You are just mine only swasan (episode 19)

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next day its golden jubilee of the college. everyone is busy in doing arrangements for the function. ragini is seen waiting for swasan near the gate. at that time she gets a call from her mom

ra: hello ma. i’m near the gate only.

mom: has rani come? shall i come there.?

ra: no ma she didn’t come yet. you come to the function lets surprise her.

mom: ha laado i’m waiting.

they disconnects the phone. mom says “god plz bless my child with the happiness she deserves.”

“don’t worry sumi. everything will be alright” sk says and pats her cheeks.

at the college.

swasan along with siya, munna, and poonam enters the college. seein swara ragini composes herself and goes to them.

“i’m sorry swara whatever happened that day. ” ragini tries to makes some excuses.

“its ok ragini. i want to meet meena mam. i’m going now. i’ll catch you later.” without even give her a chance swara goes from there. ragini looks on.

“sanky my solo performance is cancelled due to the tight agenda.” swara says making a puppy face.

sanky smiles and says “whatever you do you will give a good performance. ”

in the green room. swarag and some other students are getting ready. ragini couldn’t talk to swara bcz of crowd. at that time priya comes to the part where swarag are getting ready.

“sanky asked you to meet him near the lab. ” priya says and goes from there.

“about wht sanky wants to speak with me.” thinks ragini.

“swara i’ll be back” ragini goes from there.

near the lab.

ragini sees sanky is waiting turning other side. he goea near him.

“finally you came. i want to say you something” ragini is confused and about to go near him

“hey stop there. if you come near me i can’t tell wht i want to”

ragini smiles and stands there.

“actually i wanted to say this very first day. but, thought to give you a surprise. don’t go anywhere when i’m performing. bcz, i dedicate this to you. i think you will love this. ”

ragini nodes and gets happy. she goes from there.

“shona say something. you’ll love it na? ” sanky asks swara who is facing him at other side.

“of course sanky. i love you and i will love you whatever you dedicate for me” swara says and hugs him.

at ragini’s side.

“omg! sanky is planning a surprise for me. then me too will give him a surprise.” thinking this ahe calls someone.

the function begins. some students perform some program, there was lots of speech and other program also. now sanky’s name is being announced. swaragini are eagerly waiting. the whole auditorium foes dark. a spot light focused on sanky who is sitting in a rotating chair on the middle of the stage. he is having a violin in his hand. there is no any other music, only violin music, there’s no any voice singing the song. but his violin melody is the only one voice. only the violin music echoes in the auditorium. it conveys the following lyrics.

hum tere bin ab rah nahi sakte
tere bina kya wajood mera…

tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
toh khud se hi ho
jaayenge judaa

kyunki tum hi ho
ab tum hi ho- zindagi
ab tum hi ho
chain bhi mera dard bhi
meri aashiqui
ab tum hi ho

tera mera rishta hai kaise
ok bal door gawara nahi
tere liye har roz hai jeete
thijh ko diya mera
waqt sabhi
koi lamha mera no ho tere bina
har saans pe naam tera.

kyunki tum hi ho
ab tum hi ho- zindagi
ab tum hi ho
chain bhi mera dard bhi
meri aashiqui
ab tum hi ho

all of the audience has closed their eye and enjoyed the humble music of the violin. at the ene there is a big applause for the performance. swaragini are very happy.

sumi comes to the auditorium and takes the reserved seat. swara and sumi doesn’t see each others. ragini thinks to go and check the surprise arrangements and goes from there. nexr performance is swaragini’s so meena mam calls them to the green room. swara goes there.

“swara where is ragini? next will be your performance.” meena mam worriedly asks.

“i’ll go and check mam” priya goes from there searching ragini.

here at a class room

ragini is checking the arrangements. a watch man comes there and locks the door unaware of ragini.

no one can find ragini.
“swara now you have to dance your solo perfomance get ready. ” meena mam says and goes to change the name. next swara’s name is announced to the dance performance. sumi is happy that at last she is going to meet rani. hera at the class room ragini is shocked to hear about swara’s performance.

“how this possible. i’m the one who cancelled her solo performance. more over its time to our dance.” ragini tries to open the door.

at the auditorium. the light is focused on swara and song starts to play. ( this song is from tamil movie “snehithiye”)

raadhai manadhil raadhai mandhil
enna ragasitamo
kan rendum thandhiyadika
kanna wa kandu pidika.

here ragini is continuously knocking the door to open it.

kollai nilavadikkum vellai rathiriyil kodhai radhai nadandhal
moongil kaatu oru gaanam kasinthavusan moochu vaangi uraindhal

paadal vanda vali aadai parandha thaiyim paavai marandu tholaindhal……

ragini manages to come out of the room through the window. and the dance ends with a big applause. sumi is having tears in her eyes

swara is going to the green room but sanky blocks her way.

“how was my performance” swara asks sanky.

sanky doesn’t say anything but suddenly pulls her pecks her lips tightly. swara gets shy and hugs him.

“ahem… swara sanky…”

no doubt it’s munna only.

“we are leaving. poonam ma is calling you both” munna smiles mischievously. swara blushes and runs from there. munna folds his arms across his cheast and looks at sanky. sanky raises his eyebrow and gives him a ‘wht’ look.

“whenever i asked you you used to say she is just my friend. now wht all this?”

“when did i say that she is just my friend.”

“are you a amnesia patient? that day when you get ready to come to delhi”

“did yo let me complete my sentence. just rewind to 2nd episode. i wanted to say she is just mine only”

hearing sanky munna’s mouth opens to a ‘o’ shape.

“now close the mouth and come” sanky mocks him and goes from there followed by munna.

the whole scene is witnessed by two pair of eyes.


“no no i’m not rani. and you are not my mother. i don’t know who you are”

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