A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 9

Episode 9.
Scene 1
Twinj and Yuhi are in the market.
Twinkle:Wowww kashmir is sooo beautiful.
Mahi: I agree twinkle.
They enter into a shop to buy their dresses and kunj and yuvi go to another shop to buy something for themselves.
In the shop Mahi chooses a dress and goes to try it.
Twinkle is still seeing dresses…she loves a gown and happily takes it in her hand and finds out that it is backless so she sadly keeps it back and asks the shopkeeper to show something else. She buys someother dress till then mahi comes there and says i am done come on lets pay and leave or else we will get late for the party. They leave for the hotel with yuvi and kunj.
Scene 2
Twinjs room.
Twinkle is sitting in the balcony and drinking coffee. Kunj comes there with a gift.
Kunj: Happy Valentine’s day Twinkle (giving her the gift)
Twinkle:(A little shocked) what…?? This is for me.

Kunj: Yess twinkle u r my best friend and my fiancee so i thought of giving u a gift as its Valentine’s Day today.
Twinkle: Thank you soo much kunj (happily)
Kunj: Why don’t you open it and see.
Twinkle opens it quickly and is shocked.
Kunj: What happened didn’t u like it..??
Twinkle: This…this is that dress which i had loved in that shop…how did u know i wanted it.
Kunj: I saw u happily looking at the dress but u didn’t buy it, i didnt understand why…and i decided to gift it to you.
Twinkle: Kunj actually….ummm actually this dress is backless and now that I’m engaged i thought it wouldn’t be write for me to wear such her dress.
Kunj hold both her arms and said”So what if u are engaged…u can wear whatever you want and do whatever u feel like…getting engaged was not the end of ur freedom…so plzz next time don’t think like this nd just do what you like”

Twinkle gets very happy and in the happiness she kisses kunjs cheek and say thanx. She later realizes that she kissed him…she says I’ll just come(blushes) and leaves to show the dress to mahi.
Kunj touches this cheek where twinkle had kissed and smiles.
Its evening kunj comes out from the washroom and sees twinkle wearing the dress he had gifted her. She was sitting in front of the mirror and looked stunning. He starts walking towards her and she gets tensed. Kunj goes very close to her and leans towards her from the back side. Twinkle gets a strange feeling in her stomach. They both stare at each other in the mirror(sajna ve plays) Suddenly kunj goes to her ears and says “Kitni der tak Aaina dekhegi…aaina bhi thak gaya he tera chehera dekh dekh ker” he laughs
Twinkle stands up and runs behind him to hit him. She takes a pillow in the hand and runs behind him. He runs and climbs on the bed. She too climbs on the bed but her leg gets stuck in her gown and she falls on kunj. They share a romantic eyelock (sajna ve plays). Just then Yuhi enter the room asking them to come down fast. They look at them in that state and turn around and cough. Twinj compose themselves and says we are ready lets go.
Scene 3
In the party the organisers announce that its a dance competition here today and every couple present here has to participate. There will be 3 prizes and the results will be announced just after the competition ends.
The competition starts…after 4 couples its Yuhis turn to dance.

Yuhi dance on the song kabhi jo baadal barse (movie jackpot). Their dance is really sensual and everybody clap for them. After their dance its Twinjs turn to dance. Kunj gets up and asks twinkle for her hand. Twinkle readily gives her hand in his hands and the go on the dance floor. They dance on the song Janam Janam (movie Dilwale). At the end of the dance twinkle turns holding kunjs finger and then kunj makes her bend down on his left hand and holds her face with his right hand. They are really close and almost kissed when everyone start clapping and Twinj compose them selves. They go and take their seat. The organiser comes there and he announces the 3rd prize first, then he announces that 2nd prize goes to Yuhi….they get gald and yuvi kisses mahi. Mahi blushes and they go to take to trophy. The organiser then announces that the first prize and made for each other couple trophy goes to twinj. Twinj get realy happy they hug heach other tight(sajna ve plays) they go to collect the trophy.
Twinj and Yuhi take a selfie with their trophies and send it to usha and leela.
Usha and Leela are glad to see their children enjoying.
Twinj and Yuhi go back to their room.
Twinjs Room.

