A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 19

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Episode 19

Scene 1.
Its morning…Leela calls usha.
Leela: Hello ushaji…actually I had just called to remind u that u hav to send haldi for twinkle… the function will start sharp at 2pm.
Ushaji: Yes yess ushaji I remember… Don’t u worry… I will send someone with the haldi.
Leela: Ohk…thankyou ushaji… so I’ll keep the phone now lots of preparations are left.
Usha: Ya sure…bye.
Anita was standing behind usha…she had herd the entire conversation.
She thinks of something… smirks and calls cherry and tells him something(its muted).

Scene 2(sarna house)
Usha prepares the haldi in a bowl…bebe calls her for some work so she leaves the bowl there and goes.
It is shown that someone comes there and mixes some powder in the haldi mixture… mixes it well and leaves.
Usha returns back takes the haldi bowl and keeps it in a decorated tray and thinks whom should I send with the haldi to taneja house…yuvi and kunj can’t go…I and bebe hav lot’s of work to do…manoharji has gone to give cards to relatives….ohhh babaji who will go now.
Cherry comes there.
Cherry: Why fear wen cherry is here…chachiji give it to me I will go and give it.
Usha: Ohhhh really cherry puttar …thankyou sooo much…u hav done a very big favor on me.
Cherry: Don’t say like this chachiji even I’m ur son…than what favor.
He leaves with the haldi and gives a evil smile.

Scene 3(taneja house)
Cherry enters with the haldi…leela and rt welcome him.
Leela asks twinkle to get juice for him…twinkle is really angry on cherry and anita for yesterday’s incident.
She hesitantly goes to make the juice.
While she is Making the juice she gets an idea and smiles happily… she mixes jamal gota in the juice so that cherry’s stomach gets upset and he keeps running to the washroom.
She comes out of the kitchen and gives him the juice with a fake smile…he holds her hand while holding the glass and she gets annoyed…. she moves her hand and leaves.

Scene 4(sarna house)
Anita goes to kunjs room and acts sweet to him.
Anita: I am soo glad u r getting married… my small cute baccha has become so big that its time for his marriage. She places hand on his head and stay blessed.
Kunj knows she is acting and gives her a fake smile and says thankyou…. suddenly he sees bebe standing out and he understands that she is doing all this to become good in bebes eyes.
Anita is leaving.
Kunj: Just a min anita aunty(he brings a face pack from his drawer) actually I had bought this wen i had gone to dubai…but actually its for females…and I guess u can make the best use of it as u are so beautiful and i am damn sure this wud help add up glamour to ur face.
Anita happily accepts it and thanx him…she leaves.
Kunj : Anita aunty…till I am here u can’t even think of harming my family… I won’t ever let u succeed in ur evil plans.
A flashback is shown.
It was none other than anita who was mixing the powder which was a chemical in the haldi.
Kunj was about to enter the kitchen to drink water but stops seeing anita mixing something in the haldi.
Anita: Awwww poor twinkle and mahi they don’t even know how eventful is their haldi function going to be…she laughs evily.
Kunj hears all this and goed red in anger.
He hides behind the door as anita leaves.
Kunj then goes in kitchen and throws the entire haldi in dustbin and prepares the mixture again.
He hears usha coming and quick hides behind the fridge.
Flashback ends.
Kunj: So now anita aunty…app ki chaal aap per hi bhari padegi…the face pack that I gave u has expired longgg backkk
and all the instructions are in urdu so u won’t even be able to read it…only I know its expiry as the sales man had told me…As u sow so shall u reap…lets see what happens to ur beay now.
He laughs naughtily…just then his phone rings…its twinkle’s call.
He picks it up immediately.
Twinkle: Kunjjjj….kunjjj bohot bada siyappa ho gaya hai.
Kunj: Mujey pata hi tha…Siyappa queen se mai aur kya expect ker sakta hun..he laughs.
Twinkle: Kunj stop laughing…mai problem mai hun aur tum hans rahey ho.
Kunj: Accha nahi hasta bas…ab bol kya problem hai.
Twinkle: Kunjjj…vo meri dressss…meri yellow dresss jo mai aaj ke function mai pehen ne wali thi vo mujhse iron kertey waqt jal gayi…(she is almost about to cry) ab mai kya karun.
Kunj: Heyyy Heyyy Heyy wait…ab rona mat plzzz…let me think…mai kuch kerta hun.
Twinkle: Sochooo…jaldiiii plzzz…2 pm ko function shuru honey wala hai and it already 1 pm
Kunj: Don’t u hav any other yellow colour dress…??
Twinkle: Hota to kya mai tumse baat kerne mai time waste ker rahi hoti.
Kunj cuts the call and rushes somewhere.
Twinkle: Kunjj…kuuuunnnjjjj…kaat kyun diya phone.

Scene 5(Twinkle’s room)
Kunj enters her room from the window.
Twinkle was having bath and she comes out wearing a bath robe and gets shocked seeing kunj there.
She is about to screem but kunj holds her mouth and both of them fall on the bed…kunj is over twinkle and is mesmerized seeing her like that with wet hair.
He moves the hair from her face lovingly and his touch makes twinkle feel like there are butterflies in her stomach.
They share a super romantic eyelock and come to senses as someone knocks the door… they get up immediately and get scared.
Twinkle: Kunj if any1 sees u here both of us will be dead…why did u come here.
Kunj shows her the yellow dress he brought for her.
She gets extremely happy…and hugs him…kunj is about to hug her back wen pinni knocks the door again.
Twinkle: Mamiji taiyar hoo rahi hun…bas 10 mins mai aai…app jaiye mai aati hun
Pinni: Accha…I’m going u come fast everyone is waiting for u.
Twinkle: Kunj b4 anyone else comes plzz leave.
Kunj is busy staring at her.
Twinkle: Kunjjj…im talking to u
Kunj comes back to sense.
Kunj: Ya ya I’m leaving… btw don’t u think u r forgetting something..???
Twinkle: Forgetting what…??
He moves close to her…she again gets butterflies in her stomach.
Twinkle: What are u doing kunj.
Kunj goes to her ears and says…kamsey kam thankyou too bool deti siyappa queen.
She moves back says thankyou baba now leaveeee…and she pushes him towards the window… he gives her a cute smile and leaves by the ladder he had used to climb up.
He gets down and waves her bye…she waves back and they both smile.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Haldi function…. anita aur cherry ka bura haal…twinj ka late night romance?.

Guysss i really hope ull liked it…plzzz do share ur views via ur comments… luv u all loads?.

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