Jodha Akbar 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha says that why aren’t you taking me for jungle hunt, jalal sits sadly on bed, jodha says that you know that I don’t like to kill animals but I always go with you then why are you not taking me this time, jalal looks at atifa’s pic and says that if I take you then others wives will feel jealous of you. if I take all people with me then it will take more time, also I arranged meena bazar for wives too so I think I should go alone, you want me to be better husband then let me go, jodha says that if this is the case then I allow you to go, jodha is about to leave when she sees jalal looking at atifa’s pic, he sees jodha and looks down, jodha makes face and goes from there.
the master of khaibar looks at cave in jail and says that jalal and his ministers

doesn’t know that there is a secret way out from palace and mahaC knows this, your mission will complete mahaC. in jail, all soldiers are gossiping that jalal is taking soldiers and ministers out for hunting.

Scene 2
jalal and some ministers are going for hunt in jungle, he sends atgah far, he talks to atifa, he ask her that are you always keep veil on your face, atifa says that my husband orders me so I have to take it, jalal says that your husband isn’t here so you can take it off, she takes off her veil jalal looks at her face and smiles. the rainj starts pouring down in jungle, jalal says to ram that we should go to tents, atifa aask ram that should we go also, he says yes as jalal is going, atifa makes sad face and ays that I would like to enjoy rain in open, I would like to ride and view jungle in rain, jalal looks at her and says to ram that I will stay here in jungle, I want to enjoy rain here, you got tents, atifa smiles, ram leaves, only jalal and atifa are left.
jodha gives Rahim new toys, salima says why you give him more toys, jodha says that kids always like toys and look I have nought many toys for him, salima says that I cant believe soon you will handle three children together, she leaves to talk with hamida. dasi ask jodha that what is your decision about our princess, jodha gives her letter and says to convey my message to your princess that don’t take drastic decision, I wont let anything wrong happen with her, its my promise, dais gets happy, jodha thinks that on right time I will tell jalal that this rajvanshi princess is not ready to marry Mughal prince, he will understand.

Scene 3
jalal gives his hand to atifa, she shyly takes it, jalal pulls her close to him and holds her shoulders, he ask her to enjoy the view, atifa gets afraid with bear’s noise, jalal puts fire on wood stick, he throws it away and bear is hunted from it, atifa is impressed and says I didn’t know you can do this too, he ask soldiers to see the bear, they goes to see him and comes back saying that bear it that, jalal says ok and takes atifa from there, soldiers gossip that what kind of hunt was that, if bear was dead then why didn’t jalal took atifa to that way? seems like jalal is on hunt today but for something else. atgah comes back and sees jalal and atifa enjoying view of jungle together, he is upset.

Scene 4
jalal is in his court, he is listening to ram tanu’s song, atifa is there too, ram sings then atifa sings looking at jalal, jalal smiles looking at her, ram starts singing but jalal stops him and atifa to sing, atgah says this is insult of ram, jalal says I want only atifa to sing, ram feels offended and leaves from there, atifa continues the song, atgah is not happy with jalal’s attitude, after song ends, jalal praises atifa and gives her his precious ring, she takes and leaves from there, atgah says can I talk to you, jalal says yes, atgah says that you are doing wrong, its a sin. atgah says to jalal that being married, roaming around with other women is not only bad but it is considered as big sin in our religion, you know about all this but as your guider I suggest you to not do this, jalal says that you are right, you can guide me but to tell you truth that whenever I listen to atifa singing, I get lost in her, not only her face but her voice, her everything is making me crazy about her, I think of her all the time, I know I am not doing right with my wives, I should be with jodha, I thought that I cant love anyone after loving jodha but atifa make me go mad about her.
master of khaibar frees khaibar and ask him to run from jail from that secret cave, sharif comes in jail, soldier ask him why is he here, sharif says that jail is my responsibility and I can come anytime, he goes inside jail and ask why there is no soldier here, he comes to khaibar’s lock up and sees khibar missing from lock up, he shouts that soldiers this beast has run away, sharif thinks that a giant man cant run from here till he doesn’t know any secret way out from this palace, he sees cave that s going out from palace.

Scene 5
jodha is sleeping, she dreams that jalal is sitting with her on bed, he says that I love you laot jodha. in ankhon main plays.. jodha then sees in dream that jalal and atifa are together and spending romantic moments together, he gets close to atifa, jodha wakes up from dream being terrified, jodha thinks why I am sseing these kinds of dreams, this isn’t good.
jalal is going somewhere is palace, when he looks in atifa’s raoom, atifa takes off her dupatta and jewelry to sleep, jalal looks at her but then turns and goes from there. khaibar comes in jodha’s room who is fast asleep.

PRECAP- jodha says to jalal that don’t forget that you are given tilte of AKBAR not by your ministers but it is given to you for your love and justice towards common man, jalal says that doesn’t mean that I will forgive a person who comes in my harem without permission, I will kill khibar now and I will give him such brutal death that nobody will dare to come in my palace or my hare.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Elina

    O sry 2nd n jalal should not be in jungle with atifa but instead he should be with jodha I just dรถn’t like dis stupid atifa what she think of herself

  2. Well Brianna he is cute but in this episode he is a monkey
    He likes atifa aunt Oh my god worst ever…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And btw why is atgah not telling Akbar that atifa is married and he can’t be with her
    He is saying that if he takes jodha then all the queens shall feel bad so if he takes atifa along that’ll be making all queens feel worse than ever atgah must tell jodha begum about it and she must find the truth and just run away for a while like manukarnika done In Jhansi ki rani and then not talk to flipin jalal…… Is he born to be king or born to look at others property

  3. Hey guys good News atifa is Not for a Long Time She just for 2 Week and her Reality is going to came Front .(jodha Akbar Facebook )

    • Raisa

      Thanks fr sharing…I can’t see Jalal & aatifa together u cut down allllll my tentions…thank u aaaaaaa looooot

  4. missM

    Jalal how stupid u r how can u lvu other man’s wife when u r really in luv with jodha. I think lust 4 jo as wel as atifa. U don’t even know the meaning of real love. Hope dis track will end soon.

