Kaala Teeka 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali says no I can’t marry Nandu. I know Nandu you have done so much for Naina but I can’t marry right now. This is isn’t just about my life its about you too I can’t play with your life. Manjiri says but Devri is going to sacrifice. Kali says he can’t. I am here with Naina. Prohit says he is so powerful. Kali says I won’t let anything happen to Naina. Kali sits there in temple. She covers Naina with her dupatta and ties NAian with herself. Kali says I will evil is more powerful or my motherhood.

At night, devri starts his tap. Deva says you have to sacrifice tonight. You have a little time left. When the moon comes in right direction the real time will start. Only 12 hours are left. Jamna comes there and says Devri.
He says why are

you here? Jamna says why are you doing this black magic and all? Leave praying to devil;. Lets go home to your brother and me. We will live together. Devri says enough. I don’t want to listen to all this. Jamna says I thought you might ever change but it can’t. Devri is about to slap her and says goo.. Devri says why did you stop? Hit me. Hit your mother. Devri says go from here. Jamna says I am leaving. Jamna says I curse you today. A mother curses her son. You will end. You won’t get what you want. Your time will end soon. She leaves. Devri says nothing can destroy Devri.

Jamna and Nandu come home. Yug says get out of our house. These mother and son have ruined our lives. Kali says he is Naina’s savior. By doing this you are inviting her death. Nandu is Naina’s protector. Leela says what are you saying? Prohit says she is right. Gauri says then what is Kali’s imprtance? We thought she is her protector. Prohit says Kali is Naina’s wall and Nandu is her sword. Kali can save her and Nandu can beat whoever tries to affect her. Kali says Devri wants to sacrifice Naina today. We alone can’t fight his evil powers. We need Nandu. Yug goes in his room. Prohit gives a mala to Kali and says start reading it and Naina should be in your lap.

Devri is doing is his tap. Deva says you have half of your powers back.
There is fire everywhere is Kali’s room. Everyone asks her to open the door. Kali says I can’t. He wants me to break my tap. I can’t come out. Manjiri says are you out of your mind? Come out Yug tries to break in. Devri says no matter where you hide Kali. Devri will you get out of there. Niana is crying. There is fire everywhere. Everyone is trying to break in. They get in. Naina has fainted. Kali says Naian open your eyes. Gauri brings water. Naina opens her eyes. Everyone hugs her.
Deva says Kali’s tap couldn’t complete. You defeated her. Nothing can stop you now. Go and get it. There is more fire in the room. Something shoves Kali. A glass cage surrounds Kali. SUddenly Kali is at an unknown place. She says where am I? Someone please help me? Is someone here? Yug breaks the glass but Kali isn’t there. Prohit says they took her.
DEvri says no one can listen to you. Kali says where are you? Devri comes in front of her. Kali says you can’t even touch my Naina. Devri laughs.

Precap-DEvri is trying to sacrifice Naina. Manjiri and Kali are stopped by fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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