Crazy Stupid Ishq 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 11th July 2013 Written Update

Ishan goes to take his bike back from those creditors, thy tease him by calling buisness tycoon, he ask them to stay away from the matter, thy says wat happen when her beautiful partner get to know that thr’s no such kind of buisness, ishu leaves quitely n try calling anu but she’s not respnding.

Scene changed, ayan was worried for anu, he ask the peon by giving him bribe n get to knw that punnu scolded anu badly in front of all, he got angry n goes to talk with punnu.

In the cabin, munnu n punnu were gossiping about anu n ayan, ayan enters in anger n shouted badly on punnu saying that anu has taken his confirmation before excecuting the PR plan, if sum1 did the mistake it was he, if punnu need to scold sum1 he can scold him but he has no right to scold anu.

Angry punnu scold him saying that may be he has forgotten that he’s the boss, ayan has no right to talk with him like that n from next time before entering his cabin he has to knock n keep away thr relation n its problem out of the office, munnu is happy.

Anu returns home, she was upset n crying, she leave the door open, ayan was sending her sorry messages, but she instead of replying switch off the ph, ishu came n saw her upset n crying, he goes close to her n she hugs him n starts crying more n he was consoling her n at the same time ayan came n saw them like that, n hear that anu was telling ishu that punnu scold her badly.

It hurts ayan that anu hvnt told him anything n she’s sharing it with ishu, he leaves from the door. In the rain, he was driving n crying, he says that he can’t be her friend bcoz he luves him. He came out n cry hard in rain.

On the other side, ishu in order to cheer up anu, start cooking dinner for her, he was cracking jokes etc to make her laugh, at the same time he got call from aarti who ask about ayan, ishu ask to chill, he might be busy sumwhere.

Anu got worried for ayan but ishu again diverts her mind n on the dinner table ishu again got aarti’s call, she was worried for ayan, ishu calls ayan after that but he was not answering the call, ishu leave a message for him on the voice mail. Whole night anu keep on trying his ph but he was not answering, he dnt een reply the messages.

Morning, anu thought that ayan might hv left sum info in office so she rushes towards office, in office she ask one of the colleage n thr she saw ayan was njoying with other colleages, anu try to talk with him but he royally ignores her. Anu confronts him after a while n he reply back thats not only her who got hurt when sum1 dnt reply to messages n calls, he just want to apolozise for punnu’s behaviour but she dnt given change to him, anu ask for sorry.

Precap: Munnu taunts ayan after seeing ishu n anu dancing together on that ayan got angry n breaks the glass.

Update Credit to: Amor

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