A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 20


Sorry guys for the late update but i promise to post the next 1 asap.
Soo here we go with the episode 20 ..thankyou for all ur support.
Scene 1(sarna house)
Anita: Ohhhhh Myyy Godddd (screaming loudly)
All rush to her room.
They enter her room and get shocked seeing her entire face filled with rashes.
Kunj and yuvi laugh…bebe smiles but signs others not to laugh.
Usha: What happened bhabhi…how did all this happen.
Anita: Ask ur beloved son kunj…he gave me some stupid face pack…and look what happened?(crying and angry)
Bebe: Look anita dont cry I will make an uptan for u and all these rashes will go away.
Anita angrily looks at kunj.
Kunj: I am so sry Anita aunty…actually I don’t know how this happened… actually all the info is written in urdu so I don’t know whats wrong.
B4 anita cud say anything kunj and yuvi leave…. they go out and burst out in laughter.
Yuvi: Kunj mere bhai….maan gaya tujhe aaj.
They hug each other and are going to their room when they see cherry holding his stomach and running towards the washroom…. they stop him
Kunj: Cherry bhaiya kya huwa…pareshan lag rahey ho.
Yuvi: Tabiyat to thik hai na…??
Cherry: Oyeee 11 baar toilet jaa chuka hun yaar…ye 12th time hai…pata nahi is good for nothing pait(stomach) ko kya hogaya haiii…Oyeee yahi ho jayegi…mai jaata hun.
He runs to the washroom.
Yuvi: Kunj ye kab kiya tuney.
Kunj: Bhai ye mera plan nahi hai…maine cherry bhaiya k saath kuch nahi kiya.
Yuvi: To fir ye kissne kiya..??
Kunj: Bhai humey kya…hum mazey lete hain unko dekh ker.
They laugh and go and sit for the haldi ceremony.
All apply haldi to both of them and give their blessings.

Scene 2.
In taneja house Twinkle and mahi’s haldi function is going on…all apply haldi to both the brides and bless them.
After the function is over.
In the evening twinkle takes a bath and comes out.
Twinkle: Pata nahi ab tak cherry bhaiya ka kya haal huwa hoga….kunj ko phone kerke pooch leti hun.
She calls kunj but he is having bath so he doesn’t pick up…she calls 4-5 times and gets annoyed and tensed aswell
Twinkle: Pehle to kabhi aisa nahi kiya kunj ne….to fir aaj…phone kyun nahi utha raha…kisi problem mai to nahi pad gaya.
She quickly goes to sarna house.
She calls kunj again but he doesn’t pick up as he is still in the bathroom.
She finds a ladder there and climbs on it and enters kunjs room.
She enters is room and doesn’t find him
She searches for him and goes to the washroom door to knock and check if he is there inside when suddenly kunj opens the door and comes out.
They get shocked seein each other.
Twinkle tries movies back but her leg twist and is about to fall wen kunj holds her.
Kunjs legs were wet so they slip on the tiles and both of them fall on the bed.
Kunj is on twinkle. Twinkle is staring at kunj as he is just in a towel and his wet body looks really hot.
They share an eyelock and sajnave plays.
Kunj comes back to senses and gets up.
Twinkle is still staring at him.
Kunj: Ohhh hellooo madam…Mujhey pata hai mai bohot hot hun…per tu iss tarah ghoorti rahi to mujhey apni izzat pe khatra lag raha hai.
Twinkle comes back to senses and gets up too
Twinkle: Ohhh plzzz Mr khadoos sarna.. mai tumhey koi ghoor woor nahi rahi thi…vo to mai bas…
Kunj: Ek minute…tuney mujhe kya bola…??
Twinkle: Wahi jo tum ho…Mr KHADOOS Sarna…(she laughs)…aur bulao mujhe siyappa queen… ab mai bhi tumey yahi bulaungi… Mr khadoos sarna.
Kunj: Acchaaaa….
He runs behind her…she too runs…she reaches the wall…and gets tensed.
Kunj: Ab kahan bhagegi Siyappa Queen.
(He goes close to her and pins her to the wall he moves extremely close ot her face…she closes her eyes.
Twinkle: Kuu..kkkuuuu…kunjjj…tttu..ttuuu
Kunj places his finger on her lips(tum paas aye…from kuch kuch hota hai Plays)
Kunj: Kaun hun main zara fir se kehena.
Twinkle: Mmm…misstterrr…khaa
Kunj places his hand on her waist.
Kunj: Han bool..mr khhhaaa.
She feels butterflies in her stomach….she pushes him and runs towards the window.
Twinkle: Mr Khadoosss Sarnaa.
She is about to leave from the window wen kunj stops her.
Kunj: Arey bata aayi kyun thi..??
Twinkle: (In her mind)If he comes to know I came here as I was tenses for him then…(She says) Vo…vo mai to tumse cherry bhaiya k baarey mai puchne aai thi….unki tabiyat thik hai na.
Kunj gets angry and holds her shoulder.
Kunj: Tujhey kyun itni fikar hai unki…kabh meri itni fikar to nahi hoti tujhe.
Twinkle: Kunj chodo its hurting.
Kunj leaves her
Kunj: I am so sry twinkle…tujhey hurt nahi kerna chahta tha vo tuney cherry bhaiya k baarey mai pucha to bas gussa aa gaya.
Twinkle: It’s ok kunj…I can understand… even i just hate him…mai to isilye puch rahi thi kyunki aaj jab vo haldi dene ghar aaye the to maine unke juice mai Jamal Gota mila diya tha…she laughs.
Kunj: Ohhhh to vo teri kalakari thi…he laughs too.
He tells her everything about anitas face and they have a hearty laugh and give each other a high5.
Kunj: Twinkle kitney dino baad hum aise bilkul best friends ki tarah ek dusrey ke saath hans ker time spend kiya hai.
Twinkle: U r right kunj…bohot maza aaya…college ke days yaad aa gaye….I hope hum hamesha aise hi rahen.
Kunj: Twinkle mainey tujhe pehle bhi kaha tha…aaj fir keheta hun….hum pehle friends hain aur baad mai kuch aur…hum best friends the…hain…aur hamesha rahenge.
Twinkle gets really happy and hugs him…sajnave plays.
Kunj: Twinkle boho raat ho gayi hai…I guess tujhe jaana chaiye…leela aunty tera wait ker rahi hogi.
Twinkle gets down from the ladder kunj asks her to be careful…she gets down and they both wave bye to each other and smile.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.
PRECAP- Twinkle and Mahis mehendi function… nothing else decided yet?

Hope u guys liked the Epi…plzzz do share ur views via ur comments… luv u all…god bless?

Credit to: Aakanksha

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