Twinkle: (Holds kunjs hand who was going to change his clothes) Kunj thankyou so much for making this Valentine’s day so special.
Kunj: (Touche her head to chech if she has fever) Teri tabiyat to thik hai na…u r thanking me…heyyh bhagwan aaj chaand kahan se nikla hai…???
Twinkle:(in an annoyed tone) zada udney ki zaroorat nahi hai…good night.
She goes to sleep and smiles…kunj goes to change and smiles moving his hand in his head.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP: Kashmir sight seeing and twinj and yuhi romance.

I hope ull like it.
Thanx for all ur support in my previous FFs.
Plzz do post ur views via ur comments.

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  1. Awesome epi
    Loved twinj ‘s moments
    Plsz update the nxt one today itself. .
    Plz it is a humble request. . Plz update it as soon as possible. .
    As my 10 th boards are approaching so did nt comment on any of ur ffs but this one made me comment ..
    Really very nice epi

    1. thanx a lot its a little not possible for me to post the next epi today but ull get it tomorrow morning itself for sure as my 12th boards start from this thusrday I am really sry if I disappointed you

  2. Richel sid bieber

    Hey aakanksha u n ur ff is alwys bsssst??
    2dys ff is also.when i read ur ff i feel some romantic feelngs???
    U know akanksha jab bhi me 2mhara ff parhti hoo na toh u know mujhe bhi ff lkhne ka man krta hai…mene toh story bhi soch ke rakhi hai bt………

    1. but what richel plzzzz plzzz plzzz go ahead…nd im glad that u consider me as ur inspiration…lots of love and I request u to write a ff plzzz

    2. btw richel are u there on fb

  3. That was very good and had lots of romantic scenes and interesting moments there so plz update the next one quickly

    1. thanx a lot….ill post it by today night nd ull might get to read by tomorrow

  4. Woowww Akansha ……well done ….u lived up to my expectations…… Keep it up…????

    1. thanx a lot rashi…I m glad u are happy

  5. I just love your ff so much…..keep it up
    Lots of love

    1. luv u to esha thanx

  6. Wowwww itss fabb i loved it nd thankss dear for postingg 2 epiis todayy thank u so much ?

    1. ur most welcome my pleasure that u like my ffs

  7. u knw what aakanksha whenever i read ur ff i smile automatically comes to my face…if i get a chance i wanna meet u nd hug u..for writing such brilliant epis..i so wished it was the real track..really i dont have words to describe it!

    1. tara tara tara u and ur comments I just don’t have words to describe it….I can just heartly thank you and frankly speaking even I wanna meet you yaar

      1. hehe..ok done,so next time mumbai geyi toh tumse milna toh pakka…

  8. really awesomeee…..

    1. thanx gopika

  9. By the way your do is the best

    1. I’m mean DP

    2. tysm rachna I too love that scene so I kept it nd im glad u liked it

  10. Richel sid bieber

    Yaa bt know its deactivt bcz of my xm..?????? n u…???
    Okk i will try my best.. to write a ff bt not know..i think jab mera xm finish hoga toh m sure me ofcurse likhungi
    N if u in fb so plz plz contct me in 4th march..bcz usdin mera xm khtm hoga…aur my fb is open..
    N u know what nowadys i have no time enough bt me usme apna time nikal ke 2mhara ff parhungi bcz i love ur ff eak bhi miss nahi karungi?????
    N thnk u soooo much 4 inspirng me…
    U want to know my real name?????????????

    1. so r u in 12th coz even my exam gets over on 4th march and im in 12th…where are u from. yup I m eager to know ur real name

  11. Hey……I luv ur ff a lot…….actually ma 12th board xamz r approaching so I couldn’t appreciate ur last few episodes…..soo sorry 4 DAT…
    Keeeep going…….ur ff z fab…..n I’ll b waiting 4 tmrrwz epi……

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ……everyone……stay luvd n god bless…….

    1. thanx a lot kukkoO we are sailing in the same boat even im in 12th and im glad that u took out ur precious time to comment love u

      1. 😉 …… Luv u too year…… N all d best 4 ur xamzz……

    2. same to u…good luck

  12. Thankx a lot dear aakanksha……. Such a brilliant nd talented writer your ff is so amazing i have not a words to explian you how much i happy when i read your ff……. Pls pls pls pls pls next episode was today am waiting yaar…., smc,gopika, sweetie,avantika your ff is also so superb….. Kashmir trip was so interesting.

