Our Journey of Friendship to Love, But then… Story of Ishveer and Ardhika Episode 2

Hi all. I am back with Episode 2 of Our Journey of Friendship to Love, but then…-Story of Ishveer and Ardhika. Well, I will mention which scene is for which so need to worry about that. By any chance, if you didn’t read the introduction, here is the link:
Episode 1

Which scene(s) is for which show:
Scene 1, 4, 6: MATSH
Scene 2: All
Scene 3, 5, 7: MMZ

Here is episode 2.
Scene 1: Vaghela Residence
(MATSH part)
The episode begins with Shikhar coming to Ranveer’s house.
Shikhar: Hey Ranveer, what’s up bro?
Ranveer: Areh yaar dont ask.
Shikhar: Why what happened?
Ranveer shows Shihkar Radhika’s laptop.
Shikhar: Who did all this nonsense design?
Ranveer: Some girl name Ishani Mehra.
Shikhar: Where did this design even come from?
Ranveer: She is some friend of Chotti, always forcing her to buy designs.
Shikhar: So what should I do about it?
Ranveer: I feel like complaining to that person. Her shop should be closed.
Shikhar: Dont worry that will happen soon.
Ranveer: Spoiled my mood for no reason.
Shikhar: Okay, I will leave now.
Shihkar leaves.

Scene 2: Arjun’s office
Here Ishani is angry as Ranveer is angry with her,
Ishani: How can someone just call my designs bad like that? This is not fair.
Arjun: What happened Ishani? You seem very angry.
Ishani: Don’t ask Bhaia.
Arjun: What happened?
Ishani: One guy called mine, my design a disaster!
Arjun: What? Who is that? I will fire him right now. Then he will understand?
As Arjun was about to go, Ishani
Ishani: (in her mind) Oh yes I forgot the Bhaia is always quite short-tempered, he can do anything
Arjun: Why are you stopping me?
Ishani: I was just joking, it’s my friend she always cracks jokes.
Arjun: Then why is your mood off?
Ishani: Because you scold me.
Arjun: When did I scold you?
Ishani: In the morning.
Arjun: I just asked that why did you come here that’s why.
Ishani: Okay, I have to go now.
Ishani leaves.
Arjun: Strange girl.

Scene 3: Near Arjun’s office
(MMZ part)
Here Radhika is walking and someone scares her from the back.
Anonymous: Boo!
Radhika: You scared me! Neil this is too much yaar.
Neil: Sorry Chasni.
Radhika: First you tell me what you are doing here?
Neil: I heard that you got an interview letter from Arjun Mehra’s company.
Radhika: Yes, so?
Neil: Wow Chasni.
Radhika: What is so exciting about it?
Neil: Arjun Mehra is one of the most sucessful businessman in India. Its not easy to get a job in his company wheras you got the interview letter.
Radhika: So?
Neil: I came here to congratulate you.
Radhika: As if I got some national award.
Neil: Areh Chasni?
Radhika takes her phone out and drops a diary and sees the time.
Radhika: Oh no, Neil I am getting late. I should go now.
Neil: Of course.
Radhika leaves, and Neil sees Radhika’s diary.
Neil: This Chasni dropped her diary uff this Chasni is too much.
Neil leaves.

Scene 4: Road
(MATSH part)
Ranveer is still seeing Radhika’s laptop and he suddenly finds a folder. He opens it. Ranveer sees some beautiful designs.
Ranveer: Wow this designs are outstanding. I dont understand why Chotti dont select these kind of designs,
Just then Mala comes
Mala: Finally you found the designs.
Ranveer: Designs?
Mala: Areh beta, this are the designs done by Ishani Mehra.
Ranveer: What!
Mala: Yes, but why are you so surprised?
Ranveer shows Mala the bad designs.
Mala: Oh this, this was done by Chotti’s friend, and she is always forcing Chotti and others to purchase them, luckily Chotti explained to her and she understood.
Ranveer: You mean to say these designs or not done by Ishani Mehra?
Mala: Definately not.
Ranveer closes his eyes as he realizes his mistake.
Ranveer: (in his mind) Oh no I scolded Ishani Mehra for no reason, wheras her design was fabulous.
Ranveer: Maa, I have to leave now.
Mala: Where?
Ranveer: Ishani Mehra’s shop.
Ranveer leaves.

