A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 23

Helloooo lovely people… I m really very sry for not uploading my ff from so many days…actually my migraine problem was increasing day by day and I was in immense pain so my parents got me admitted to the hospital… I’m still here but I have got my mobile back finally… I’ll get a discharge tomorrow… Omg y am I elaborating all this…all I want to say is SORRY. Ohk so now let’s come to the episode.
Scene 1(taneja house)
All are busy in doing all the arrangements.

Leela enters twinkle and mahi’s room she finds twinkle getting mahi ready and she is still not ready.She goes to mahi
Leela: Mahi puttar (keeps her hand on mahi’s head) u r looking soooo beautiful… I just can’t explain….God knows wen my small little doll became so big that it’s time for her marriage today.
(Both get teary eyed)
Twinkle: Offfooo maa…don’t make Dii cry….I have done her make up with so much of efforts… U will get everything spoiled.
Leela and Mahi laugh
Leela holds twinkle’s ears
Leela: So miss twinkle taneja…let me remind u if u have forgotten…today is 15th march and its ur marriage as well today.
Twinkle: Aaauuuchhh maa leave my ear its paining.
Leela leaves her ear.
Twinkle: Maa I remember very well…but if I wud get ready first…u know na how mahi Dii is she wud have not been able to do anything on her own… Waise bhi she did so much natak to get the make up done… and u know I can get ready on my own…with all the make up and everything.
Mahi: Ya ya now stop blabbering about urself and go and get ready.
Leela: Han puttar go fast…Sarna family can come anytime now.
Twinkle leaves to get ready.

Scene 2(sarna house)
Yuvi and kunj are getting ready in their rooms.
Usha and bebe go to check if they are ready.
Usha: Bebe u go and check if kunj is ready and I’ll see for yuvi.
Bebe enters kunjs room.
Kunj is almost ready and he is wearing a off white sherwaani with maroon embroidery… He is looking super hot(as always)
Bebe: Oohhhooo kunj puttar kisiki ki nazar na lagey tennu(tujhe)…you are looking so handsome…twinkle will not be able to get her eyes off u.
Kunj smiles and thanks and hugs her.

Bebe: But 1 thing is missing
Kunj: What bebe..??
Bebe: Shera(turban worn by dulhas but without the hanging flowers)
Bebe makes him wear it.
Bebe: Hmmmm…now u look like a perfect and complete dulha.
Kunj: Bebe actually…umm…nothing
Bebe: Tell na puttar…what’s the matter…u can share anything with me…are u not happy with this marriage..??
Kunj:(Immediately)No no bebe…nothing like that.. Its just that I’m a little nervous.. I mean I don’t know if I’m ready for this or not…I am confused.
Bebe: Kunj puttar u are totally ready for this…and the best part is u are marrying ur best friend and the girl u love so what’s the confusion.
Kunj: Bebe actually…I agree she’s my best friend and she’s the best 1 I cud get married to but..
Bebe: But what..??
Kunj: Kunj tells her everything about the confusion due to which they got engaged and the truth behind it.
Bebe gets shocked at first…then says.

Bebe: Oye puttar ye to aur bhi changgi gal hai(this is even good son)…I feel that love after marriage is the best feeling and u know kunj…wen there is love after marriage it is love for ever not only for this life but for seven lives.
Kunj: (smiles and hugs her) Thank u bebe u r the best thank u for clearing my confusion…though I don’t think its possible for me to love that Siyappa queen but ur words have given me hope.
Bebe laughs and leaves asking him to come down fast as muhurat time is close.
Kunj thinks : Pyaar….vo bhi saat janmo wala…aur vo bhi uss SIYAPPA QUEEN se no ways.
Usha was in yuvis room….she too makes him wear the sehera.
Yuvi was looking awesome in his white and golden embroidered sherwani.
Usha: Haay nazar na lagey mere bacche ko….yuvi u r looking like a prince.
Yuvi hugs her and thanks her.

