Jodha Akbar 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 21st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
in night, jodha is sobbing, she thinks of jalal’s forgiveness that punish him, how she said that she will not go to agra with him. she is angry on kahna that you are doing all this. she says to kahna that its all because of you that earlier he threw me out and now he came here, she says why this with me always, i didnt forget my insult til now, why you always put me in difficult situation, she cries and says i have to go from here, someone knocks on her door, she thinks it must be jalal, what should i do, door gets open and its bharmal, she hugs him, he says dont cry, he says you are my strong daughter look i came, everything will be finr, jalal comes there too.. Jalal leaves. bharmal says jalal is very sorry for what happened, he came to amer for you, he was finding you

without rest, i have seen desperation in his eyes, i know its difficult for a rajvanshi but please forgive him, he says okay lets go to amer, she says i cant i am fine here, bharmal says i know about your promise to meenawati that you will not come in amer but she took that so your married life doesnt get broken but why so much anger for her, its like death for me that my daughter is not coming in my home, for a daughter her father’s house is always open for her, please come with me. jodha says no i will stay here, bharmal says okay i am stubborn too, i will stay in this asylum leaving my kingship, jodha says no dont say this, i will come with you, she cries.

Scene 2
bahral comes to meet jalal, todal leaves from there, jalal ask what she said, bharmal says you know her, she is stubborn, she stay firm at her decisions, jalal says if she goes away from me then how will i pacify her? bharmal says let me take her to amer, she is not stable in condition, she will rest there and also her dadisa and maassa will explain her then she will think about you. also there is ganghaur celebration in amer so its good if she comes there, i cant invite you sorry. with time jodha’s anger will lessen, then you come to amer and take her. jalal says you are right, it was my mistake so i should get punished, bharmal says have hope everything will be fine. jalal thinks that i could not get you even after finding you, i wish for the day when yo talk to me like before.

Scene 3
in morning, jodha comes out of asylum to leave for amer, she greets all, they say pardon us if we did any mistake, jodha says no you all treated me like family, gave me respect.
bahrmal greets and thanks todal, todal says i just did my duty, todal greets jodha and says sorry i couldnt recognize you, jodha says thanks in your asylum i got so much love, jodha gives some gift for shehnaz who is nowhere to be found, jodha sits in her palanquin, shehnaz is sitting there and says i wont let you go anywhere, women ask her to come out, they are getting late, she says jodha promised me that she will not leave me, women takes her out, jodha says stop shehnaz, will you go with me? shenaz hugs her and says you are great lakshmi, jodha says call me lakshmi. jodha turns to leave, jalal is looking at her, she looks at him, jalal says in heart that dont go jodha please dont, jodha says in heart that sorry jalal but i cant go with you, youu still need my pardon and we cant live toghter like this.. jodha and shehnaz sit in palanquin. bharmal sit on horse and greets jalal, jalal thinks that i lost your love because of my doubt but i will win your heart by my love, i wont let you get separated from me.

Scene 4
in amer, all get to know that jodha is coming, dadisa gifts dasies in happiness of jodha coming, she tells meenawati that jodha is found and bharmal is coming with her, meena gets happy and says lord listened to my prayers, she says i will welcome her grandly, i will stay infront to see her, she then recalls what she said to jodha that i want your deadbody to go up from agra, she says how will i face her? dadisa says said that all for her good, forget about past, meena says no you go to welcome her, i cant come, dadisa leaves.
all are waiting at gate to welcome jodha, inside meena cries that i cant welcome her and this is my punishment, because of promise she had to suffer alot and now i have to suffer.

Scene 5
jalal is going back to agra from jungle and recalls doctor praising jodha’s remedy which she sent for him, he recalls man saying that jodha sent that remedy for him, he looks and jodha is standing infront of him, he gets so happy and says i knew it that you will come, he recalls how he saved her from people throwing stones, how he took her out of lake.

