Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Archie puts Bhairavi in a fix

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The Episode starts with Archie seeing the necklace with her. She gets shocked. Dolly asks how can this happen. Archie says I… Bhairavi says don’t regard Archie wrong, she didn’t steal it, I had kept my clothes in temple, the necklace got stuck to Archie’s clothes while dancing, Lord has shown this visual to me just now. She returns the necklace. Veer says I m the prince of this province, I will try to rectify all the mistakes done by my family, Pavitra will get rights of royal bahu, I want to give rights to my Choti Maa also, I give her respect of Maharani, and Neeraj will be called a prince from today. Maharani gets shocked.

Veer apologizes to Choti Maa. Rajmata says you have taken the right decision. Bhairavi dances in her room. Archie and her friends come there. Bhairavi

stops the music and says you two have stolen necklace and kept it in my room, what did you think, no one is seeing, Lord can see everything, Lord has told me this, Archie is Veer’s special friend, I asked Lord to forgive you too, but Lord said your feet will get a sprain, you will be getting pain, if this mistake happens again, you will get hurt. Archie says you have got this necklace and stuck it to my lahenga, how, this way… She shows the video of their dance. She says so this is your Lord, I don’t understand how this necklace reached Veer, why was Veer doing this, I could have asked this in front of everyone, I didn’t wish to ashame him. Bhairavi asks when did you shoot this.

Archie says what does it matter, tell the truth. Bhairavi says Veer doesn’t know about this, Lord made him do this, go and ask him. Archie says its clear that our Lords aren’t the same. She scolds Bhairavi and asks Titu to play the song. Archie dances and goes. Bhairavi gets angry. Maharani says how can you make that woman Maharani. Veer objects to her. He says they are also part of family, we can rectify the mistakes, Lord will end the curse on us.

Maharani says you have made Kunika Maharani, it will be a disaster. She goes. Rajmata comes and says whatever you are doing is right. Archie and her friends go out to talk. Archie says Bhairavi always knows our plan, you have stolen the necklace, she knew it. Dolly says it means someone is keeping a watch on us. Archie says yes, we will expose Bhairavi and use Rajguru against her tomorrow. Neeraj says I get angry seeing these people, I recall how we got insulted. Veer says Bhairavi told me that I have stuck necklace to your clothes, it means she has told the truth. Archie says why will Lord make you do this, think what did he want to say. He says Bhairavi said she will talk to Lord, she also said that when our marriage happens, we will get many answers and the curse will get away from this family.

Rajmata says Bhairavi’s haldi will happen here, you all take Veer’s haldi to Rajguru. Revati mixes the haldi. The color turns red. Neeraj says its soap water, and this red color is a chemical reaction, not a bad omen. He goes. Rajguru asks everyone to prepare for puja. He sees a bright light. He gets shocked. Bhairavi, Archie and everyone come to Rajguru’s house. Archie taunts Bhairavi. They get in and ask pandit Hariprasad for Rajguru. They wait for Rajguru. They see a dog coming, wearing Rajguru’s clothes. They all get shocked.

Bhuri says Lord has made Rajguru a dog. Archie says what are you saying, why will Lord make Rajguru a dog, he is always praying to Lord and obeys his rules, he has become Bhairavi’s father to do kanyadaan. Bhairavi looks at Archie. Archie says maybe Lord got angry on this. She asks Bhairavi to tell Lord to make Rajguru fine. Everyone asks Bhairavi to help Rajguru. Archie asks Bhairavi what will she do now, how will she know what happened here, if she says Rajguru is this dog, then she will get Rajguru, then she will be exposed in both ways. She requests Bhairavi to get Rajguru back.

Sumer says someone is playing this game. Archie says Bhairavi made you a human, she will make Rajguru a human too. Bhairavi worries.

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