Scene 3
Anita and Cherry are super disappointed

As their plan got flop once again.
Anita: I don’t understand how…how do these people get saved always….huh now we will have to go in their marriage and do drama of being happy…and congratulate the newly weds.
Cherry: Mummy ji y are u taking tension let their marriage happen once….then we will show all 4 of them what we can do….we will make their life hell….I will never let them be happy and that’s a promise mummy ji
Anita hugs him
Anita: I luv u my son…I luv u…I know u will take revenge from them for all our sufferings.
Yuvi and kunj were outside their room and they had herd everything.
Usha had sent them there to call Anita and cherry and request them to attend the marriage by forgetting all the past happenings.
Yuvi: Ohk now its just too much….how dare they.
Kunj: Bhai relax….aaj hamari shaadi hai aur unki peheli haar….jaise vo iss baar haarey hain waise hi har bar harengey…jab tak hum saath hain koi hamara kuch nahi bigad payega.
He holds Yuvi’s and leaves from there.

Scene 4
Sarna family enters taneja house.

Rt,leela,pinni,raman,bubbly welcome them.
All other guests also come and taneja and sarna family welcome them.
There are 2 separate mandaps and 2 pundits
Kunj and yuvi sit in the respective mandaps and pundits start with the rituals done with the dulhas
After the rituals are done… Both the pundits ask leela and Rt to call the dulhans.
Leela signs pinni and bubbly to get them.
Pinni and bubbly bring twinkle and mahi to the mandap.
Both look sizzling hot.
Mahi is wearing a deep red lehenga with heavy golden zari work….yuvi can’t take his eyed off her…he signs her that she looks fabulous.. Mahi blushes and goes and sits besides him.
Twinkle is wearing a maroon lehenga…its a designer piece and she looks stunning with all the bridal jewelry
Kunj gets mesmerized seeing her.

Twinkle goes and sits besides him and he keeps staring at her…she sees this and blushes
Twinkle thinks: Mujhey aise ghur raha hai per compliment nahi kerega khadoos sarna….waise aaj to ye bhi super hot lag raha hai….man to ker raha hai bas ussey hi dekhti rahun per khadoos ne dekh liya to hawe mai udney lagega.
They look at each other at the same time and share an eyelock (sajnave plays)
Pundit asks them to do the rituals as he says.
Twinj and Yuhi do as the pundits say.
Then the pundits say its time for sindoor daan.
Yuvi fills sindoor in mahi’s maang.
Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu…Mangalam garuda dhwaja…Mangalam kundali kaksha…Mangalaya tanohari plays

Kunj fills sindoor in twinkle’s maang Mangalam bhagwan vishnu plays again she looks at him lovingly he too looks at her with love….sajnave full song plays in background.
Then pundit asks kunj and yuvi to make their brides wear mangalsutra.
Kunj makes twinkle wear the mangalsutra.
Karpoor gauram karuna vataram…sansaar saaram bujhgaindra haram plays.
Yuvi too makes mahi wear the mangalsutra karpura gauram continues playing.

Pundit asks kunj and yuvi’s sister to tie the couple in a knot for the pheras.
Usha and bebe look at each other tensed.
Suddenly a voice is herd

I am here Kunj and Yuvi’s sister….I will tie the knot.
Everyone get shocked seeing her.
Screen freezes on everyone’s shocked faces.

PRECAP: No precap as such….guess who is it….is it a new entry….if yes will her character be +ve or -ve….. Keep thinking.

Thank u so much guys for all the support I get from ull….I luv u all and sry once again for not posting from so many days.
And as I always say…plzzz share ur valuable views via ur comments.

Credit to: Aakanksha


  1. sanam

    it was just splendid! !!!!
    take care and it’s fine if u don’t post regularly as u aren’t well
    migraines are just too bad

  2. tara

    my god aakankshathis suspense will not let me sleep..its superb…btw dear plzz take care..when i heard the news from simi i was very tensed,,,now m bit relaxed..nd plzz dont lay so much stress in updating epis..we can wait…

  3. Aakanksha

    Thanx a lot sanam, twinkle and Tara
    Thank u soo much for the concern ull are really the best friends I cud ever get I hope I cud meet ull once but till then v will be frnds forever here…luv u all

  4. Sareena

    The episode was fantastic yaar. N get well soon. Don’t worry for delay updates. Best part it you will get discharge soon. Get well soon. 🙂

  5. I don’t know who it will be , but plzz make her positive… and post it soon I can’t wait for it. btw today’s epi was awesome….

