Jodha Akbar 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Jodha Akbar 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal says to jodha that this kind of mistakes are not to be forgigven, why did you go to meet that beast, jodha says that you know that beast not so bad, I listened to see his screams so I went there, its Ramadan, how can bear torture on anyone, jalal says that I don’t know anything, I cant tolerate this, ruks handle her, jodha feels pain in her belly, jalal ask what happened, ruks says that she is fasting that’s why, jalal says I don’t understand why is she fasting, why cant you understand that children’s lives are important. he leaves, hamida says that look jalal also didn’t like your step, go to your room now, jodha leaves.
at night, moti says to jodha that jalal scolded you as he cares for you, she gives her food to eat, jodha cries and says that

I did hurt all but I was just doing right thing, how can he scold me like this, moti says don’t worry jalal will come to make up your mood soon, come have bath and get ready, jodha says for whom should I get ready, moti says that when wife is pregnant, the space is created between husband and wife, don’t create that between you and jalal, jodha says nothing like that would happen, jalal loves me a lot and I am giving birth to his child, moti says I know, nothing will happen so get ready to welcome jalal.
ruks comes to hamida and ask her to come for iftaar, she says on iftaar time you shouldn’t get angry or scold anyone, its not good, i know jodha used to be your favorite but these days jodha is breaking all rules and she acts stubborn, hamida thinks that jodha is becoming stubborn day by day maybe because jalal is lenient to her.

Scene 2
jalal is going through palace, he thinks that I shouldn’t have scolded jodha like this, she must be feeling bad, I should go to her, he ask dasi where is jodha, dasi says that she is in shahi bathroom, jalal goes there and sees some lady in bath tub, he thinks that its jodha and smiles.
moti is making jodha ready and says your mood will be fine when jalal will come here, jodha feels restless and says I feel like something bad I sgoing to happen, something very shocking, moti says don’t worry, its just your thought.
jalal takes of his suit, he comes in bath tub and hugs the girl from behind and says I love you a lot jodha begum.
dasi comes to jodha and says you are here, I thought you were taking bath, jalal was finding you, should I send him to you, jodha says no I will go to shahi bath room.
jalal is hugging the girl, girl truns and she is someone else, jalal leaves her and ask who are you? jodha comes there and says jalal you called me here, she sees jalal bare body in tub with a girl, she is hurt and says I will come after some time sorry, jalal is shocked and comes out to tub, he wears his cloth. he says to jodha that he thought you were in tub, she ask the girl who is she, girl says to jalal that her clothes got dirty so she came here to take a bath, she leaves from there, jalal says to jodha that look I was mistaken only, jodah smiles and says i trust you and you are a kign, you cane with anyone else, jalal says nothing like that, jodha says don’t worry, i have faith on you, she hugs him, jalal recalls girl’s face.
javeda is practicing sword fighting by cutting pillows, resham comes there and catches her, resham says i got thief, now maham wont leave you, javdea shows her face and says i am javeda, i was practicing sword fighting to become like jodha, you never know whn you will kidnaaped by a beast like khaibar, resham says but that beast is already caught, javeda sys you don’t know when you need to fight so let me do the sword fighting.

Scene 3
at night, jalal is in deep thoughts, he paints the girls face who he saw in bath tub, he looks at her face, jodha comes there, jalal says you shouldn’t come here in this condition, jodha says I had to come as I have to sorry for my mistake of going to khaibar and for hurting you and hamida, jalal says I ma sorry for scolding you but khaibar is not a human, stay away from him and I am sorry for that bath room mistake, jodha says don’t be, I trust you that you wont do anything wrong, she says that you completed the painting, she sees the painting of other women and ask who is she, he says don’t know, she was in my thoughts so made her face, jodha feels little bad and says that its good painting, she leaves, jalal looks at painting and recalls how he saw the girl’s face in tub, he says this painting is fo same girl, who is she that I made her painting. ruks comes to jalal and says wow this painting is very beautiful, jalal says its you, i got afraid, ruks says king jalal got afraid of my voice only, what are you hiding, jalal says why will i hide anything rom you, you will find out as you are my childhood’s friend, ruks thinks that artist made the painting and praises artist, ruks says shall we play chess, jalal says why not, he then looks at painting.