  5. keerthi

    i wondered dat how show makers make d seriol enjoyble after all this newsence(jalal&atifa)!!!!!!!!!!!!how he can show his face 2 JODHA DARLING?????

  6. jessica

    Jalal is cute n jodha is exotic…they r just playing the roles givin to them so chill pplno matter hw mad the track is going akdha still rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ love u akdha!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mary

    Stupid scene, if Jalal was truly in love with Jodha he would not be carried away by another woman physical beauty

  8. devika

    Comparitivily other episode today episode so worost
    1 ) jalal compared Jo with wives
    2 ) ja insulted tansane
    3 ) he spend a much time with her lovely aunt atifa
    These are worost point’s
    No far time to ja learn a New lession
    This time Jo never excluse her because ja , Jo ka prem apaman ke ya

  9. Raisa

    Guys in the precap why Jalal is going to give punishment to KAIBAR I think he is feeling jealousy…KAIBAR only inters jodhas hojra…& Jalal has spend times with aatifa why he didn’t think about jodha

  10. keerthi

    let me guess what might be happened in future track of JA-after reveling d secret of atifa,jodha will not 4gve him easily while jalal tries 2 earn d trust of jodha.i think atga’s son’s marriage will help him 2 convince jodha,den things will be perfect.later she will give birth 2 twins meanwhile contraversies b/w atga&adam made adham 2 kill atga,so jalal kill adham,2 take revenge maham kill jalal’s heirs ,at same time nigar’s mother secret will be order 2 make jodha fine he will take jodha 2 treasure hunting on which nigar’s rite

  11. rosy

    Guys… Why this idiot jalal is attracted to aunt atifa….. If he is ashamed or not…..
    This Jalal can’t bear a man comes to harem but he can touch the other men’s wife….. Idiot (basically i have no words to scold you ).

  12. You are right Neha but I have good news. This Atifa track is that she was sent by Mah Chuchak and this track will last for only 2 weeks! It’s a good thing because why is he ousting after someone he only heards! He doesn’t even know what her character is like! Jodha can sing, is beautiful, and has a great personality!

  13. joshica

    Atifa z married …then how can she be with dis jalal …and jal touches her shoulder …being a women dont she hav shame…..? really she is b*t*h…..

  14. keerthi

    can anyone guess how jodha will come to know about jalal&atifa,how jalal will come 2 know about atifa?

  15. Rihanna

    Thanks for updating Atiba.
    This Atifa is too much, isn’t she married? Why is she letting another man touch her? Has she no shame?? And Jalal as well…. His main priority is supposed to be Jodhaa as she is pregnant with his children. Doesn’t he know how to control himself???? I’m kinda angry though. I hope Jodhaa’s dream doesn’t come true

  16. pathma

    why my heart is beating fast wen jalal near atifa…….. hes doing the wrong thing……feel pity for jodha….beware you jalal….

  17. keerthi

    i think in order to expose him herrroooooo,they might be use one reason dat is noting but “BLACK MAGIC”

  18. missM

    Anyways rajat and paridhi do their jobs given 2 them suberb acting guys luv them. Hope ja will realize his undying love 4 jo and everything will be fine soon

  19. durga

    i don’t like akbar’s role with atifa . it makes his character as romeo (not shakespere’romeo).he can’t tolerate jodha’s kindness towards kiber but he falls in love with any beautiful women who come across his way, what’s this jalal? you too…..

  20. This is too much how can muslim person behave lik this with the married woman and knownly have desire for her. frankly i lost this show long back to hell with it

  21. Ja is doing really wrong but i don’t understand wht is there in atifa that He is attracted .Benazir was better than atifa

  22. U know I wonder why jalal
    Is doing this another thing is that when rukaya was fake pregnant he wondered so much that when he sprnded little time with jodha and heated about ryks bad taste
    He went there & now even jodha her beloved is pregnant no issue he has gone to shikar
    U want to kill jalal because he compared jodha to other wives awwwwwww
    I am depressed go to hell

  23. U r absolutely right cutie
    I am with u he is looking Like chand begun
    ๐Ÿ™ (worst demon episodes ever) I hope when halal realize his mistake and mistory of of atifa he will give her severe punishment
    We love other episode than thus going with atifa

  24. huh

    Sorry sorry guys I don’t came I watched the episode today acctualy I was gone to Karachi so I couldn’t comment
    Yeah I watched it and reluzedvthat in child hood when we used to study about akbr the great in this serial it has become akvr the flop
    I couldn’t imagine he was a bad warrior his soldiers die by falling down awwwww drama

  25. Hahahhahaha
    Or r right soldiers die by one kick they r not soldiers but simple persons who never learn to fight .
    I realized it because in mera sultan drama
    They r great fighter a good image producer
    When they also got shot they try to protect
    The sultan

  26. Hey guys can 1 has Even thaught of khaiber wht will jodha Do i think He will kill then jodha will get angry She will get more furios After seeing atifa and ja together After some dass atifas Reality will some in Front time jalal will realize that His heart is only for jodha and nรถ One Else . And jodha Not Talk to ihm 4 1 month then Akbar will make her Heart and jodha will forgive and After some Werks Hassan and Hussen will get Birth and then due to some sickness they died

  27. Yes yes yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes yes yes see so many punches on atifa
    Guyes u can full fill our wishes by wtitting yes
    Yes means 1 punch

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