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The next morning, Swara got up with a bad headache. She saw her room messy and then saw her bandages. The wound was burning like hell now and then on top of that, the headache. She remembered how Sanskar was there for her the whole night and smiled.
Swara: Mom is right. He is the perfect life partner for me. He is my life now and I can’t survive without him.
She decided to call him but he didn’t pick her call as he was sleeping. He was really tired and he didn’t get enough sleep. Swara thought to call him after a while but before that, she needs to clean the room. She went downstairs and saw everybody looking at her. She knew that everybody was concerned for after last night. Sumi came and hugged her.
Swara: I am fine. It was just my frustration that came out really violent.
They all laughed and got relieved after seeing Swara back. Swara got her mop stick to clean her room but kaka tried to stop her.
Kaka: Beta, I’ll do it. Don’t worry.

She put her hand on his shoulder and said that she will do it by herself as she did it. They all let her do it and it took her whole hour to clean her room. It was all clean like before but she needed new items and new cosmetics for her so she decided to go to shopping after she took shower.
On the other side, after an hour, Sanskar woke up. He took shower and did breakfast too. He was ready for office. However, he saw three missed calls of Swara and tried to call her back but she was in shower so she didn’t pick up. He really got worried so decided to stop at her house first before going to the office.
Sumi: Come in, beta. How are you? Sorry for last night, I shouldn’t have called you.
Sanskar took everyone’s blessings and said that they need not to worry and they can call him anytime. Everyone blessed him and he asked for Swara. They all smiled and he got embarrassed.
Nani: Beta, she is in her room cleaning all the mess. Go talk to her.
Sanskar went to her room and got shocked seeing the scene.

Swara just came out of shower covered in the towel only. Her hairs were wet and she was about to take off the towel when he shouted.
Sanskar: Swara, no.
Swara was appalled and tried to cover herself but Sanskar started hysterically laughing. Swara was really mad at him.
Swara: Sanskar, don’t you know? Before coming to any girl’s room, you should knock.
She was still facing the other side and heard Sanskar’s footsteps coming towards her. She was getting nervous: she was breathing heavily now.
Sanskar held her waist and pulled her towards him. Her back was touching Sanskar’s chest. She was still in towel and her wet hairs were falling on her back.
Swara: Sanskar…
Sanskar: Yes, Swara.

He said this in her ear and she was getting really nervous. Her stomach was having butterfly flying and then, her heartbeat was skipping beats. She didn’t know what to do. Sanskar came more close to her and put her hair on the side, He kissed her back neck and then, kissed the shoulder. Swara didn’t know what to do and closed her eyes. She clutched Sanskar’s hands really tight.
Sanskar: Why are you getting nervous, Swara?
Swara didn’t say anything and Sanskar smiled. He turned her so that now, she is facing him. He kissed her front neck and then, he came upwards. He kissed her jaw and now, Swara couldn’t take it anymore. He was about to kiss her when she pushed him a little. She mischievously smiled.
Swara: Not too soon, Sanskar.
Sanskar: Really?
He pulled her again harshly towards her chest and smirked at her.
Sanskar: Now?

Swara: Sanskar, Leave me. Anyone will come.
Sanskar: Everyone is having breakfast. So, no one will come.
Swara shyly looked at the floor.
Swara: I have to change. Please go from here.
Sanskar lifted her chin up and moved really close to her lips. Then, Swara also reciprocated with his move. She was on her toes and her eyes were closed. Sanskar and Swara’s lips touched and they were about to move ahead but suddenly, Sumi called them for breakfast. They jerked and Swara fell due to that noise but Sanskar caught her in his arms.
Swara: Mom, we are coming in two minutes.
Sanskar cursed under his breath and Swara started laughing.
Swara: I told you.
She raised her eyebrows and started to get off of his hold but he pulled her closer. Sanskar tried to get intimate with her again but she pushed him out of the door and started to get dress.
Sanskar opened the door and said smilingly: By the way, you are looking s*xy in that towel.
Swara blushed and locked the door.

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