thanks to all the readers for your support so this a second episode and much for the happiness of aryan’s fans i have decided to give him all white and good shades not even a single bad thing
.i personally realised from starting i have always bashed him so in this ff i’ll make his character as perfect person with all the qualities which i personally want in my dream boy but yeah hero toh randhir hi rahega samajlo guilt tha bechare aryan ko insult kareneka vohi kam karogi is ff mine

. if i use some much hindi for making more interesting will you people be ok with it r not .end of my bak bak


let’s start

now they all entered adolescent .so changes in their nature, choice’s ,and even words like attraction ,crushes and lust too entered in their lives .sanyukta’s parents became more and more strict making her hiding things from them .she in heart started hating them .but now she changed a bit as now she stopped expressing herself in front of parents and like every girl of her age she started liking actors and cricketers .she started watching shows related to love and a faint idea of prince charming started blooming in her heart .
keeping pics karan kudra [he was my first actor crush recent is param singh ] in books ,keeping his every newspaper cutting and seeing his twitter account daily and imagining him in dreams became her hobby ,she watched all his shows even gummarah only earning scolding from mom.she watched his every interview like a insane fan . vidhushi that much was mad about virat kohli that she started forcing everyone in their group to watch his all matches .she even bought t -shirt his name watched all under 19 matches on youtube of him . [ in my real life i did all this and even much more ] .randhir and parth were behind master messi and kept coping his hairstyles [boys are actually like who think by making that weird hairstyles think they look good ab un ko kon samajay ki hair style nahi talent ke karn voh master messi hai ]

years passed and sanyu

they all were in different phase of life and during this time like all children of their age sanyu to got personal phone .which was actually both curse and boon for her ,because of it she was able to connect with friends and search about her career ,hear poems of renowned poets and know much more about the world but in also made her do things she disliked

at this time heart only carves for things which we are restricted and if we anyhow manage your hearts then peer pressure makes us do all wrong things .like every girl she was also mad about some shows which were restricted by parents so she started watching them on hotstar and many other sites as both her parents were working no one was able to guess ,once their was a time when sanyu used to hate work commitments of her mom but now she loved when her work used to keep her busy and her dad ,he was never bothered about anything except her marks .so one checked in which wrong path she was going

vids was also going from same but she managed her shelf as her mom was able to give ample about of time to her daughter .she was the one who left her job when she was 6 for her daughter’s good upbringing even her father used to give her proper attention and they were worried about her more than her marks .even rannu’s parents were like this moreover he had a elder brother to shield him from every wrong things as parth himself was had gone through the same experience .sanyu was actually jealous of them she hated her parents behaviour towards her a lot and wished to have parents like vidhir

[i am not saying that working mothers are not good mothers but still it irk’s us a lot when mom works after her working hours or brings her work to home .we know that these are also necessary but still it is not easy to forgive that when you are wanting her to talk to you and tell her all the happenings of your life she ignores her saying she is tired .but after all she is doing all this for us only .we all should encourage our mom’s instead of demotivating as even she has the right to use her potential in right things instead of wasting it we all should understand that ]

peer pressure started dominating sanyu she who always found all the mature stuff disgusting now started talking ‘about it ,watching it as she didn’t wanted to tagged uncool by her friends ,started reading mature ff’s and novels on not so decent sites .she started flirting with boys so that no one could call her boring or nerd she even started using abusive language as without it she was termed as of 17th century [in delhi normally youngsters abuse a lot whether girl or boy as we all consider it as a only way to show your hardcore friendship anger or hatred .but it not that bad as this part of our local language even i too when i speak in hindi with friends ] but it was only her heart who knew how bad she felt about all this .she tasted pen hooka as dare given by her friends .she was about to consume beer in school premises in the b-day party of one of the famous brat of their class but vidhir stopped her as they were only true friends of her [it’s really disgusting how parents allow their children to buy all this .[we all have witnessed all this in real lives from 9th class all this happens and what sad part is we can’t complain because close friends of yours are also involved and even sometimes we are also the part ]

sanyu used to watch shows and chat with friends till late night but her parents were ignorant to see she has slept or not she used to hear from her friends how they used to hide their mobile phone below pillows ‘take blankets even in summers ,dim lights of phones ,act like sleeping when their used to come to check them at night she used get depressed hearing all this [we all do this it is depressing to see how much our parents care about our sleep still we do this but we are also forced as they will never understand our reasons ]

sanyu never wanted to go on this track but her parents made it .

