Kaala Teeka 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Judge says court announces 2 months sentence for Gauri to mislead police and one more month to misuse women rights. The court is adjorned. Leela hugs Yug. Leela hugs Kali as well. Manjiri says I am sorry because of my daughter you have to bear all this. Leela says what happened has happened. Thank God Yug is okay. You showed Kali you deserve to be Yug’s wife only. She hugs Kali again. Raghu says Kali we are all proud of you.
Gauri says you love it Manji maa? You made your daughter win. I know how much you love her and not me. Manjiri says this is your misunderstanding. Both my daughters are equal. If one of you loses my motherhood has lost. Gauri says cut the crap you and your motherhood. Because of you Kali, I am in this condition. You gave me return of papa’s favors

this way. Kali says don’t bring him in this. You are suffering for your sins. I could show those proofs home but you wouldn’t stop. Because of you whole world knew consequences of messing with a wife. I always considered you my sister. Gaur says what sister? You were never a sister to me. You were just my Kaala teeka. What have you ever done for me? You took everything from me. Yug too. What you think I won’t come back? I will. I won’t let you two live in peace ever. Kali says I will protect my family every time you try to harm it. No power on earth can harm my family as long as I am here. Police takes her.
Manjiri says I was thinking we should go to temple before home. Leela says you take them both to temple I will go home and prepare their welcome.

Scene 2
Leela says I heard the car horn. Manjiri says they won’t come right now. Leela says but why? Manjiri says they never spent time together. Manjiri says I sent them on a week’s honeymoon. Leela says who are you to decide that? Kali is our daughter in law, I should decide things for her. Raghu says she is not just Kali’s Manji maa. She is Yug’s pishi maa to and I am his dad. We can decide things for their happiness. I hope you don’t mind ma. leela says I don’t mind I just wanted them to come home and go after arti. But well.. You are his father I am just.. She goes to her room.

Scene 3
Yug and Kali come to room. Yug says the view is so good. Yug is sitting silent. Kali says what happened, please stop thinking about it. Yug says I feel bad for it.
Gauri trapped me. I wish I could fix that. Kali says don’t blame yourself. It wasn’t you mistake. This is a new birth of our relationship. We should promise each other trust. Yug says I will always be yours. Kali says I will always be yours too. Kali holds his hand. The song ‘tere sang yaara’ plays in background. Yug rests his head in Kali’s lap. Kali massages his head.

After three months, Kali is doing arti. Leela asks yug to sit and eat. Doorbell rings. Leela says check Bijli, Kali says let me check. It must be milk man. Kali is dazed to see, Gauri coming in. Leela says what are you here for now? Gauri says what would I ask from you? I am here to return something. Gauri says congratulations dadi, you will be a great grandmother soon. Everyone is bewildered. Gauri says why are you all so shocked? This is a good news. Leela says this can’t happen. Kali says you are lying. Chulbuli says why should we trust you? Gauri says I have proof. She shows them DNA report. Chulbuli reads it. gauri says its written when I got pregnant. The day Yug.. After that I was in your house and then three months in jail. Who else’ kid it could be? Congratulations Yug you will be daddy soon. Will you help me bringing him up? Yug throttles her and says are you a woman or witch. Everyone tries to withold Yug. Leela slaps Yug. Yug says you slapped me for her? Leela says she is mother of your child. Yug says I don’t believe all this. Leela says the child in her womb is our blood. Kali says you have sympathies with her? Leela says we can’t leave our child with her to die. Gauri says what you wanna say dadiji? Leela says we will take responsibility of this child. Leela says after giving birth to our child she can go anywhere. Gauri says what you think I am? Rented womb? I will give birth and give my child to you? I don’t get one thing. How can you give me conditions? In fact, I am in position of giving conditions. If you want the child of this family then you have to agree to my terms. Leela says what terms? Gauri sits on the couch. She shows them a picture of Yug and Kali and throws it away. The frame shatters.
My first condition, Yug will divorce Kali. Second condition, marry me. These are my terms. I will give you grandson as daughter in law not a rented womb. Kali says don’t even dare thinking your plans can separate us. Yug says there is no place for you in my life. Gauri says where will a poor woman go with this child? I will get it aborted.

Precap- Gauri says to Leela I want what I want. Leela says you can’t do this. Gauri says I can. Decide whether you accept it or not? Leela says okay you will be my daughter in law.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sick sick sick …fenil I have a question for u… How r your parent reacting ur character????u r sick… Really sick.