    1. thanx a lot aarush I m so sry but I was busy studying but ull get the epi tomorrow morning for sure. I am really hapy u like my ff

  13. Richel sid bieber

    Wow u r in 12th m also…i m from assam..bt actualy m from ahemdabad…we r settled here bcz of my fathers job..????????actualy my real.name is preety..bt u know what i dnt like my name bcz its vry comon..do u like like my name????
    Nd u know about assam???

    1. u know what richel don’t feel bad but I hav a suggestion plz never say it again that u don’t like ur name its ur identity and the love and blessing of the person who has kept it…I love ur name and u aswell…plzz don’t fel bad but plzzz be proud to be called preeti so what if its common. and actually frankly speaking I don’t know anything about assam but I hav heard that its really beautiful. sry once again if I hurt u by ny means and love u

  14. Akansha I jus love u jus love u . actually m in 10 grade I should call u akansha di ur in 12 grade . can I call u akansha dii . please pls pls . if u don mind only den . n I loved d Kiss part tat was d title hit thing in did episode n d cutest thing .???????love twinj n ur ffs ………

    1. yup u can call me that if u want though it not needed but I don’t mind it

    2. simmi in my previous ff u asked me who is my valentine if u mean bf by that ten actually no one yet…but you now what my valentine are my parents. let me explain there is a miss conception that the valentine means ur love interest. actually valentines day is celeberated in the rememberance of a saint named valentine who got many soilders married with lots of efforts as no girl wanted to marry a soilder as they cud die any time after the marriage. he convinced and made the girls understand that even they needed love. nd hence after he died people started celeberating this day as valentines day in his honour. yes it is a day to express ur love but the word valentine instead means the mediator of ur marriage so ya my parents are my valentine

      1. That very sweet…. Even I’m single n ma valentine r ma parents…..

      2. Di even m single . n I know tat valentine can be anyone who u love d most . I was jus teasing . sry if u felt bad . mah valentine is mah dearest brother . n of course I love my self. ????tats more than enough ryt . n sry if u fewlt bad ………????

  15. Preety sid biebes

    No no mujhe bilkul bhi bura nahi laga even m vry hapy.. n u know what m aso feel bad jab me kisi dusre name se khud ko
    Introduce karti hoo toh..????
    Btw me aaj se apne real name se comnt likhugi..
    Thank u vrrrrry much akanksha..☺☺☺☺☺☺☺?????
    M waiting for ur nxxt fablous ff…….

    1. I am so happy preety u r such a lovely girl love u btw I hav posted the next epi u will get it by tomorrow morning

  16. Preety sid bieber


  17. Really loved it…superb dear

    1. tysm mahira

  18. superb episode yaar nice of u

  19. Guys my 10th Epi is posted but idk why its not seen on the main page so if u want to read it ull find it at the place of recent posts