Ishani is working in her shop, and asks a girl.
Girl: Mam, can show the latest designs of your collections.
Ishani remembers how Ranveer said bad about her design
Ishani: Mam, may I ask you something?
Girl: Sure.
Ishani: Are my designs bad?
Girl: No who said so?
Ishani: Are you speaking the truth?
Girl: Yes, but why are you speaking like this mam?
Ishani: Did anyone threat you?
Girl: Mam, are you okay?
Just then Ishani gets a call,
Ishani: Hello? What!
Ishani tells her staff to show the girl the design and she goes out, and before going out, she shows the girl the mannequin in one of the shop,
Ishani: Do you love this design? Speak the truth.
Girl: Yes mam, this design is really nice. I want to buy this des
Ishani quickly snatches the dress from the mannequin and leaves,
Girl: Why is mam behaving so weirdly?
Staff: Looks like she is in a bad mood.

Ishani: How dare he wants to close my shop down? I wont spare him.
On the other hand, Ranveer comes to Ishani’s shop and collides with her,
Ishani: I am sorry
Ranveer: Hello madam slow down you may cause trouble for yourself.
Ishani: I am already in trouble.
Ranveer: What?
Ishani: Yes, I am already in trouble.
Ranveer: Yes?
Ishani: Yes, I am in trouble.
Ranveer: Strange, I hear people saying I am in love and you are saying I am in trouble.
Ishani: Because I am really in trouble.
Ishani is about to go,
Ranveer: First calm down and go, later you may do mistakes in your way.
Ishani: Now I am in double trouble.
Ranveer: I was just helping you and
Ishani: Someone is callin you,
Ranveer looks behind and Ishani leaves,
Ranveer: This girl is quite weird.

Ranveer goes in the shop,
Ranveer: Where is Ishani Mehra?
Staff: Sir ,she just left a while ago for some work.
Ranveer: She left?
Staff: Yes sir
Ranveer: (in his mind) How do I say sorry to her?

Scene 5: Arjun’s office
(MMZ part)
Here Radhika comes to Arjun’s office and she looks around the office.
Radhika: I talk like as if it’s none of my business infront of Neil but this office is really very big. I just hope that the boss is nice.
Radhika goes to the receptionist. And a girl comes there who is playing with her hair.
Radhika: Hi! I am Radhika Vaghela. I have come here for a job interview today.
Receptionist: Okay mam, I will check.
The receptionist checks,
Receptionist: Mam, your offer letter?
Radhika tries to find but doesnt finds it.
Receptionist: What happened, aren’t you able to find it?
Radhika: I am trying to,
The receptionist gets a call,
The girl playing with her hair comes, she sees Arjun going in his cabin and she feels shy,
Girl: This Arjun is so hot!
The girl sees Radhika and goes to her
Girl: Why, can’t you find your offer letter?
Receptionist: Aradhya mam, she is one of the them who is called for the job interview,
Aradhya: Oh

Receptionist: Sir, there is a girl name Radhika Vaghela who came for job interview but she can’t find her offer letter.
Receptionist: Okay sir.
The receptionist keeps the phone.
Receptionist: Mam, it’s okay you can go in once sir calls you.
Aradhya: I don’t understand one thing why did Arjun even call this Behenji for interview?
Radhika: Whose behenji?
Aradhya looks at Radhika,
Radhika: You are Arjun sir’s sister?
Aradhya looks at Radhika angrily and the receptionist tries to laugh.
Radhika: Nice to meet you, I am Radhika Vaghela, you Arjun ki Behenji.
Aradhya: Look Radhika, what nonsense! And I am calling you a plane jane, have you even see your fashion sense?
Radhika: Oh Arjun ki Behenji
Aradhya fumes,
Radhika: I mean Mam, fashion is what we wear, sense means being mentally fit, and you don’t seem so.
Aradhya: Look, Behenji
Radhika: Oho, Arjun ki Behenji cool down too much anger is not good.
Radhika smiles and leaves.
Aradhya: How dare she call me Arjun ki Behenji? I won’t spare her. Once she sees Arjun’s anger she will learn a lesson.

