A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq Episode 22

I’m really sry for the late update guys…god knows wen will this migraine pain stop…Nyways I’m already late so no much of bukbuk. Lets start with the episode 22.

Scene 1
Twinkle hears Kunj screaming in pain and gets shocked.
Twinkle:Kuuunnnjjjj… kunj what happened… wer are u….kuuuunnnjjjjjj.
Kunj I won’t let anything happen to u…Babaji plzzz mere kunj ki raksha kerna…plzz babaji usey kuch mat honay dena(she cries)
She wakes mahi up and tells her everything…. mahi gets shocked.
Mahi: Twinkle even yuvi is with kunj…actually they had organised a bachelor’s party today.. yuvi had told me that they were going to some pub near the market road.
Twinkle: Diii come on lets go….they wud be somewhere close to the pub itself.. v hav to find them and save them dii….come on fast.
They both leave hurriedly.

Scene 2
Yuvi goes to check if kunj is fine and a goon kicks him from behind…. yuvi too falls on the ground…the goons start kicking him….kunj is still in conscious state…he holds the leg of a goon and drops him on the ground….he tries getting up but a goon hits him with a hockey stick on his back…another goon is about to hit him on the head again but yuvi holds his hand and kicks him on his private part….he becomes all red in pain and falls…kunj and yuvi struggle to get up when suddenly both of them get support from someone.
They are shocked to see twinkle and mahi there.
Twinkle and mahi make them stand.
Twinkle cries bitterly looking at kunjs wound…she shouts at him.
Twinkle: What was the need of this stupid bachelor party…look what happened… she hits him on his chest and he shouts “Aaauuucchhh”
Twinkle: Ohhh I’m so sry…sry sry…I’m really sry.. vo gusse mai…
Kunj keeps finger on her lips…wipes her tears and says “I am perfectly fine siyappa queen…kuch nahi huwa mujhe”

Twinkle gives him a tight hug…he hugs her back (sajnave plays)
Yuvi and mahi also hug each other.
Twinkle breaks the hug and sees the goons running…. she runs behind them…yuvi,kunj,mahi try stopping her.
Kunj asks yuvi and mahi to go and sit in car…he will get twinkle.
He runs behind twinkle.
The goons sit on their bikes and leave… twinkle picks up stones and throws on them.
Twinkle: (Twinkle screams)How dare u try to harm kunj and jiju…god won’t forgive u…I won’t let him do so…I will pray everyday that ull don’t live in peace.
Kunj comes from behind and covers her mouth with his hand…she turns behind and is about to throw a stone but she sees kunj there and drops it down.
Kunj laughs.
Kunj: Arey meri Punjab di Sherni…baksh de unki jaan.
Twinkle: Aise kaise baksha dun usney meri life ki sabse important cheez ko harm keren ki koshish ki.
Kunj looks at her shocked listening to what she said.
Twinkle realizes what she just said.
Twinkle:Ummm…Aaa…I mean mahi dii…Matlab agar yuvi jiju ko kuch ho jata to mahi dii to bilkul tut hi jaati…isiliye…
Kunj moves close to her.

Kunj: Pakka yahi baat hai na…koi aur baat to nahi.
Twinkle: Umm…Haann…paa…paa…paakkaa yahi baat hai.
He goes close to her and holds her by her waist.
Kunj: Mujhey too laga…
Twinkle: Nahi nahi…mai tumhari baat nahi ker rahi thi…mai mahi dii ki hi baat ker rahi thi.
Kunj: Per mainey kab kaha ki tum meri baat ker rahi thi.
Twinkle blushes but doesn’t show.
Kunj holds her waist even tighter.
Twinkle: Kkk…kkkuu…kunj…what are u doing..leave me.
She feels butterflies in her stomach.
Kunj: First u tell me…u came here ony for ur so called jiju.. and not for me ur to be husband.
Twinkle: Kunj…its getting very late… yuhi will be waiting for us in the car…what if family gets up and dont find us at home…they will get tensed.
Kunj: Ohk I’ll leave u but gives answer to my question first.
Twinkle: Arey mahi dii aap yahan kyun aayi.
Kunj leaves her at once.

Twinkle laughs and runs towards the car as mahi was actually not there.
Kunj smiles too…and goes behind her.

The screen freezes on their smiling faces.
PRECAP- Twinj and Yuhis marriage…twinj and yuhi come to know cherry was behind the goon attack.

Guys I know even this Epi was quite short and I’m sry for that…but the marriage epi is gonna be long for sure.
Plzzz share ur views via ur comments… looking forward… luv u all loads…stay blessed.

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  1. Hey akku awesome episode yaar well done 🙂

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  6. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Awesome episode.

  7. hey akku[hope u dont mind calling u that] it was awesome……and funny nd romantic…..the way twinkle went mad for kunj hitting stones was super duper cool…..!!!! i love ur ff from core of my heart and of course the writer too!!!! hope u get well soon….and i wanted to assure u that u first take rest and get well and then u can post as there is nothing precious than health……ff can be posted some other time too…!!!!

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