  2. Stupid stupid

    1. Very stupid serial worst of all where the bold yug better end this show how many times marriage tracks will continue as if there only one man what about Kali kindle she was suppose to bring good luck to her husband and hug kindle he be by wife side stupid serial stupid dumb characters is it India where is values is it what you are showing to future generations where the first concept the story written


    How can this possible that 2 different shows copy same concept that to in same channel????
    Now Kala Teeka will be spoiled as spoiled Kumkum Bhagya due to pregancey drama; where after 2 yrs baby died… and now same concept in kala teeka with tadka that dadi is blind from mind and heart who will beleive Guari again and will make her marry Yug…..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Is hindi serial problem thy always drag their show or add good for nothing track, m really fed up of it used to follow 6-7 shows regularly now I follow 1-2 shows regularly that too with difficulty.
      And not only zee all channel is like that
      Life ok- love triangle (besides baazigar but is new show)
      Star plus- seperation and saas Bahu (besides ishqbaaz also new show) (zee also no less)
      Zee- dragging dramas like pregnancy
      Colors- pair swapping (zee trying it’s best to do so)

      Like wow they copy each other so well same channel for some reason

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        N colors besides IKRS N KD all shows couple got change , and
        Only sensible channel is sony n also their shows r finite now good move made by sony to make all their dramas finite (I don’t watch mytho shows though)


        Me to fed up of all shows…. now a days I only watch sony (KRPKAB, CID, ADALAT) and Sab Tv and BGPH…
        FOR rest show i think why they don’t end….

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya true I only watch ishqbaaz and ek duje regularly, rajni, baazigar and kuch rang sometimes, krishnadasi, shakti when I m free, zee i dont watch

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        I watched yaro i liked it and yes i watch adalat too but i miss it due to timings my mom watches cid I watch kapil sharma show too

  4. What de h……[email protected]#$^&*… how is diz witch gauri jha can get pregnant????what a crap???Im confused.De precap is really not gud yar!!Someone plz clarify about diz… dun tell me dat Kaala teeka serial is taking over KKb plots…I juz saw Kkb happy ending today after all nonsense more than 9mths tanuz pregnancy… ????????

    1. Masz…..I don’t get one thing in this show….. In the court it proves that there is nothing like that happen… How is gauri gets pregnant…. My guess is that leela is helping gauri or that child might be aryan or someone… Gauri will do anything to distroy Kali life….

      And what’s the point of Kali burned her hand eat that Apple… Remember whoever eat that will kid to that family

      1. Datz Y K i am also confused…. but kaYu already done their honeymoon rite?????Maybe kaali wil get pregnant instead of gauri jha who is juz pregnant by showing DNA report which she cud create one.

      2. U know what masz…. If Yug believe and agree to daadi the he is dumb a*s…. Kali tried her best to prove he is innocent… So now it’s his turn to prove that gauri faking or not pregnent….. I can’t watch this show if Yug divorce Kali or marry gauri… Then why’d the point of saying he is ramji and all that…really I was frustrated when gauri claim Yug is father of her child… Which I’m even sure

      3. And also he has think about what she said when she go to jail that she will never let Kali live peace….so Yug has act like man and not being chicken like b4 accepting when she said she have been raped by him?

      4. I meant which I’m not even sure…

      5. Yuppp u r totally correct K… my mom also asking me Y Yug became so chicken which he has no self defense at all… juz standing with blur expressions n hoping for de wife de clear de air… Yug was not as such character at de beginning of de serial.Yug was very energetic n intelligent guy who had gud senses.Plzzzz dun drag diz pregnancy issue for many weeks.I am so sick of it like what happened in Kkb.

  5. aur kitna pakaoge yaar… plzz give some time to yug and Kali…… its going too much bad….. hate it

  6. Where is gouri jha’s father?? Had he gone for sanyas looking so much shameless in his daughter? Many thing happened with gouri jha and he keep silent. She is not poor. She can take care of her child. Why dadi always head off to gouri?
    I have a solution of this problem. Family force gouri to shift her child to kali’s womb. She is wife of yug and have right to sarogate his child. After all it is yug’s child na!!
    Ha ha ha . lol
    Then the new concept of story begin.

  7. Not a good story line. Writers should have come up with something fresh. Won’t be watching it now..same like kum kum bhagya

  8. Wat the hell is going on with leela she is still acting

    1. I’m also thinking same leela is up to something cos after manjari told she walkout with mad face… She should be happy for that but y she has to give that face….I dont understand..

      Also I have a feeling that there must be a reason y majari send them honeymoon right away….let’s wait watch….