PRECAP- mali attacks jalal in jungle, they are sword fighting, jalal gets injured by his attack and falls on ground, mali is standing there with sword in his hand, he smirks that he can kill jalal now.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Me too didnt like it…jl dreamin again..hmmm precap wat to say…jl get attacked by abul mali but it doesnt mean tht he ll go to amer in tmrows epi…the matter is extndin too much..i cnt evn see an end to it..hope till end of this week thy r at least together..

  2. aivar

    Boring… they need to end this track and move on to a new one… jodha needs to hurry up and forgive him…

  3. ray

    i didnt like the epi at all 🙁 hopefully jalal has to back to amer and jo will break down seeing him hurt

  4. There r lot of tracks goin on…uff jo’s mom omg ur daughter get lost n u r here cryin as if shes dead
    Come on…too much actin on part of mainavati!!!

  5. Happen nxt??
    Well i will be happy if jl gets badly injured.he is immediately send by his men to amer.while enterin the amer kingdom,jo gets news tht jl is in critical state.she makes a race to her sees jl on bed uncncsious..she obviously strts cryin n prays her kanha…physician giv her medecine n she assist her hubby…on a night…she goes out of jl room n comes back seein jl hardly able to stnd..she take hold of him n jl is naked but its no more a matter fr her..well the resr need some thinkin as shenaz will be in it..but i wuld like to see close momnts when jl gets injured..

  6. [email protected]

  7. shraddha

    And we have cv’s playing their favourite game right now- Thats called “dragging dragging”. They are simply stretching it for no reason. “Separation” in a relationship has its own importance but here if they continue to drag this, it will lose its charm. Now we have seen Jodha’s self respect and Jalal’s repentance. I just hope they wrap it up as soon as they can. There are many other important events to follow. They can’t stick to this track. We have “Shehnaaz track”, “Atgah and Adham track”, “Mahamanga being banished track”, “Ruqaiya’s increasing jealousy track”, “Abul Mali and Shariffuddin track”, “Sujamal’s death” track, “Jalal to Akbar journey, specifically as a king and not only as a person” track, “confession”and “consummation”track! But na! Seems the cv’s have completely forgotten everything.

  8. Payal

    Aivar i think so yesterday it happened with aradhya i thought she was same and chatted instead she scolded but now came to know that it was another not old 1

  9. Rajveer

    Damn!!! What’s going on here!!! It’s a update forum but someone is going to make it a playground!!!!!!!!!! Very cheap mentality!!!!’

  10. Listen why r u copying my name, i mean wats ur problem . Warning u again n again. Even this stupid idea of writting “it’s horrible” is truely horrible but nt more than u!!!!!

  11. Rajveer

    @Sharon…yah u r [email protected]…it’s happen 2 u 2!

  12. Rajveer

    It’s doesn’t [email protected].he/she can copy it too!!

  13. Rajveer

    Yah..I can’t help it but it’s [email protected]

  14. Rajveer

    A simple solution…stop other comments except based on d serial…who will do personal comments considered as a fake one!!!!!

  15. Rajveer

    The fake one doesn’t hv any interest in d serial…so there are no another option…after all we r here to just read d comments…for me..I always stay here b/w 8.30 to 9.30 to read atiba’s update..fake one just come after that time except today.

  16. Rajveer

    For me..I will not comment anything without d serial update..even don’t addressing anyone…neither hi nor other matter…so if anyone do it..then make sure he is fake.

  17. Rubell

    such a crappiest episode … jallu just begging begging!!
    & for ur jodhu ego, aatmsamman is first ..she want jallu to read hr eyes evn hr family members too professnl cant she read jallu eyes his love, his pain bt no hr aatmsamman damm accr to mme jodhu is shown so ccruel she isnt behaving like a hearty princess…
    why she is asking for jallu for atmsamman this this is nt unconditionl love?

  18. aivar

    poor jalal gets injured… jodha hurry up and forgive him… ufff people being stubborn gets them nowhere…

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