Junoon 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 14th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Miu fixing or doing something with the utensils (yaad nahi aaa raha) When Prabha says that she should try and forget their rifts and live happily. But Miu says that she married Prithvi for her father’s happiness and proud.
Prabha was shocked to here that. Miu diverts the topic and she says that Prabha came to her house … she changes the word “her” to here. She offers her tea but Prabha refuses and asks her to sort out the problems between their lives. She says she has to go the market to buy a few things.

Scene shifts to market

Meera roams around the market and then she goes to a phone booth and she calls her Bitto. sudha picks up but Miu doesn’t say anything and she sobs silently but Sudha understood that its Meera and asks about her whereabouts. Miu lies. Sudha says that what will Akash’s parent’s think about her as he wedding date is coming nearer. SHe lies again and says that Akash sent her to Jaipur and she cuts the line as she couldn’t talk.

She was roaming around the market when a few women were taunting her for not wearing her mangalsutra. Suddenly she faints due to high fever.
The women grabs her and saves her from falling
Suddenly Prithvi comes ad takes her to the hospital. (hai mera hero aa gaya)

the doctor checks her and then asks him to get the medicines when Miu regains conciousness and asks the doc who brought her here. The doc says that her husband brought her here. The doc comes out and tells Prithvi that she fainted due to the cut in her leg and also bcuz of her weakness.
Prithvi goes in and gives her the meds and says, “hum kisike eehsan nahi rakhte”
He makes her eat some food and then gives her the meds. Then they both leave.
Outside the hospital Meera couldn’t walk properly when Prithvi offers his hand but she ignores him and limps till the jeep

Prithvi stops at Data’s house and then he goes in and tells Data that he cannot take care of Meera All are shocked Prithvi said he cannot give the comfort and luxury like this haveli ppl get. When Miu says that “Inhe meri chinta hain issi liye”
{lovely scene}
Prithvi says that she is sick when Miu says she just got a little hurt on her leg. Prabha comes and says to Prithvi that they should their small nok-jhoks at home. Then Miu grabs Prithvi’s hand and they leave and after they come out of the haveli Prithvi removes his hand from hers.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: SPNnIPKKNDlover

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