kahin teri kamoshiyan pyaar se na jeete (Part 8)


Epi 8

Amaan was thinking all abt the past suddenly he gets to know tht it’s shia’s birthday in this month. Shia comes ther and stare at him. He asks y r u staring at me. She sys how much u will lie. He asks wat lie. She sys y did u lie to ua brother abt tht party. He sys oh dat he sys I dont want to sy tht u r soo cheap. She says oh and sys dat I don’t need ur sympathy. He sys I don’t waste my sympathy on others specially u. Shia sys whatever.and goes. Amaan was in thought Suzan comes ther and flirts with him. He talks abt shia . she gets irked . and sys to stop thinking abt her u know hw she betrayed us and all. He sys u r right and goes. Suzan sys now I hve to do something abt this behenji. And calls rehan.

Scene 2
Zara asks again abt the incident . shia gets angry and asks her stop questioning and goes. Zara gets sad. Kabir sees this and goes to her and cheers her up. He asks let go for dinner tonight. She sys date. He sys ya date. She asks him is he okay. He asks wat will happen to me . and sys her get ready tonight I will pick u. Zara gets happy.

Zara was getting ready shia asks Wer she is going . Zara lies tht she is going for party. And goes kabir come to pick her. Shia sys party huh?? Now I know . something is going on between these two and smiles. Amaan knows tht shia is alone at house as kabir went to date with Zara. He goes to her home . and tries ring the bell but stops . he gets idea and climbs the pipe and reaches the balcony. He opens the and sees shia reading some magazine. He get inside . but light goes off. Shia thinks light off at this time and gets angry. She tries to search torch and candles but she couldn’t get. She feels someone is ther at home as she hear some noise. She sees someone and thinks him to be a thief and beats him with wood stick. He stops her . and the lights on . she sees tht he is amaan and get shocked. She ask him hw dare him to come to my home at this time. He sys its my wrong tht I came to ua house at this time and see the outcome. She laughs . he is mesmerized seeing her as she laughs.she stops herself as he is staring . she asks wat do u want. He sys nothing . she asks then why did u come here.?? He has no answer and sys simply. She sys simply and sys him to go home. He sys OK wen he is abt to go he sys laugh always like this as it suits u not like angry women and make faces. She gets into fight as he sys her angry women. He also starts .

Ther in restaurant kabir proposes her and she gets happy and sys happy.
They r still fighting . kabir and Zara comes ther and sees them fighting as a kids. And is shocked .they stop them . they see them together and asks Zara kabir Wer Wer u at this night. They also ask tht amaan wat r u doing in Shias house. But shia interfere and asks Zara wats going on btw u both. They sy nothing . shia sys u went to party ryt and now u r with him. Zara sys ya he got the ther and he dropped me here . shia didn’t ask questions. And sys OK and asks two bros to leave as its nyt. After they leave . shia stares at Zara and asks wats the matter. She sys nothing but shia sys can’t u share with ua sis atleast. But Zara sys if I was ua sis u would hve shared the incident happened in ua past.and goes.shia feels gifted.

Precap: Zara get to know abt the past by amaan .while amaan and shia was fighting abt tht past. she cries sys shia can’t do this. Amaan sys but this is the truth. Zara asks shia is this the truth. Shia is silent . Zara sys I got the answer. And runs..

Will Zara hate her after got to know abt the past.sty tune to know abt this in next update . thank u

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