Here, Radhika is waiting,
Receptionist: Miss Radhika Vaghela, you may go in now. Sir is busy for a while, so he will be there in 5-10mins till then you can be in his cabin. Sir told me.
Radhika: Okay, thanks.
Radhika goes in.

Arjun on the other hand, is talking to a guy regarding work and Aradhya sees Arjun and smiles,
Aradhya: Arjun?
Aradhya: (in her mind) C’mon Aru, show your magic today. Now Arjun will definately fall for me.
Aradhya goes near Arjun and she pretends to slip, and someone holds her. Aradhya smiles and opens her eyes and is shocked as it’s none other than Neil.
Aradhya: You!
Aradhya gets up and is surprised to see Neil,
Neil: Are you okay?
Aradhya: You just get lost uff
Aradhya angrily leaves from there,
Neil: Strange. I saved her from falling and instead of thanking me, she said get lost? Really Neil, you should not help these kind of ill-mannered girls.
Neil: (in his mind) I have to find Chasni.

Scene 6: Shihkar’s office
(MATSH part)
Here Ranveer reaches Shihkar’s office, who is not there
Ranveer: Where is Shikhar?
Lady: RV sir, Shikhar Sir went out for a while.
Ranveer: Oh okay,
Ranveer waits for Shikhar and later he sits down at Shikhar’s chair and looks at his table
Ranveer: Oho, this Shikhar never keeps his table arranged.

Just then Ishani comes to Shikhar’s office,
Ishani: Where is Shikhar Raheja’s office?
Guy: Mam, you go upstairs and then left, there it is Shikhar sir’s office.
Ishani: Thanks.
Ishani goes upstairs, and she takes left and barges into the office.
Ishani: How dare you try to close down my shop?
Ranveer is surprised and Ishani is surprised to see Ranveer too.
Ranveer: You!
Ishani: Oh so you are the one.
Ishani sees the name plate Shikhar Raheja and assumes Ranveer as Shikhar.
Ishani: So, you are the one who called my designs bad right?
Ranveer: You are none other than Ishani Mehra?
Ishani: Yes, I am but answer me first just like I did yes or no?
Ranveer: Yes, but I
Ishani: How dare you try to close down my shop?
Ranveer: You are the one who told me to say yes.
Ishani: Look I am not interested in your this nonsense. How dare you try to take legal action against my shop?
Ranveer: What?
Ishani: You were the one who called me a while ago and say that you are against my shop as you feel that I force people to buy my designs and my shop should be closed for that to avoid these bribes, right?
Ranveer: Look Ishani, I agree that I said so, but the shop
Ishani: Okay, if you don’t like my designs okay fine but you have no rights to make false accusations and take legal actions against me.
As Ranveer is about to get up,
Ishani: Sit down, I have not completed yet.
Ranveer gets stunned and sits down.
Ishani: Like see, see my designs.
Ranveer sees it. Ishani comes close to Ranveer, freaking Ranveer out more,
Ishani: You tell me, how is it?
Ranveer: It’s it’s beautiful.
Ishani: Then why did you trap me in this case?
Ishani shouts on Ranveer.
Ishani: Shikhar Raheja, I want my answer right now.
Ranveer: First of all, I am RV.
Ishani: RV?
Ranveer: Yes, right RV not Shikhar
Ishani: You are absolutely right RV.
Ranveer smiles,
Ishani: Raheja Valak(Valak is the name of a ghost).
Ranveer is shocked.
Ranveer: Raheja Valak?
Ishani: Yes, Mr. Raheja, RV, Raheja Valak.
Ishani: One thing I get now, how you became a lawyer?
Ranveer: How?
Ishani: Lawyers are very good in reading minds and you know blood is rising in my brain and I was thinking about of two things you, Mr.Raheja and the ghost in that latest English horror movie, Valak.
Ranveer his his forehead with his hand.
Ranveer: How do I tell this stupid girl that RV means Ranveer Vaghela not some stupid Raheja Valak.
Ishani: Look, RV when you will see me, you will think twice before taking a case. And my name is Ishani Mehra, and you are free to fight case against me, I will find the best lawyer and then you will know you messed with the wrong person.
Ishani angrily takes the dress and leaves making Ranveer stunned, and before going.
Ishani: If my designs were really bad, I would have understood and if it’s not then you call it bad I didn’t feel bad, what I felt bad is that you call my shop an illegal one. You have no idea with how much difficulty I made this shop stand up.
Ishani wipes her tears and leaves.
Ranveer: (in her mind) Her designs shows how much passionate she is about her profession and RV you just said bad things that too to a wrong persn. She must have been quite hurt, I understand how one feels when something he or she did heartily gets insulted. But who filed the case?

