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Vijaya stands at home tensedly. Naani comes behind and says she did not answer her question. Vijaya says she is behind her with this question and says she had to choose between wrong and right always, but this time she has to chose between right and right. Naani asks what… She says she wanted to be with Akshay, but seeing Akshay and Nandini’s love, she thinks she has come in between them.. Akshay comes down. Vijaya stops and asks if he needs anything. He says his pharmacy file. She shows file. He takes and goes back to his room. Vijaya asks not to worry, she will not take any decision in a hurrry.

Neighbors and flat owner gather at Nandini’s house. Irfan gives her marriage registration 1-month notice form and asks to sign. She hesitates. Shabana signals her

and says she does not want to leave this flat right.. Irfan says this is just a form. She signs. Owner says someone called and badmouthed about Nandini’s character. Irfan asks who. They says people talk unncessarily. Driver Shiva hears their conversation standing near door.

Vijaya sprinkles fish food in fish bowl. Akshay tells Vijay if she has given food to fish, he wants to talk. She sits with him and asks what happened. He says she and Naani were talking about Nandini. Vijaya says Neeti’s blood sugar levels are under control because of Nandini. Akshay thinks Vijaya thinks so good about Nandni, but Nandini wants to break her house. Shiva calls Vijaya and informs her about Nandini and Irfan signing registered marriage form.

Neighbors and owner apologize Nandini and Irfan and leave. Nandini relaxes. Vijaya calls her and congratulates her for signing registered marriage notice form. Nandini asks who informed her. Vijaya she keeps information about her friends always and says Irfan saved her this time and confesses that she is the one who informed her society people about her character. Nandini shouts. Vijaya says if she is having an affair with a married man or not and warns her to get out of Akshay’s life.

Vijaya happily things she provoked Nandini’s society members and flat owner, but did not know she would get such a nice result. Akshay is busy playing with Neeti. Vijaya calls Naani and happily informs that Nandini and Irfan are marrying. Naani says that is a good news. Neeti says hurray. Akshay gets tensed. Vijaya says Nandini called and informed her about this good news.

Irfan tells Nandini that he did not have any other option to save her. Shabana says Akshay did not take owner’s warning seriously, so he did not come to temple for marriage. Irfan asks who informed society members about Nandini’s character. Door bell rings. Society members enter with food and says surprise, it is a token of apology from them. Nandini fumes on Vijaya.

In bedroom, Vijaya says Akshay she is happy for Nandini and says good she has moved on, she told she used to love a guy. Akshay says he is that guy and tells he and Nandini used to love during college days and he is cheating Vijaya since 8 years and did not inform her about this. Nandini came back in his life and told she sill loves him. He does not want to hurt either Vijaya or Nandini and does not know if he really loves Nandini or not. He just wants to say that he loves Vijaya a lot. Vijaya is surprised to hear that. Akshay says he cannot lvoe anyone else than her and will never love anyone else. Vijaya runs and hugs him. They both cuddle each other emotionally. Their romance starts and they consummate their marriage at last.

Precap: Nandini takes oath that she will defame Vijaya in Akshay’s eyes this diwali.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow I m so happy finally akshay or vijya ek ho gye and you b*t*h nandini get out their happy life

    1. true same thoughts are here

  2. Super!! Finally, Vijaya and Akshay can move forward with their marriage and give it a go, under the circumstances. I have to admit, i didn’t see that one coming, i though it was Shabana who informed society of Nandini.

    However, I don’t think it will end here, I wonder what trouble Nandini will give Vijaya?

  3. Last scene was pretty awesome…! Didn’t see that coming…but hope it’s not Vijaya’s imagination…??cause I want Akshay & Vijaya 2gethr…psycho Nandini needs to move on…!


    I hope its not turn out to be dream sequence of vijya as till now akshay was looking so confused and suddenly all this and than precap tries to indicate that nandini do not know anything; hows that possible, that why i hope its not dream sequence..

    But if its true than its so nice…

  5. Mona146

    akshay sudden realization is not convincing. Since he was the one after nandini when she joined.

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