  20. For all those who are waiting for my ff no 10. Idk what was the problem why didn’t it get posted on the main page. So I’m posting it here in the comments section.Episode 10.
    Heyy guys after this Epi that is the 10th Epi there will be a big gap in my FFs.
    After this Epi the next Epi that i will post will be after 4th of march. I hope ull understand as i hav my 12th board exams really sry for that and hope ull won’t leave reading my FFs once im back. Lots of love and i will miss ull.
    So now lets begin wid the episode.
    Scene 1
    Its morning and twinj and yuhi are leaving for sight seeing.
    They first go to Indira gandhi tulip park. Its really beautiful with beautiful flowers everywhere. Twinj and yuvi click many pics there and proceed towards Shalimar Bagh they hav lots of fun there aswell.
    They then go to apharwat peak. Its a totally snowfilled area. Twinkle gets really happy seeing the snow as she is visiting a snowy place for the first time. She runs and dances in the snow she calls the others to join her and mahi joins her. Kunj looks at the happy twinkle and has a contentful smile on his face. Mahi and twinkle start throwing snow on each other. Mahi aims a snowball on twinkle which by mistake kits yuvi. Yuvi starts running behind her an they go far away and start playin there.
    Twinkle gets sad as she became alone. Just then a snowball hits her she sees in the direction from which it came and sees kunj standing there and smiling. She gets happy and takes a snowball in her hand and runs behind him. He is running when he suddenly falls die to his leg hitting a stone. Twinkle was running very fast and so she couldn’t control her and fell on him they share an eyelock (sajna ve moment). As soon as twinkle gains consciousness she starts putting snow on kunj. Kunj then pushes her down and now he is above her and starts splashing snow on her. She jerks him and runs from there…twinj and yuhi hav lots of fun and they proceed towards their last spot thats the kheerbhawani temple. They reach the temple and go to pray. After the finish praying they see couples tying mouli(holy thread) on a wall havind many perforations. Mahi a lady why are they doing so. The lady says that today is poornima(full moon day) it is believed that if a couples ties the mouli there using one hand of each one them then their love increases and they get tied to each other for 7 janam/lifes.
    Yuhi get excited and go to tie the mouli and take twinj along. Yuhi and twinj tie the mouli. Twinj look at each other(sajna ve plays). They then leave for the hotel.
    Scene 2
    Twinjs room.
    Twinkle is not feeling well and has very high fever but hesitates to tell kunj.
    Kunj was in the balcony he comes inside and sees twinkle shivering. Je asks her what happened to her and she says nothing. He goes to her and touches her forehead and findouts that she has very high fever.
    Kunj: Twinkle u hav soo high fever…are you mad why didn’t u tell me.
    He sees if the heater is on. The heater was on and on its max he gets the firstaid from the bag and gives her crocin. She holds his hand and says ku..kuu…kunjjj im having difficulty in breathing.
    Kunj: Don’t worry twinkle I’ll not let any thing happen to you
    He tries to go and ask someone if he could get an extra heater but twinkle holds his hand and asks him not to go any where leaving her. Tears fall from his eyes and he says I’m with u always I’ll never leave ur hand…nothing will happen to u. He calls the room service and asks him to get a heater quick as its an emergency. Twinkles state keeps on worsening and kunj tries keeping her awake by rubbing her hands and legs but of no use. Twinkle then gets unconscious and kunj worries. Now there is no other option left with him he unbuttons his shirt and tries giving her the warmth of his body (agara tum saath ho from tamasha plays in the background). When even that doesn’t work he becomes helpless and takes her head in his lap and pumps air in her mouth through his mouth he keeps doing this for 2-3 minutes when twinkle gains consciousness. She immediately moves him away he gets glad she got up and asks her if she is fine.
    Twinkle: What were u doing kunj…??
    Kunj: I am really sry but i had to do this orelse i wud hav lost u and i wud hav died to. He says sry once again and gets up to leave. Twinkle holds his hand and tries standing but he stops her and she asks him to sit. He sits and she hugs him tight(sajna ve plays) she say u don’t need to be sry…u have saved my life and I’m really greatful to you. She say and one very important thing I’m glad that maa misunderstood us that day and got me engaged to u…i cud never hav got a better life partner than u. Thankyou kunj thankyou soo much. Kunj is very happy and both of them cry happily they break the hug as someone knocks the door its the room service with the extra heater. Kunj smiles and asks him to keep it and go. Twinj go to sleep.
    Scene 3
    Twinj and Yuhi checkout from the hotel and leave for the airport. They cover some distance when twinkle asks the driver to take a u turn back to the hotel as she has forgotten something important Kunj and yuhi ask what is it. She says its something very important and asks the driver to take a u turn fast. They reach the hotel twinkle gets down the car and runs towards her room. Kunj runs behind her. She goes to the room opes the cupboard takes something in her hand and takes a sigh of relief. Kunj come there and asks her what was that important thing. He gets shocked seeing the dress he had gifted her in her hand.
    He says r u mad u came back for a dress i wud hav bought 10 such dresses for u in amritsar.
    Twinkle: But this 1 is special as this is my first Valentine’s day gift. You brought it with so much love its really precious to me how cud i leave it here.
    Kunj is very happy listening to this. He smiles and says ok ok so now that u hav taken ur precious thing can v leave or we will miss the flight she smiles and they leave. The screen freezes on their smiling faces.
    Guys no precap today as i don’t know what new idea i will come up with once I’m back after my boards. I’ll miss ull and well be in touch through our comments on the daily updates.
    I hope ull liked this episode plzz don’t forget to share ur views via ur comments. LOVE U ALL

  21. Thankx aakankasha in main page am waiting best of luck for your exam… And keep reading concentreat on your exam… And got a first class.

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