soon they entered 10 th class sany,vids,rannu gave entrace exam of same academy .it was one of the famous academy of delhi .her parents were ready to pay any amount to get her in that academy .sanyu came in top 10 .while vids was 3rd and as everyone knew randhir will be first but their was tie between him and a boy named aryan harshal .

it was their first day sanyu and vids went together wearing their casuals still looking awesome that all boys were just staring them . all introduced themselves to their physics teacher vardhan suryavanshi .he was a true genius .suddenly a boy with handsome face ,killer looks entered the class wearing red jacket white shirt and black denims he was none other than randhir the temperature itself raised to much extent that girls started sweating .vardhan welcomed him .suddenly another boy came with skin as fair as that of white hare,tall body and attractive looks .he was wearing blue jacket white shirt and light blue jeans and now class was going on equator .all girls were stealing glances of them

both were true delight to see and vardhan asked both of them to introduce them

randhir : sir my name is randhir singh shekawat class 10th and my qualities you will know in some classes by your own self

varhan : and you [pointing to 2nd boy ]

that boy ; sir aryan harshal class 10 recent my performance will speak

vardhan : interesting ,very interesting .ok class how many of you want to be engineer’s raise your hands
except vidhushi and 2 other boys everyone raised their hands

vardhan : now one by one stand up and tell me why

precap : witty answers of all and sanyu’s infatuation .guess who

friends this part was based on effect of peer pressure .friends please it’s good to be tagged as uncool than giving up or values .don’t take any wrong decision because of it in your live

please grace it with your comments

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  1. awesome Kushagra…. ithink the infactuation of Sayu is Randhir….. loved ur epi… plzzz update the next part soon

  2. Keeping your fav actors photo, cutting his photo from any newspaper you find, apna teenage yaad aa gaya. Randhir’s and Aryan’s entry was awesome. 2-2 hot guys in same class? Ooo interesting, very interesting.

  3. you have a good command over your vocalbury it is interesting kushagra

  4. Ohhhh it was awesome kushagra!!! I felt so connected to the story….n there is vardhan in it too??? Wow!!!
    But one request from my side…can u pls give some more weightage to parth’s character?? Pls pls…n yaa, it wld be nice if u add yoyo n kaustu too…but if my suggestions will hamper ur story then its fine…i wont mind!!

  5. One more question. From where you found such cute photos of param?


  6. Nice work dear.. Keep it up.. Happy to read about vardhan sir and his dialogue.. Interesting.. Very interesting…

  7. Kushagra yaar u made me remember yudi(param) of parvarish….he was sooo cute then n he is so cute now…tysm yaar.

  8. nice dear..i liked ur vocab..n vardhan part was best

  9. kushagra please give link.of this photos

  10. Kushagra … Good going … I m in 9th and my mother too is a working woman but my father who I always talk with almost everyday and I tell him what is happening and all and my mom is free on Sunday almost on ever Sunday ….

    And I m impressed with your vocab and I too m connected to the story 🙂


      Even my mother is working women and she is my inspiration but I hate when my classmates taunt that working women’s don’t give time to their children which is not true as working mothers are eequally good

    2. Sheena

      Yaa i agree…even my mom is a working woman..
      N most of the time, she is busy…but whenever she gets free, we spend quality time with each other….n also, it made me more self-dpendent..
      I like the concept of ur ff….good going.!

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