Jodha Akbar 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal is discussing strategies with Maan and Rahim, Maan says its not easy to attack Patan, we have to make a solid plan, Todar says we should slowly reach there and attack from one side, Jalal says this was they will run from otherside, so we will attack them from all sides to that they cant run, Maan says will attack from north, Todar says from otherside and Rahim from side this way, we will get hold on Patan, Hamida comes there so all leaves, Hamida says to Jalal that I have listened about ruks leaving, Jalal says its her decision and I wanna see if she can leave just for her stubbornness, Hamida says ruks is not leaving, Jodha have stopped her? Jalal is stuneed.
Jodha is seeing finance, Jalal comes there and says to Jodha that why did you stop ruks? when she wanted to leave

then let her go, Jodha says if I had not stopped her then there would have been many questions our family, our pride would have gone down, tell me did I do anything wrong as marium Zamani? Jalal says this is difference between you and her, why cant ruks understand tall thss, she decided to leave palace just for small thing, Jodha says she has problems but she is part of our family, we can solve things in our house, I don’t want people to listen about our house problems, I cant let ruks leave the palace like this, Jalal says I cant understand you, you are amazing, you not only stopped ruks but saved our pride but let me remind you nobody can break king’s rule.

Scene 2
Ruks recalls how Jodha said that she is marium Zamani and all come under her rule, Ruks says I was never insulted like this, this all is happening because of jodha, I will take such revenge that you wont be able to forget it, I will do something that Salim will go away from jodha and nobody can blame me, I will make Jodha sandwiched between Jalal and Salim, what to do?
Ruks comes to Salim and sees him practicing sword fighting, she says I got my answer, I know what has to be done.
Jalal is in his room, Ruks comes there, she makes sad face and looks down, she says I am sorry Jalal, I have hurt you in anger, I said in anger that I will leave palace but I was not able to sleep thinking that my Jalal is angry with me, I am sorry, I shouldn’t have done this, Ithank god Jodha made me understand, this will not happen again, I am embarrassed, Jalal says why embarrass? you do what your heart says, Ruks says if you are angry then punish me, Jalal says leave it, right now I want your help, Ruks ask what? Jalal says if a person, close to me go against my rules and raise voice against me then what should I do? Ruks says you should take strict action against hi without thinking your relation with him, Jalal says so you are saying that the one who go against my orders should be punished, then tell me when you went against my order, then what punishment should I give to you? Ruks says what order did I break? Jalal says I ordered that Resham will be killed by canon ball but you went to jail and gave him poison, okay you must have done it in anger, but why did you hide it from me, what you think that I don’t know about things? I know every movement, but I didn’t say anything to you, I accept that Resham was disloyal to you so you must have been angry on him, but you could have told me, Ruks says Resham tried to kill Salim under my nose, Salim is my child, Jalal says Salim is my child too, Jodha’s child too, she went to meet Resham but she didn’t go against my order, ruks you have always went against my orders but I have forgiven you eveytime but remember this is the last I am warning, ruks nods, jalal leaves.

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Scene 3
Salim comes to meet Hamida, hamida ask why you here at night? Salim says I am not getting sleep, can you tell me story? Hamida says but jodha tell story, are yous till angry with Jodha? Salim says I want to listen story from you, Hamida says ok but you have to promise that you will always listen to me, Salim promises, Hamida tells Salim story, Salim sleeps, Hamida says why God is taking exam of Jodha , please solve things between Jodha and Salim.
Jalal is in open court when a pujari from muthura comes there, Pujari praises Jalal, Jalal ask the matter, Pujari says I have listened praises about your ministers so I want to ask one question from them, Pujari ask tell be where is this earth’s kendrebindu (centre of earth I guess), Jalal says my ministers will answer you, Pujari says if they cant answer me then you have to replace them with me and have to ask them to leave the court, Jalal says what kind of condition is this, Pujari says the ministers who cant even answer a small thing doesn’t deserve to be in court, Birbal says we have to answer him because this Pujari is ready to make them jobless, Birbal comes to Pujari, Birbal starts measuring his steps, he confuses Pujari by moving him here and there, Pujari says you are insulting me, Birbal says no I am answering, here is centre of earth, Pujari ask how can you say this? Birbal says measure from every side and this is centre of earth, Pujari says how can you measure earth, Birbal says exactly, when we cant measure earth then from where centre of earth will come, Pujari is silent, Jalal says wow birbal what a great answer, Jalal says it is proved that my 9 ministers can tell solution of everything.

Scene 4
Salim and kids are playing with ball, Jalal and Rahim are going from there, Murad hits the ball and it hits Jalal by mistake, all kids are afraid, Jalal takes the ball and comes to kids, he angrily looks at Salim and others.

