Hey guys 1st of all I am ver very soorryyy for posting ff 1month later…very sorry..actualy I was busy with exams that’s why.but from now on I will try to update comment guys and let me know hoit is ok..plz ….so lets start

Recap-freshers party..couples only aloud..everyone is shocked..


Nandini and sanyu enters library manik and cabir are sitting there..
Cabir –[loudly]who is this behenji?
Manik and mukti laughs…
Nandu ignores them.
Manik-hey sanyukta join us don’t get messed with behenjis..
everyone laughs
Sanyukta comes there
Sanyukta-manik shutup ok..she is already sad don’t say behenji now..
Manik-but she is..and what she thinks about me?saying mr manik bla bla…
Sanyu-oho let it be na plz.

Aliya cabir and mukti are looking at manik cz they have never seen manik talknig with any other grl so softly and nicely..aliya glared at sanyukta..
Sanyukta-helo aliya.i did not see you how are you?
Aliya-I am you are new here right?
Aliya-and how you came here?i mean looking at you I don’t think you can pay such high fees of this…
Sanyukta-oh realy?am I looking that sad aliya..but I a mthe daughter of AGGRAWAL INDUSTRIES the leading industry in india now…hope you knows
Aliya looks as if she had been slapped.

Aliya-ohkk but then your dressing style is very por
Sanyukta-maybe..but I don’t care about dresses…cz dreess is not imp if you have beauty and brains.
Mukti-hahah so you think you are beautiful?
Manik-shutup mukti..she is beautiful
Nandini is standing silently in this drama and is joine by nawya now
Mukti-oh comeon manik look at her dhapan and books and kurta
Sanyukta-oh shit miss mukti you mistook me..i was talking about inner beauty which I think you don’t have an inch looking at your style…
Mukti-what the hell
Sanyukta-yes mukti and aliya you both are afcourse no others but singers.what can I accept from a singer….
Manik-let it be sanyu.
Cabir-hey we are FAB5.dont you know miss aggrawal?
Sanyukta-I don’t care you are fab5 or some other music group….stop talking nonsense about me and nandini
Cabir-oho I think you need taste of ab5

Manik-no guys shutup..sanyukta is my friend ok..plz
She left from there
Manik-aliya plz….
Sanyukta-manik don’t upset your socalled friends..just leave us alone…and yes miss mukti tell miss aliya that wearing branded clothes but have no guts to speak with me so left form here?
Sanyukta laughs…
Nandini-and you mr whom you both were saying behenji?me?havee you ever looked in the you know you loook like a pig and you mr manik like a monkey?
Manik-what the hell you think of yourself ha?miss nandini do you know who I am?i am the son of the trustee of the college.if I want I can cancel your scloraship and you will be back to your village where you belong
Sanyukta-manik stop it…

Nandini-oh manik so you think I am sacred of you?haah then you are wrong mr manik malhotra…you both [looking at cabir and naik]don’t dare to tease girls shame on you
Sanyukta-lets go
Manik-sanyu tell your friend to hold her tongue
Sanyu-manik forget iy now plz.
Nandini left
Manik-hey sanyukta you are very brave.the way you replied to aliya andmukti
Both of them smiled..
Manik’s pov
Sanyukta is sucha nice girl..her attitude personality is just like anyone can fall for her..and she is also very beautiful..and that nandini behenji..and such a arrogant girl…sanyukta must teach her manners..i will tell sanyu next time…

The guitar guy with innocent looks comes were mukti is sitting.
Guy-helo you are mukti right?
Mukti-how you know my name?
Guy-everyone knows na…you are fab5
Mukti-ya.[smiles]so who you are
Guy-I am parth.1st year enginerring
Mukti-oh great.enginer..i love engineers but just now I fought with an engineer.
Both of them smiles..
Parth-so wanna come with me for freshers party
Mukti was taken aback..

Muktis pov
Afcourse I would love to come with you.but cabir..i cant left cabir alone..oh gosh but 1st time I felt like going with someone else..he is so handsome and cute
Parth-hey whatsup.if you have problem itsok
Mukti-no no.i will surely come..
Parth-ok then.see you..
Mukti getsup..
Mukti pov
I said yes to him but what will bbe others reacctions mostly manik and cabir..
Idea…I will tease cabir and give him dare to take nthat behenji as partner ..and manik would be with aliya..yes that is settled..

Randhir and nandini are sitting in canten
Nandini-you know randhir I don’t feel good here..i mean that manik and cabir..they are very bad.and that cabir is following me from last 3 hours.
Randhir-nandini 1st of all relax ok.dont look at them just ignore them.
Nandini-hmm…I think sanyu will suffer she said many things to aliya and mukti…
Randhir-she deserves it..
Nandini-no no she is good…you just talk with her once
Randhir-no never…
Nandu-oh u and ur ego…

Randhir-hey listen with whom you are going for freshers party…
Nandu-nice of you…but we both had gone na..
Randhir-ya but she asked first and I said yes cz I had not met you na..
Both laughs
Randhir-dnt wry I will find nice guy for you
Nandu-hurry only 6 days remaining
Randhir-yes madam first finish your sandwich
Both of them laughs.

Manik and sanyukta are sitting in the garden.sanyu is reading book and manik is practising guitar..from behind a bush aliya is looking..she have tears in her eyes..she cant see manik with other girl..
Mukti comes there..
Mukti-what happened aliya
Aliya-look at manik…he is spending type with that dhapan..he forgot was our kiss aniversary and he forgot that[she sobbed harder]
Mukti-you just see that sanyukta and nandini will be gone forever.
Mukti-you just wait and watch..

  1. Tash

    Druvvvvv seriously u r one month late….gosh I waited for this ff a lot…BT I understand u were having ur exams…BT today’s episode was super good….bechare aliya n mukhti..gandi scolding padi un dono ko….bt I dontttttt like Manik with sayukta at all…sayukta n randhir is only worth it….I was feeling same as aliya was feeling to see Manik with sayukta????
    BT u wrote super good….I lovedddddd it…n poor Nandu…parth n mukti wala track ll be really good..keep going

  2. Mahi13

    Welcome back !!! I thought u’ve stopped writing. Its good to see u back. How r u? The update was superb. I loved the way sanyukta answered to mukti n alya 😀 😀 . Update asap plz.

  3. SidMin

    Dhruv bhai you are back loved the episode And my bold Sanyu what an answer she has given and Rd going with Shanaya hope the pairs change soon
    Loved it 🙂
    Can I know how old are you I am 16 (going to turn 16 on 13th Sep)

  4. Sindhu_Varma

    Dhruv, how are you ?
    Nd I hope u your exams went well ?
    This part is awesome nd y don’t u take rest ?

  5. This story is awesome. Keep writing dhruv

  6. Stephen Canestrini

    When you read the quotes, you come to know how fortunate you are that you have a friend, who behaves and makes you feel just like the quote states. It is how you learn to behave like a best friend too. If you laugh really loud, talk spontaneously, and you don t care what your face looks like, you re probably with your real friends

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