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Fanaah 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Irawati sees that she cannot touch Vivan and realizes that he has the locket of Anshuman therefore will know his whereabouts. Vivan runs out of the jungle and comes near a shop where some men are listening to radio for the match. They tell Vivan to calm down as there is no fun in the match. Vivan turns back and finds Meath there. He asks Vivan if he has given the note to Mahi. Vivan tells him that Mahi cannot come out of the Mansion therefore he must visit him.
On the way to the Mansion Vivan tells Miss Fareeda that he forgot the change of the pastries. Miss Fareeda gives him the key of the door and tells him to lock the door on the way back. Vivan runs and comes back and gives Mam Fareeda the money and key. Miss Fareeda ask Vivan that why he isn’t eating the pastries. He said that he’ll eat it with Dhara. He also tells Mahi that he told Meath about her situation. Miss Fareeda sends Mahi to make Dhara’s milkshake. Vivan is trying to tell Mahi to go downstairs, but she cannot understand. In the time Miss fareeda looks up and Vivan quickly turns to the table and says that the tea.
Later Mahi and Meath are sitting outside the Mansion and Vivan and Dhara are looking from above. Dhara is afraid if someone might come. Vivan says that nothing will happen and if someone comes they’ll quickly signal Mahi. Meath says that he brought a gift for her. He gives her a locket of love birds and says that he loves her a lot. Dhara says that she wants to see those love bird again. Vivan says that she can go with him again and if they get caught then it won’t be a big deal. Dhara says that this Mansion is very different from his house, the rules here cannot be broken and if you break them, she stops saying anything else. Vivan asks that what she does to her. He holds her hand and Dhara feels pain in the arm again. Vivan says that he knew that he knows that everything happened because of him.
In the meantime Mahi and Meath leave the place and Dhara and Vivan decide to follow them. They follow them but after seeing of what they are doing they decide to go a few steps back. Vivan changes the topic by telling Dhara that there is no school tomorrow. Something goes into Dhara’s eyes and Vivan helps her in taking it out. Both of them run towards Mahi and Meath and tell them that Preet Madam is looking for them and that Meath would have to hide in the Mansion. Dhara’s sleeve gets stuck in the net and gets torn because of it. Preet Madam comes from behind and says that what they are doing here at this time. Vivan says that they were playing hide and seek. Both of them succeed in making an excuse to Preet Madam and she tells Vivan to go home and come tomorrow. Preet Madam tells Dhara to go inside.
In the shop Vivan is sitting with Anshuman and tells him that Vampires are not that bad. Anshuman says that a lot of them are true. Vivan asks him if can give the locket to Dhara as he thinks she need s it more. He saw that Dhara had a bandage in her hand and that Miss Fareeda is always angry. He also tells Anshuman that without Preet Madam no one gets punished and wonders if it is her who punishes Dhara. Anshuman remembers something between her and Preet. Anshuman tells him to keep the locket and the only way to protect her is by him staying close to her.
Dhara is waiting for Vivan when Mahi comes and asks her about it. Dhara says that she didn’t even notice the time. She says that why does she has to wait for the fool. Vivan says that he went to catch the love birds as he wanted to surprise Dhara. Dhara asks that why has he caged them, if he doesn’t like her to be trapped them neither should they. She takes the both of them out and frees them. Vivan gets frustrated but Dhara tells her that she loves these love bird but when they are free. The birds return and go in the Mansion. Vivan and Dhara chase them into Preet Madam’s room and Vivan runs into Preet Madam dressing table and her bangle set drop. Both Mahi and Miss Fareeda come to see what has happened. Preet Madam comes from behind and sees what has happened.
Dhara says that all of this happened because of her and that she is sorry, Vivan says that he did it because he was chasing the love birds. Both of them argue among themselves and Preet Madam tells them to leave. She sits on the ground and cries and says that the memory of 14 years broke. She again screams Anshuman’s name. She says that the memory broke but the love she wanted happened and now that’s going to break like these bangles

Precap: Irawati comes and asks Meath the where about of a boy. He says that she is describing Vivan. Irawati goes to Vivan and says to tell him about Anshuman. He says that he will not tell her. Irawati goes and attacks his house while Preet is performing magic.

Update Credit to: Sona

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