As Ishani leaves angrily, Shikhar comes there and comes to Ranveer.
Shikhar: RV who was that girl?
Ranveer: Ishani Mehra.
Shikhar: That girl? What was she doing here? Oh so I am filing a case against her that’s why she is doing like this. She must have come to threat me. I have to call police and teach her a lesson.
Shikhar is about to go, and Ranveer stops him.
Ranveer: Wait a minute, so you were the one who filed the case against Ishani?
Shikhar: Yes
Ranveer: But why?
Shikhar: She threatened my best friend’s sister to buy her horrible dresses. And if I fight the case against the Ishani Mehra, I will get more famous.
Ranveer: Shikhar, Ishani Mehra is not the one who did all this design, it’s Chotti’s friend. And later Chotti explained to her.
Shikhar: What?
Ranveer: Yes, I am speaking the truth.
Shikhar: Don’t lie.
Ranveer: I am speaking the truth, I am not lying.
Shikhar shows Ranveer a video, where Ishani scolds Ranveer which seems that she is threatening Ranveer
Shikhar: I know that Ishani Mehra threatened you right? That’s why you are not agreeing. Luckily I recorded everything now I am definately going to fight the case against Ishani Mehra,
Shikhar leaves, and Ranveer closes his eyes,
Ranveer: Oho, RV this is worse? Now how should I clear all this misunderstanding? First of all I must say sorry to Ishani Mehra.
And then we can do something to stop Shikhar.

Scene 7: Arjun’s office
Here Radhika comes to Arjun’s office and she looks around.
Radhika: Oh god, I just hope that Arjun Mehra turns out to be a nice guy.
Later, Radhika is looking around at Arjun’s office and she bumps into Arjun who just came in.
Radhika: Oh so you are here also? What have you come here for?
Arjun: I have come to
Radhika: Oho, I told you so many times that you should check your eye, first you met with accident and secondly you came to wrong place. Good I found you here.
Radhika takes Arjun’s hand,
Arjun: Where are you taking me to?
Radhika opens the door and sees Aradhya.
Aradhya: Where are you taking him to?
Radhika: Oh Arjun ki Behen is also here?
Arjun: My sister?
Radhika: Not your sister, Aradhya she is Arjun’s sister?
Aradhya: First of all can you stop calling me that?
Radhika: Okay, so you want to be his sister?
Aradhya: It’s the same thing.
Arjun: Why are you calling her my sister, my sister is Ishani.
Radhika: Areh, not your sister, Arjun’s sister, Arjun sister is Aradhya.
Aradhya: Oh you please shut up.
Arjun: Don’t worry Aradhya, I will make her understand.

