Junoon 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 11th July 2013 Written Update

Prithvi comes in a white kurta and pyjama. Meera compliments him and tells him that for the first time he is going to the temple so a photo is required and tries to take a pic – he pushes her and gets in the car. Angered she sits in the car and asks why he mis behaved. Quiet he drives off and answers that he is not interested to get pictures taken as he dislikes getting his picture taken.

As he drives Meera holds his hand. IP is startled, so she lets go. He then holds her hand. A duo of motorcyclists are shown. They cross an ambulance broken down and IP drives away. Meera is surprised he never stopped for the ambulance. She stops him and tells him the Prithvi she knows would help and how is he going away. He responds that in the hurry of getting to the temple, he forgot. He goes to help push the

ambulance out as Meera looks on and smiles.

Out of the bushes someone holds a gun towards Meera and as IP walks back she smiles and they get in the car. The bullet goes by them . IP notices it and drives off fast. He is followed by the motorcyclists.

At the temple RK, priest and db are waiting. Meera is shocked why he driving fast. He tells her he has to drive fast to save her life and to wear the seatbelt. He then tracks the motorcyclists who throws something in the car. IP gets down and looks but they are gone. He hears the ticking of the time omb.

DB and Mishra wonder and they show Meera and IP come up the stairs together. When asked why they were so late, so IP shows the disconnected bomb. Everyone is shocked. He says someone tried to kill me. Meera looks sad. First a bullet and now this bumb. So 1 thing is confirmed that they r not confident. As meera explains, he stops her and says lets finish the puja.

Meera holds IPs arm and goes inside. DB too walks in. As they sit IP keeps looking at Meera and DB at him. The havan starts and IP folds his hands and performs the puja with Meera. DB and MJ are confusedwa. IP remembers his brothers words as he does the puja. Meera touches his shoulder and asks what with her eyes, he does not say anything. DB is more confused.

At Pandey house – its dark as db enters. She switches on the light and sees IP sitting in his old pose on the sofa with a gun in hand. When asked what all this is, he stares at them and walks over. He says someone is playing mind games with him and wonders who it could be. DB says he should know. So IP looks at MJ and says MJ or maybe her.

PRECAP – IP tosses Hudda on the ground and threatens him for talking about Meera and not to refer to her as bewafa, as hudda made even a single black mark about her he would wash it off with the blood of Hudda. As he goes to RK house some on shoots at him and Meera. He pulls them down and fires from the window.

Update Credit to: prem diwani

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