Kaala Teeka 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Devri is lying on the burning coals. Kali and Manjiri are in jungle looking for Naina. Kali sees the cave. Devri reads some mantra. Kali says Naina.. Devri hears her voice. Devri throws fire from his voice near them, KAli says how will we go inside? Manjiri says he got to know we are coming.
Devri says you have my blood in you. Now I will make you servant of evil. You will do what I ask you. He holds Naina’s hand feel some repelling. Devri says what is happening. Kali and Manjiri pour water on the fire.
Devri gets current. He holds his hand.

Yug calls Kali and asks where are you and manjiri? She says we went to find naina. He says niana is here with us all. Kali says to Manjiri naina is there at home. Kali comes home and hugs naina. Kali asks are you okay?

Naina says what would happen to me? Yug says why you thought she is not home? Kali shoves. Nandu says what are you doing Kali.. Leela says what are you doing? Nandu says he is already injured. Do you wanna injure him again. devri’s hand bleeds. Nandu says what is wrong with you? Kali says he wasn’t here. Nandu says where was he? Kali says it was his shadow. He took Naina with him. He says what are you sayin? Kali says trust me. He says Naina was sleeping upstairs. I brought her there in temple myself. I won’t hear a single word against my brother or I will leave this house.

Scene 2
Next morning devri says I am leaving. Because of me there is disturbance in this house. I should leave. Nandu says please listen to me. Naina says chahchu.. Devri stops. Naina says dont go chachu. He says everyone thinks I am your enemy. NAian says you are not my enemy. Friends? She shakes hand with him. Devri says thank you. Nandu says you did good naina. Your uncle won’t go anywhere now. He says trust me I want her better. Kali says I know your plan. You are a liar. I don’t have proofs. And yes naina called you uncle because I brought her up this way. Nandu hugs devri.

Kali says Manji ma are we doing right? Manjiri says nothing will happen to Pavitra. We have to find out what devri did with naian. Naina and Pavitra are playing in the water. Naina’s tube starts leaking. She screams, save me. Naina is playing with her ball. Devri is looking down. Kali runs towards pavitra. She and Manjiri stumble. Devri says who will save this Pavitra now? Naina swims and saves Pavitra. She hugs her. Devri is mad.

Devri sits in his circle and says wake up Naian. Naian wakes up in her bed. Naian starts walking. Kali goes to naian’s room and sees that naian isn’t there. Naian walks in Devri’s room. Devri says come naina. Naian says uncle you here? How I came here? He says you came here to play with me. Will you? Naina nods. She says what game? He says come with me. I will make something on your palm and you will guess what I am making. Naina closes her eyes. He takes out a feather and says if its color changes that means my efforts are doing something. he makes something on her palm. Kali comes in. She says when you came here? Naina says when I woke up I was here. Devri says can’t I play with her?

Precap-Kali asks prohit what does he want? Prohit says he is devil. He wants to destruct everything. He is calling naina. Devri is near lake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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