Arjun comes in his cabin and sits down.
Radhika: Areh, why are you sitting down in Arjun’s cabin?
Arjun: Because, I am Arjun, Arjun Mehra.
Radhika: Areh what kind of joke is this? Aradhya tell him something he is saying something about your brother.
Aradhya: Look you stop
Arjun: Aradhya, no use of getting angry on her, just pass me the magazine.
Aradhya smiles and passes Arjun the magazine and pass it to Radhika.
Radhika: Areh your picture is on front cover.
Arjun: Read it
Radhika: Arjun Mehra, the most sucessful young businessman of India at current times.
Radhika’s expression changes,
Radhika: This means that you are actually Arjun Mehra?
Arjun smiles and Aradhya smirks.
Radhika: Radhika, what have you done? You made Arjun sir blind and called him Arjun infront of him.
Arjun: What are you looking at?
Aradhya: Sir, she was the one who never brought the offer letter.
Radhika is very nervous and she quickly tries to find them everywhere. Arjun smiles and takes out her offer letter and shows her.
Arjun: Is this what you are looking for?
Radhika is surprised and she takes it and looks it.
Radhika: This is mine, how did it?
Arjun: Remember that time on the road.
Radhika remembers and she gets nervous as she remembers her encounter with Arjun.
Arjun: Aradhya, you may leave now.
Aradhya: But sir?
Arjun: What happened Radhika, now you stopped calling that? What was it Arjun ki Behen?
Radhika is silent.
Arjun: She is my assistant, Aradhya.
Aradhya: Nice to meet you.
Aradhya leaves.
Arjun: Come on, now let’s start the job interview, Radhika Vaghela.

Arjun: Introduce me to yourself.
Radhika gets super nervous and she tries to speak but she fails.
Arjun: Say one sentence properly.
Radhika gets into flashback of her childhood of her mother giving tips.
Mala: If you ever get nervous dont be scared just close your eyes, put your hand on your hearts and be confident and speak out.
Radhika smiles, and she gets out of flashback.
Radhika closes her eyes, puts her hand on her heart and is confident and starts speaking.
Radhika: Radhika Vaghela a girl of age 23 who have recently finished her studies in literature and now she is finding her job currently. She lives with her family in a house with her parents, grandfather and elder brother. She have a passion for writing and she belives that one should always make use of their imagination and should believe in what is best. She is currently working on a book with her best friend Neil who is a cartoonist. Radhika believes that friendship is important in life and only those with true friendship suceeds in life and she is very lucky to be the one.
Radhika opens her eyes, Arjun is surprised.
Radhika: That’s all Arjun sir.
Arjun: So what do you think am I impressed?
Radhika: Now that will depend on you sir?
Arjun: If you are thinking so then you are wrong. I am not impressed because I feel that friendship is not at all important in one’s life. I have no friends but I suceeded now I am one of the most sucessful businessman in India.
Radhika: You may be thinking like that Arjun sir, but for me friendship is everything. Maybe you see sucess in life in the view of wealth, but I see them in view of happiness.
Arjun: Look Miss Vaghela, this sounds good only in books not in real life. If you continue with this kind of attitude you will never get a job, forget about business.
Radhika: Look Sir, I dont want to argue with you but I wont change my thinkings just for a job. You may give this job to someone else.
Arjun: Good you at least understood that this job is not meant for you.
Radhika: It never was.
Radhika leaves, and Neil overhears this from behind.
Neil: (in his mind) Now Chasni your this friend will make sure your belief turns out to be true.
The episode ends.

Precap: Ranveer comes to Ishani’s shop to talk to her regarding the case and its dark and Ishani comes there and thinks Ranveer is a thief she shouts thief and starts hitting Ranveer with a stick without seeing. On the other hand, Neil confronts Arjun that he have done the biggest mistake to reject Radhika for the job. Arjun doesnt cares and Neil leaves Radhika’s diary and tells Arjun to dare and read it once. Neil leaves and Arjun gets surprised and lost in the diary while reading it. And he thinks that I have done a grave mistake.

The next episode will be published on next Sunday, 3rd June. And I have a common test next week due to which I can’t submit before Sunday.

Please do comment and feel free to express your opinions.

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  20. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    very nice i really like it it is very fun

  21. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    did u meant the ghost of conjuring 2 (valak) it was been funny and i had saw the film and i feel scared when hearing that name πŸ˜‰

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nandana thanks for commenting happy u liked it and enjoyed it πŸ™‚ and yeah u r right is that ghost from conjuring 2 πŸ˜› yeah that movie gave me goosempbumps and also sometimes sleepless nights πŸ˜›

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