Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st April 2014 Written Update

Aditya warns Samaira/Shikha and goes from her house. Madhu asks him if he found Shikha’s parents. He says he did not find them, but he took Shikha’s blood for DNA sampling and says though Shikha has become Samaira, but her truth will come out with DNA test. Madhu asks how will they get another DNA test to match.

Sudha gets worried seeing Shikha injured by Aditya. Avinash says she will file a police complaint against Aditya for kidnapping him and Sudha. Shikha says it will be of no use.

Aditya and Madhu go to police station and asks inspector about Shikha’s file. Inspector gives Aditya Shikha’s file. Aditya calls his doctor and asks him to do do DNA test. They reach home. Madhu sees him tensed and asks what is he thinking. Aditya

says he is worried if DNA test does not match. Madhu says if it matches, he should give Shikha more rigorous punishment than last time of pushing her from cliff. Dr. Khurana checks DNA report, calls Aditya and asks him to come to his clinic.

Aditya hurriedly goes to doctor’s office and asks doctor about the DNA report. Aditya checks the report and gives it to Madhu. Madhu checks and is surprised that Samaira and Shikha’s DNA report does not match. Aditya and Madhu go out angrily. Once they go out, Samaira and Neeraj come out with inspector. Doctor says he told Aditya that report did not match. They all warn doctor to keep his mouth shut, else they will sue him.

Shikha and his family are very happy after uniting. Mahi brings cake and serves it to everybody. Shikha likes the cake and says it is amazing. Avinash also praises Mahi. He says Shikha that after she went, Mahi used to prepare cake often and used to tell she could not make cake like Shikha. Avinash says he is happy that Shikha with him and wants to forget his past. Shikha says she does not want to forget her past as her so Manav was taken away from her. Avinash says she should be careful about Aditya. Shikha says she is not afraid of Aditya and will make his life troublesome.

Madhu says Aditya that she is amused about the happenings, neither Shikha/Samaira’s DNA matched, nor they did not find her parents. Aditya gets a call from goons and says Shikha’s parents escaped. Aditya scolds goons and asks if somebody help Avinash/Sudha escape. Inspector asks goon not to tell anything. Goon says Aditya that nobody helped Avinash/Sudha and cuts the call. Inspector warns goons not to be seen in city and leaves them.

Avinash feels guilty that he doubted Samaira and thinks of apologizing her. He calls her. Samaira sees his call, smiles and cuts the call. He recalls her. She picks and asks him not to call her again. He apologizes her for repeating his mistake and says he does not want to lose her. She says even she did not want to lose her and asks him to forget about Shikha and then come to her. Aditya says everything written in Shikha’s book is wrong, why will a multimillioner like him go to Nasik to lure Shikha. Shikha/Samaira gets angry and says she does not believe him and asks him to stop making fake promises and cuts the call. Aditya thinks what he should do to convince her and says he is really sorry.

Madhu calls a staff meeting and says Samaira won’t be Jagannath group’s brand ambassador and says her name will not be involved in any of company’s products and is sacking her out of company. Staff says they agree with her. Madhu says she is thinking of sending Samaira dismissal letter. Samaira comes and says she herself wants to be out of her company as they did not respect her. She says Madhu thinks that she bought the whole world, but she cannot buy Samaira. She announces she is not involved with Jagannath group neither personally, nor professionally and tears the contract. Aditya surprising sees that.

Precap: Shikha gives tickets to Avinash and asks him to go to another city with his family. Avinash says he will not leave her in her battle alone and go.

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