things always, today he is restless to go to room. Uma says its nothing like that, I will check things. Maasi says he is Shiv’s devotee, he does not know lying, he is eager to meet Kanak.

Maasi asks Suman not to say anything, Shiv will show the way, Uma go and start your new life. Uma goes. Maasi says new couples make excuse to meet. Payal looks on and thinks of marriage with Aditya’s pic.

Paulmi gets sad and talks to Payal. Kanak hears Uma and checks window to run. Uma enters the room. Kanak cries. He says your clothes…. She says please don’t come close to me. He asks why are you afraid, we did all rasams together. She runs to washroom and locks door. Uma says whatever your name, you can’t stay inside the bathroom all night, I have to tell something that pandit told me, you did a lot, are you not tired, just listen to me once. She runs tap. He says water is precious, stop the taps, I won’t say anything. She worries when power goes. She gets scared and sits saying her lines.

The ladies come for Kanak’s mu dikhai. Maasi says she will be coming. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Nice Episode

  2. so late Yaa
    I was very restless to read it
    So Plz Plz updatw it as early as possible
    itz my humble request
    Anyway thanks

    1. why does bhabo hate kanak?

  3. Golu is elder than vansh why Golu call vansh biya

  4. Aarti32

    Thank for updating Amena..

    Suman n dat masisa r telling Kanak Dat she’s got a lot of time..Kitta bhi time dedo..Uski marzi k against shaadi hui h..To tum log kuch bhi karo wo galat hi h..I don’t like dat Suman at all..

    Saraswati is someone who believes dat watever her brother does is right..She’s pakki bhakt of her “sanskari” bhai..

    I feel sad for Payal.. She’s married but her husband is not there..She stays at her in-law’s house but has not marital life..Dis is something very wrong..N it’s all done by Uma..Wat she must b going through!! She’s also newly wed..She must b feeling so bad seeing everyone teasing Uma n Kanak..Seeing Uma’s fondness for Kanak (don’t know if I shud call it love or not!!)

    Golu ki dulhaniya is much awaited..Even more than Bahubali 2??

    Vansh’s concern for Kanak is well- portrayed..Wonder where’s my darling Ved ??

    Uma’s house is nice..D interiors r beautiful..I spclly liked d doors of d bathroom?? but jst dat old fashioned things wid new design..I mean who uses choolha in dis era!!

  5. Good episode

  6. How can anyone say it is a good show!
    A woman who said NO!


    Is this is what is India is about! Forces Marriage!
    No wonder men think that they can get away with rape!

    This is soooooooo backwards!

    Then of cause, the writers are going to make this woman character dumb and weak.

    She is going to say yes husband, as you wish husband!

    Please for your sake, your daughter sake. Please don’t watch this show.

    If we give viewing, then no women in india well be safe. This well give men more power to do what they want.

    I liked the old show, at least she made the choice, also she had no where else to go. But her daughter does.

    1. I agree with you! But what can anyone do. The problem is the media!

      Every where I look, this woman is forced to marry someone. As I saw kanka was screaming, crying, everyone was so happy to see her married like that.

      I was thinking, would they be happy to see kanka forced married to a Muslim man.
      Would they be happy?
      Would they say a good show then?
      Something to think about.

  7. this is not romantic!

    I agree with shanti and Lovely. This is not right, I was forced married to someone that believe in the same shit as Uma. Believe me it is unrealistic, when he is showing kanka that he won’t do anything.

    So I run away from him, when he least expected. Now I am married to someone else. But nightmares never goes away.
    I don’t watch star plus show’s, this is not romantic!

  8. this is not romantic!

    Please try to understand, I am not having a go at anyone.

  9. This show is disgusting! I loved diya aur baati hum. It has destroy the memory that I have of the show.

    I am a good Hindu, I also come from a good family.

    What this show, showed for Hindu girls to not to go to their place of worship, in case some mad man name uma force married them.

    Well done star plus!

    You are putting my religion to shame.
    A temple is a place to worship, to get to close to GOD.
    A place where you can feel safe. Now you have mocked us.

    Uma is a bad Hindu, he doesn’t represent my religion.
    We believe when two people come together, it is a union of family. We get the girl family on board.

    The boy and the girl has to accept the marriage.

    Now what you have done is, you have given the bad people, the excuse to go around kidnapping girls from their family.

    It is like, we don’t have enough rape happening in india.

    End this STUPID show NOW!

  10. I agree with u too people i remember that in dabh season 1 sandhya was not forced to marry like this as kanak was forced ….she marries due to circumstance it was shown fine…but this serial has negativity as if uma resemble to suraj little by his face but he is not exactly suraj …he respected sandhya views and i guess in further episode kanak will be scolded for her modern clothes what wrong message r they giving to indians

    1. Thank You Amy.

      I don’t know why star plus is doing this disgusting show. But they have murdered Diya aur baati hum.

      Sharada was forced by her brother, to marry sooraj, because he hated girls.
      The reason, communication, the sacrifice, that they made.

      This show is disgusting!

      I don’t want Uma and Kanka to get together, because it well send a wrong message.

      I am a brother, I have a sister, with I read, it not romantic! My heart cried out to her.

      So please think of yourself, your sister, don’t watch this show.

  11. Thank GOD!
    There are some people here, agree that there is something wrong with this show.

    I would want to ask Uma, if that ring fitted an old woman like bhabo. Would he then forced married her? What about old and fat woman, would he forced married her.

    What if it was a man, would Uma forced married him? What about a dog, or a cat!
    Uma is sick!

    I am not watching this stupid show, I hope it ends very quickly.

    How it should end Uma in jail!!!

  12. What is star plus is thinking, that there we all are stupid!

    That we haven’t notice!

    What are there some rapist writers in their company.
    They put a good looking guy, and we all should say! Oh I hope they get together!

  13. I hate star plus#

    Sorry Shanti,

    You forgot to add, if that ring fitted uma mother, sister, daughter, father, brother, and son!

    Would Umaji, force married them.

    Why did you star plus, touch sharada and sooraj show for. Their relationship was different. Sooraj didn’t force or kidnapped sahrada.

    I liked diya aur baati hum, because their marriage wasn’t forced. Sahrada had her family, even if her brother didn’t want or like her.

    Now you did this SICK thingy to their daughter.

    You decide to put her with this MAN, UMA!
    If I knew who decided to do this, I would have slap you.


    End this shit show NOW!.

  14. Shanthi ur point is very good. I was thinking how fans are supporting to uma. If it happens in real life would they support the same. By watching this serial I feel that there is no difference between this type of forced marriage and rape. As per star plus concept ‘rishta vahi soch nayi’ they must show the new things. But here they are showing old fashioned things like forced marriage, girl should follow her in laws even she not like them, child marriage. I hate the way payal was treated by marrying a photo. They should show against child marriage but here they are supporting it by showing story like.

    Diya aur baati hum was best than it at least sooraj didn’t foeced sandhya to marry. Sandhya took her iwn decision due to circumstances

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