Scene 4
some people have come from Kabul to get accommodation in agra, jalal says to atgah that you have to check them all, we cant rust anyone, he says call them in court, all come there, they request to jalal to let them stay in agra, jalal says you all can stay but Mughal rule will not change for anyone you, have to follow it, you all have to show your id’s to atgah, one girl’s veil comes off by wind and jalal is shocked to see her as she is same girl who he hugged in bath tub, she looks at jalal and feels awkward, jalal keeps looking at her. the man with her ask her to put veil on her face, he ask why jalal is looking at you like this, she says i had meet him yesterday, actually i went to bath room then.. he says pray that jalal doesn’t recognize you, atagh says you all stay here till i check your national identity, jalal says no need, ruks is stunned, jalal says that they are our people and its my responsibility to help the, he ask the man standing beside atifa that what he used to do earlier, he says he was finance assistant of mahaC, jalal orders to givbe them jobs. he looks at girl, she looks at him then looks down, ruks comes from behind and sees jalal glaring at her.

PRECAP- jalal is holding atifa’s hand in whole court, he smiles looking at her, jodha sees this and is tensed, jalal doesn’t leave her hand despite her will.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It is good that producers of the show do not want to end the serial in hurry, I thanks them for more and more entertainment from the story with interesting twists.

  2. there is so many spelling mistakes.

  3. seriously, jalal is looking like a duffer, idiot because he should understand his wife and is going to close that new girl. No understanding wht does he want from his life does he want to be around between new- new girls. This serial is becoming boring. Plz change the track and bring new stories for the viewers.

  4. n history class my Prof. said akbar was an intelligent clever smart king who was able to rule his vast kingdom due to this factors.

    he had spies very state n district n in the palace, so he knew what was happening and how he encounter the problems. he was smart in his tact. his trustworth minister atgah only knows him well.

    but here if it is fiction or history., cv have dmade him stupid don even know his rukg and mahamanga,s tricks.

    and what is happening in the court. if the king is this stupid how will her rule the kingdom.

    of coursed ekta kapoor and team can say that it is fiction but it is stupid and silly that they make akbar so lustful. and thinks of woman only.

    we have seen agro the oscar movie it was said it was bit fictio but they made cia agent who plan the escape real and smart to the core.

    same with the movies superman batman and clash of the titans,

    any movie you make on history no matter it was redone now as fiction we cannot make the lead players silly and totrally stupid unless you are doing comedy.

    I don know if you fans have seen HEY RAM DONE BY KAMALHASAN IN SOUTH, where he did the movie on the indians uprising agt the british, it was fiction but it was written to the core of fiction and non fiction whereby the story made us in my part of world to rethink of all the characters back.

    you cannot twist n create stories to make akbar look stupid and makes wonder is this what the great akbar ruled hi s empayar with lust, desire not brain n brawn.

    pls hopefully EKTA AND HER TEAM don make akbar silly.pls bring back the strong valiant tackful akbar who can see thru all peoples schemes and plots one of his own to control everyone. that was the fear he had rule the kingdom.

    as how he was at the start of the serial when he handle the rajputs, his sis in law marriage,

    when he is in his own ground he has become s…………………………………………,

    pls bring back the fearless intelligent clever scheming akbar the emporer.

    i really do not know if every one will agree with me
    akbar the king always investigates everything and everyone does not trust anyone easily but jodha and atagah n team of trustworth ministers.
    in this serial akbar the king has never investigates anything, so don we wonder how he ruled the vast kingdom for so long, no matter what a king investigates the truth not let the woman he love down.
    there has been no discussion or instructions to his team to find out of atifa an her team. but just believe.
    CV pls buck up

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