  9. leslie-ann daniel

    crap crap crap,how come gauri always have the final say,the show is not base on her alone,the main caracters always hold the bad end,this showw should end now,kali and yug should have a happy ending..final

  10. I think Fenil will be the next tanu… guess the writers are highly interested to ruin this show too… ridiculous!

  11. Writers, pay attention to what you’re writing. Yug is cleared in court, Gauri goes to jail for 3months. How cann Gauri be pregnant with Yugs baby, when it was cleared in court that it never happend.
    Why isn’t Yug saying something., Just like Tanu, she takes over when everyone stands around listening to her.
    I guess the cast is dumb, deaf, and blind. Gauri is getting her way. Very smart

  12. can the author makes a good story???
    i’m bored with that story now.

    why would fenil take such a despicable role?

    please make kaali pregnant.. not to dadi ji accept gauri back.


    has she been tested for pregnancy?? where did she get yug’s dna???? I think it’s time for me to watch telemarketing now- can make more sense there.

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    I already stopped watching the show long back but today I decided to read the updates thought of watching it again but this stupid fake pregnancy drama of Gauri is making me think not to watch this show again and Kaali should be pregnant not Gauri , and I have a feeling Kaali will get pregnant for real and then she will hide this truth for the sake of Gauri
    -_- I really have nothing to say now, only watchable zee show also not watchable anymore now waiting for bramarakshas

  15. I agree with all comments, I can’t understand how a court can clear a man of rape and the woman turns us 3mths later and say she’s pregnant with his child, such idiocracy…..these writers heads screwed on correctly, don’t think so. They could be charged with plagiarism…..kkb, lol …..only thing is that it’s a sister “sleeping “with the man. What kind of values is being portrayed here? How can families sit and watch these kind of serials with family members? No more time for families to get to spend TV time together…gone gone gone. s*x and immorality sells now…this is how Indian serials have become. Disgusting! It’s like they are so devoid of ideas, they keep recycling stories in most soaps, only changing names. Now what happened to the fire in tug? Why is he so dumbstruck now. . .cant defend himself these days.

  16. This is similar to kkb guys but guys there is small difference in kkb dadi is not support tanu but in this serial dadi support tanu

    1. Hahah…well said anu?!

  17. Court clear yug for raping gouri and punish gouri for wht she do. But they intimate. How it is possible can’t understand. It was agreed by yug to kali at their honeymoon.
    I think gouri wait for 3 month to develop baby in her wombfor blackmailing dadi . only one thing can understand how she get yug’ s dna.

  18. I knew it without sleeping with yug gauri will not take rest. this seems like sath nivana sathiya, radha did this with jigar. I hope all people should stop watching this series. cuz the writer is dumb. cannot write something new.

    1. But in this show they portrayed Yug as ramji….if that devil sleep with Yug or have baby…it’ll be disgusting to watch…. I think people should against these type of drama…. This type of serial is bad for younger generation…..

  19. how could perform DNA tests on the baby?? The sample was taken from? while the baby is still in the womb.

    1. Trap!..It’s a million dollar questions here?…. This writer has to clear this out???

      1. may gauri born will only give a curse for all

  20. Lia! Its a medical science where anything can possible. If we can see its a boy or girl or heard baby’s heartbeat in the womb. Then it also possible by medical process.
    Baby have genes with thier creation. So dna test was possible

    1. Leave the DNA test a side…. It’s been proved that gauri is not even raped by Yug.maybe it’s also possible she can carry someone baby..in medical science it’s also possible….wow!… I think gauri has delusional disorder

      1. the author seems to fall in love with gauri, so I always make gauri win.

      2. YOU R RIGHT LIA…. THIS WRITER IS FALL IN LOVE GAURI… They don’t want let her go that’s why,,,and another KKB… Making me sick… Why this TV channel accepting same storyline shows….

    2. but, to my knowledge babies still in the womb can not be taken samples of his DNA.

      1. U r right but for KT writer anythung possible?

      2. I mean anything*

  21. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Somebody should kill Leela. Was proven Yug did not rape her how can she be pregnant. Why should she Gauri always win. Writers, same story line for all your serial. How stupid. End this show before it gets more stupid. Please Yug and Kali move out of the house and leave everyone behind. Stupid

  22. What is this nonsense yaar..they didn’t committed only and she is carrying his baby..and how can she prove that this baby belongs to yug..through DNA test..bt DNA test how is it possible he didn’t gv any sample to her to do it na..then how doctors confirmed that this baby belongs to yug..and that leela she is a worst woman and she doesn’t deserve any one..how can she accept this nonsense after done this big drama and all…if she is innocent..no my guess is behind this gauri that bijili and also this leela is there..otherwise y she is accepting this baby…Kali will not become pregnant in future or what..no one want this baby..bt simply she is telling OK what are the conditions..? How funny…big hectic story……

    1. Exactly and what I don’t understand is that everytime gauri make fake story… Why is this leela believe her and support her… There is something fishy???I’m dame sure leela is behind all this…I wish Yug never forgive her.

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