PRECAP- Salim says to Jalal that I don’t wanna take your place (kingship), jalal says it doesn’t matter, you have to take these responsibilities, and do not leave anything inbetween, you have to complete every work irrespective of how much time it takes.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shreya

    hey u fool sanu wat u thnk of ur self…………..haan i thnk dat u r not litrt cuz d way u talkd showd dat u r a ganwar n u thnk dat 1 who goes to skool is much literate den u r wrng , evn i say dat d self study is much more imp den going to skool n it willb bettr if u b in ur limits………….u r illetrt cuz d slung lang u said showd ur litteracy……….i 4 ur knd imf i will say dat i study in cls 7 n here is 1 more fake shreya n she cretd all those misundstning…………got dat n hw cmu can say me a fu*****………….chi shame on u……….!!!

  2. shreya

    n sanu if u still hv a bit of shame aft hearing dis all thngs den it will b bettr dat u leave frm here………!!!!

  3. shreya

    jst dont noe frm whr all dese blo*dy beggars hv come n joind us…………..go to hell n i thnk dat d wrst place den hell is redervd 4 u…………!!!!

  4. shreya

    n sanu i jst hate u all guyz r dumbo n jst dont noe how to tlk lyk a gntle man n it will b bettr u imprve or expct me also to b rude……….!!!!

  5. Wat happend to the friday precap
    In which jalal slapped salim when he saw him drinking?
    It was neither shown today nor any signs in precap !?!?!?

  6. अरूण

    Salim taking knife to kill shahanshah and shahanshah is slapping Salim these precepts of last 2 days are not show?

  7. shreya

    yes arun u r rite but i thnk dat dese precaps r hv been deltd………..cuz it was totally a nonsense……….!!!

  8. shreya

    arun it was an insult only n now i hate dis ruk why she bowd b4 jalal n why she stoppd bcuz of jo she is really a fool……..aab ye bhi kya jal n hamida k tarah ek hindu aurat k aage piche ghumne lagi………!!!

  9. shreya

    n in reallity ruk hadnt made salim a drinkr………its jst shown in dis stupid progrm……………!!!

  10. shreya

    n arun i thnk dat u noe much thngs abt hostry so u mst b noeing dat ruk was ja’s fvrt wife n his luv not jo n if u dont noe dat means u r not noeing d truth n u jst say here dis n dat thngs…………!!!

  11. अरूण

    It is true that ruk was shahanshah s fav wife so she got chance to bring up shahjahan but to make serial interesting it is ok.

  12. अरूण

    We r conserned of jodha akbar love story and despite so many hurdles they are unite is touching.

    • shreya

      no dear…….thr was not any knd of luv b/w dem……jst aftr thr marraige hin n mus relation bcam gud

  13. shreya

    n why dis hell sanu is not cming……she is scard…..n evn she shud b cuz she has sme shame n if not den den she will cme but watevr i wnt to end dis topic so sany a single bye to u byeeeeee……!!

  14. shreya

    arun pl give reply to my ques dat u go to skool or collage n if u go to skool den u r in whc cls…….???

  15. shreya

    arun r u mad or u dont wnt to say n if u dont wnt to say den u shud hve postd dat u dont wnt to share n its not a knd of site dat we cnt hv a little bit of cinversation………haan……kharus kahin ka…….!!

  16. shreya

    i m not asking ur phone no. email id or address or any othr personal thing so u can say dis bt if u dont wnt den dont cuz i m angry niw……!!

  17. shreya

    u noe na dat i m a gud prsn still u r not saying…….i thnk dat u r too much grwn up guy bt i noe dat u r gud too but thr was a more arun here who insultd me by saying i l*** y**

  18. t

    fad up yaar jab precape Jo dekha ya who serial mai kyon nahi dekha ya and show more scenes of akdha. Jodha Akbar rocks . . .. …….. .

  19. shreya

    so u r not going to say ok den dont………but wateve i dont noe dat why i m so aatrctd to ruk though she is bad,black hrtd n evil…..but still i lyk her d most n thnk dat i hv some relation with her………!!!

  20. this soap is going all wrong toooo why is ruks doing soooooooooo much evil and getting away with it jalal should have punished ruks for killing resham and this rudeness from salim towards his mother it is about time that they find out that it is ruks who instigated this hatred of salim towards his mother jodha this is prolonging far tooooooooooooo long writers come on do something quick these soaps are losing its stripes

  21. Sanu

    blo*dy nonsense girl shreya r u mad ? Padhti likhti bhi nahi hai tu to kuch ata jata hai bhi ya gawar hai tu puri

  22. Sanu

    Kuch ata bhi nahi hai aur tu hamesha jodha ke bare mei bakvas karti hai pagal orphan anath dumbo cheap gawar ladki

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