Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 19th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with dev refusing vaaniji to serve him and he himself serves out his food and overfills his plate with food and Paakhi mocks and dev little upset with the comment moves to his room with his food. he keeps his bag and badge and tohimself muses that the day “rajjan tyagi ki gardan mere haath mein hogi…sabse zyaada khush yeh log hi honge”.

meanwhile paakhi comes into his room for giving pickle to Dev and says that there is something wrong with him and his face gives away that something is bothering him. however Dev manages to drive out paakhi from their (cute scene…awesome performence from ArjEri)

on the other hand Paakhi and vaani jii shows the proofs to a lawyer who says with these proofs it would be easy for them, and aks them

to leave the proofs with her and she would forward it to the sessions court! but vaani ji doesnt want to handover the proof to her and says she would bring it to the court herself.

the scene shifts to Rajneesh’s house where the maid finds a saree in the room and an earring in his pocket and reminds him that he is to have dinner at his in-laws place.
at the tyagi’s place rajneesh and tyagis sit for a grave discussion about the proof and rajneesh says he would find out.

on the other hand at the rajhaans place Vaani ji brings retun gift for everyone and paakhi is happy and vaani ji asks for dev and says she is confused about what has happened to him…he dint seem to be in a good mood.
paakhi comes to Dev’s room to look for him, doesnt find him so calls out for him, he replies he is is the wash-room freshening up. when she is about to leave when his phone starts ringing (caller tune ishqwala love…) paakhi approching the phone when dev comes in interupts her and ask her to stops ahd puuls her into a dance and says he would teach her to dance just like the way he taught her how to punch…paakhi seems to be lost in the moment…but it was Dev’s tactic to stop Pakahi from finding out about the gun and the Badge in his drawer…but later he regrets pulling her into a dance as she might take the act in other sense.

at the tyagi mansion rajnessh sits down for dinner and looks for shayali and passes her the earrings under the table somehow avoiding everyone’s eyes and says his cin fell down.

vaani ji gives a return gift to Dev, and says she has always presnted a shirt to nimai and thus has got one for dev too. but dev declines to accept it and says he isnt Nimai and can never take his position so he cant accept the gift. But Vaaniji is persistant and says he has always been like a savious and protector for them just like a son and paakhi says she has chosen the gift for him and he is her friend and request him to accept it…it is a very very emotional scene…Dev extremely emotional. it is a brown checked shirt, and paakhi is happy that Dev has accepted it.

precap:: shayali gives out a clue about the proof and rajneesh assure tyagi that he wouldnt let anything happen (regarding the proof).
next day outside the court someone snatches away Vaani ji’s purse and runs away..vaniji panics as it has all the proofs in it…and dev runs behind the man to get the purse back.

Update Credit to: Sanchu

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