this is my first shot on our favourite couple sandhir .hope you all people like it

let’s began

a girl of around 11 years was walking on the track of the park then suddenly a football ball came and hit her and he started sobbing then suddenly some children and a boy of same age to towards her and shouted

that baoy : hey you cry baby pass the ball

another boy [some elder to them ] : rannu is this way to talk to a girl .say sorry to her because of you he is crying .[to the girl ] sorry cutie pie rannu is a idiot don’t cry please

that boy : parth bhai , this ball so light to hurt anyone and she is crying but still if you insist i am sorry [in irritated tone ]

parth : that’s like a good boy [to that girl]now please forgive him cutie pie

girl : it’s ok randhir

randhir [rannu ] ; hey how to do know my name

girl : i know your name because last year you came first in whole batch of class 5th and i am the one who came third [disheartened tone]

randhir : ohh we all are in same school but in which section you are as i never saw you before and .bhai see na i quite famous among girls

both parth and that girl glared

parth : what’s your name cutie pie

girl : my name is sanyukta aggarwal and i am in section b .you may have not absorbed me as have very less friends and i hardly interact with students of other sections

parth : but you can be our friend as we are neighbour’s na .you can join our group as have seen you come daily here still just walk never talk to anyone

sanyu : my mom allows me to walk for 1 hour as physical exercise is necessary but see didn’t allows to play as it waste of time and winners never waste their time but even i want to play with you all

parth ;playing is not time waste but it is worth as what values these small games teach us are actually helpful in life

randhir ; see we can do one thing see from tomorrow you can join us when you mom leave’s you and when time of her coming nears you can continue your walk

sanyu ; this is a brilliant idea rannu

from that day the friendship between rannu and sanyu .soon she became integral part of their group containing vidhushi , parth ,randhir ,their dog pogo and her .like famous five of enid blyton’s novel they all were adventurous but unfortunately didn’t owned i island of their own so the silent and isolated back side of that park with mud mountains and huge tress became hub of their mischieves .though sanyu used to be with them for one hour only but still they loved her a lot and she was involved in their all crimes and adventure’s like climbing the ralling of the park ,drenching themselves by open pipe of park or running behind pogo .randhir ,vidushi ,sanyukta were of same age but still their life styles were very different

sanyu’s parents were very strict and envied success of other children a lot .from childhood sanyu was never asked her will they just forced their decisions on her specially about studies .they wanted sanyukta to be the topper of the batch but sanyu who tied her best and was indeed a bright student but still her parents were not satisfied so year by year restrictions were laid on her whereas randhir and vidhushi’s parents were bit liberal

from class 8th sanyu’s lifestyle was like a robot .waking at 4 am studying till 6am .then getting ready till 7 to catch bus ,their bus used to take one hour to reach their school or return back but instead of enjoying that time in gossiping with friends sanyu was ordered by her parents to study even at that time .at 3 pm se used to reach home after 30 minutes a cab for her tution academy used to come to pick her up for her class from 4 pm to 7 ;45 pm then after returning to home and doing dinner till 8;30 .she used to study still 11;00 clock
her time with her friends was snatched she was caged by her own parents.

[this all schedule except studying in bus is normal schedule of many students even of much less age which is actually not right but who can make parents understand that ]

the lifestyle of randhir and vidhushi was completely opposite to her they were like free birds but still they used to top .she used to ask god why only her parents were so harsh

the thing that bothered her the most was disapproval of her parents towards her interests .sanyu loved history ‘mythology and political science .she was one who loved to debate about political policies ,kings,power ,scheming ,leaders ,historian’s and religion .mythological heroe’s like ajun ,abhimanyu were her inspiration.valour of warriors like maharana pratap and shivaji excited her a lot but her parents wanted her to love maths and worship science and became a ittian as she was daughter of a computer engineers but she wanted to be a journalist for betterment of her nation .as without independent media democracy is not possible .but little did she now what destiny have for her on the other hand randhir wanted to be a successful computer engineer and vidhushi a medical doctor and no one pressurised them like sanyu was by her parents .still they all shared a god bond of friendship

precap : entry of aryan and change in sanyu’s world by 360 degree’s

hope i did not bored you all friends this ff is gonna high lighten some issues i all parts like in this dominance of parents over children for their career interests is highlighted

  1. Hey kushagra u writing ffs….
    Hmmm gud haan….

    Nice story…keep writing

  2. Wow kushagra really its awesome! n interesting continue dear.its like a real story,parents always use to give pressure to childrens.

  3. Hey kushagra… nice ff yaar….. but plz don’t make my aryan into villain plz…..

  4. hi kushagra…. Nice ff.. I like it..
    keep it up. 🙂
    n waiting 4 aryan’s entry..

  5. nice one …i never imagined sanyu parents like this
    when i saw the tittle i thought it may be khusarga ff as she told she will write one and see i was r8. keep it up as start as awesome.

  6. Hey kushagra!! Nyc to see ur ff yr….its a good one !!

  7. I am very glad that u have taken up thus type of idea to right in ur ff…. the fact is exactly true… nowadays parents are giving unnecessary pressure to their children and want them to be doctors and engineers… well in that case I feel that I am quite lucky as my parents have never forced me in anything… they want me to enjoy life to the fullest… they want me to study the subjects. that I like but the problem is I am myself quite confused… well I love history but I want to study geophysics and for that reason I have taken science in class 11 but my father is a little sad as he knows that I love history and want me to study with that… I will be very happy if I can get any help from u guys as u all are a bunch of friends to me

    1. You really lucky to have such parents I also had taken science though I love politics and power .my parents never pressurised me but my teacher’s and cousins said that their no future in that moreover it’s not a fareplay so I took non medical this year as I like chemistry also but still I can try for civil service in future and be a part of our political system

  8. Thanks for support of all and its a promise that I will keep this ff realistic and will try to highlight all the problems that we all face in our real lives hope you all will enjoy

  9. good job kushagra

  10. wow yr nice one dear keep writing..n waiting for next one..n i really liked ur ffs strting yr tht was too good…great job babe lvu

  11. Its really gud concept. …..

  12. Very cute and sweet story have you written @kushagra… i am sorry but i was laughing when read randhir’s pet name rannu… 😀 lol its really funny i cant imagine him as rannu lol can you tell me tumhe usk rannu pet name ka idea kaise aya..but nice story and i am waiting for new one

  13. Kushagra, i must say u’ve done a really good job…n i liked the way u kept the story real n pleasent…really excited for aryan’s entry..

  14. Ohh!! Gosh !! Kushagra …
    It’s speechless
    .. Lovely .. Awesome … I nevee thought it can be something like this … I love it .. Please write more 🙂

  15. Wow you have writing talent. I feel very bad for snyukta. Aryan’s entry in precap was bomb for me. Keep it up you have skills

  16. Kushagra ur storyline is Gr8 but u shouldn’t change the way a character is. I mean to say that Randhir is an arrogant, egoistic guy, so portray him in that manner.. It’s nice but boys and girls of school age, and being in a relationship gives a wrong idea in the minds of kids reading SH ffs. I hope u understand..

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