  6. yeah tara is correct plzz don’t take stress in updating the episode and its about your health so take care and we can wait for the episodes.

  7. Ff reader

    I missed urbff a lot dear i loved ur episode and i think the new entry may be of maya and she will be positive anyways take care of ur health dear.

  8. Ruchi

    Hey akanksha the epi is amazing as always… Hope you are fine… Take good care of yourself… Luv you nd ur ff too… 🙂 😉

  9. chandra

    hey di . dont be sry . dont make us feel guilty . u become well first . it is most important . u can post them later . ok . tc . oh . i forgot . ur episode was outstanding .

  10. esha

    Aakansha it’s amazing….take a good care of yourself……don’t take so much of tension…….eat healthy food ……be happy and keep writing…lots of love

  11. Ritzi

    Wow akansha!!! Pls take care of yourself don’t get worried if u r not able to post yr ff regularly.

  12. Riddhi.

    Take care dear and do not take stress as it will worsen your condition…Now,when you get well perfectly update the next episode only…Till then,take care dear…GET WELL SOON AAKANKSKHA DI…

    • Aakanksha

      Guys u know what I cant enen imagine I got such good,caring and loving friends….im so so so thankful to telly updates for this…I just cant explain how happy I am…luv u all
      thank u so much esha,rashi,prapti,rittzi,suu and riddhi luv all of u to the moon and back

  13. Star

    Aakansha, concentrate on your health first.
    Ff of yours is a masterpiece.
    Take care.
    And I think the sister would be +ve.
    I hope she’ll expose Cherry and Anita and bring the couples more closer.

  14. loveleen

    akku frst of all ur writing is superb……..n plz take care of urself dear…..dnt take stress fr not updating regularly…as we knw u r nt well so we can wait till u recover completely……n i want u write next only when u r fyn ……in ur nxt episode plz inform us that u r completely fine……love u take care……????

    • Aakanksha

      tysm loveleen…luv u dear…btw I hav recovered now…and will be discharged tomorrow morning itself

  15. panchi

    Episode was ossum dear…. get well soon dear…. and take proper rest …. u can post ur update later after complete recovery… we wl wait upto dat…. and get well soon… and by d way d episode was awesome ….

    • Aakanksha

      thanx a lot panchi….means a ton to me…thanx for all the concern and appreciation…luv u dear

  16. Aakanksha

    thank u so much star,chandra,ruchi,muskaan(ff reader),naira,harshi,gauri,zikra,sareena,snehal and anushka….I am falling short of words to thank ull…u people are the best thing that cud evere happen in my life…thanx for all the concern and love….I am srsly overjoyed by ur comments….thanx once again

  17. Aakanksha ur ff is amazing♥♥♥loving it..plz take rest ..its important. ..dnt stress urself..ur health is important…we cn waiy for ur episode..its not necessary that u should update it regular fr our entertainment. .♥♥take care nd get well soon..

    • Aakanksha

      Thanx a lot chehak….sure darling I’ll surely take care of my health
      Thanx for all the love dear

  18. Preety Sid Bieber

    Akanksha ur ff is realy outstandung as always…nd take cr of ur hlth….may god bless u……n…luv u…

  19. Simi

    Hi di . kese ho aap . kya di I told u not to update till ur not fyn . I was shocked when I read ur comment DAT u were in d hospital. U have to take care . pls don’t take stress on updating episodes. We all will wait how much ever we have to wait . n obio d episode was toh awesome only coz after all it was d awaited marriage of twinj n yuhi . loved d way u depicted twinj thinking BT each other . now I think tat d sister can be possibly in a negative role . but its OK we’ll wait for D’s suspense to open . love ya di . pls tc . don take stress . pls pls pls .☺

  20. Sanu

    OMG aakansha nice turn in ur ff its superb yrr and what about ur health r u fine right now… No need to post any ff FIRST BE ALRIGHT AND THEN DO WHAT EVER U WANT..

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