around love life is so beautiful (Episode 14)

hi sorry for the delay
you all know that Raman had gone to London for his office work about 3 months
ishu goes to Chennai
amma : I want to talk to you ishu
ishu comes to Hall
appa also comes to Hall
Amma : whar is ur feature plan ishu , can we see any match for you
ishu: I want to become an IAS officer i had got seat in dehradon
appa: but ishu
amma: stop vishwa our ishu was a matured girl let’s do what she wants
but appa worried in his mind

ishu goes to dehradon
Raman comes from London after 3 months Viren & Raman come to home Viren ask how are you all
mihika answer we are all fine bro
Raman ask how was amma appa ( after a second ) ishu
jeevika answers they all fine Raman
Raman : then we go to Chennai give them a surprise
jee: but ishu was not in Chennai
she preparing for IAS
ra : then we go meet amma & appa
VI: Raman we have some work yu can go
Raman goes to Chennai to take ishus dehradon adress

next scene in Chennai
Raman , amma appa sits in sofa ra: I have some work in dehradon I will meet ishu there give me adress aunty
amma : ok I will give you adress
she give the address slip
appa: give some coffee to to Raman
amma went into kichen
appa: I know Raman what happens between yu and ishu , do you know who is the most best frend to ishu it’s me , she can share everything with me
I hope she will understand you soon but dont disturb her till complete her studies
ra: OK uncle I understand
he felt bad & leaves address slip there and he goes from there

it takes two years of leap
in a new channel
news reader: it’s a breaking news this week we are interviewing the huge, biggest business man in Delhi , the handsome & most eligible bacthler Raman Kumar bhalla
all bhalla family sees eagerly fr ramans interview
then raman enters into studio
they starts interview
ashok also sees this interview in TV he says you have ruined my business Raman I won’t leave you Raman I just want only one chance
all bhallas felt happy by seeing that interview
Mrsbhalla : bhalla ji now it’s time take a decision on Raman’s feature
Mr bhalla: thoshi I know what you saying but if any girl is there in his mind , we have to know that first

Mrs bhalla: I know that , that’s why I had seen ramans phone calls & msg I did not find any girl friend msgs
now I can give a surprise to Raman by giving a beautiful as his wife
after interview raman think about ishu

next day Mrs bhalla goes to marriage buearo and selects Nidhi as bahu of her house episode end
precape : ishu returns to Delhi as an IAS officer other hand Nidhi also loves Raman

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  1. Nice………But its tooooo short…………….I have a request yaar…….plzzzzzzz don’t separate ISHRA………………….

  2. Nice. Plz upload next episode as soon as possibleit. waiting eagerly for it plzzz

  3. thank you for commenting I dont separate ishra

  4. Nice episode…

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