Jodha Akbar 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal’s force chants for his name, jalal angrily looks at fort of rajvanshies, jalal says before war, I want to give them a message, todar says I will send it through solider, jalal says no I will go myself only, todar says they can kill you, jalal says till today there is no weapon that can harm jalal, nobody will come behind, jalal on his horse goes to fort of rajvanshies. soldiers standing and guarding wall of fort sees a Mughal coming, they says he has to get killed, they take their positions to kill jalal, soldiers attack jalal with arrows but no arrow hits jalal, one soldier says maybe he is jalal, other soldier says no his ministers wont allow him to come here, jalal shouts where is uday pratap and kunwar pratap, what happened to you, I am here infront of you, why you are

not killing me? I am jalaluddin, I am giving you chance, I have no weapon with me, Jalal ask them to attack, he says that you have got the chance to kill me and you are sitting in fort, you wanna kill me then kill from front not from hiding, one solider says we are rajvanshies and we cant kill like cowards, he has no weapon with him so we cant attack him its against rules, we will kill him in battlefield only, jalal says I gave you chance and you didn’t take it and now I will see you all in battlefield, one solider says that we will crush your dreams, jalal says its my warning to you that I will clean the battlefield and will put my flag on it, I will see till when you hide maharana uday and kunwar pratap, jalal leaves from there.
moti ask jodha to eat food, jodha says see moti sky is changing his colrs, see it is showing color of fire, blood, Jalal is going to kill rajvanshies I had put tilak on jalal’s sword for not his win but it was blood of first rajvanshies, moti says jalal will comeback, jodha says uday and kuwar pratap are very good warriors, I am worried fro jalal, moti says jalal is good warrior too, jodha says this is the problem that they both are good and are thirsty for blood of each other, I don’t know what is going to happen, this sky is red showing color of blood.

Scene 2
the battle starts, its war of archery, both sides are throwing arrows on each other, jalal’s forces throw arrows on fort of rajvanshies, jalal says till when they will not open the gates of fort, keep throwing arrows on them.
in night, todar says to jalal that they will be hungry in fort and will open gates soon, jalal says I have not come here to wait and trust destiny, I have come to kill them all, I will finish them with my power not because of their hunger, I want to kill Uday and kunwar pratap, I don’t want them to open gates but I want break the wall this fort and attack them.
next day, same archery battle is going on, voice over says this war was not of two days, it was big war like big hatred of jalal, many soldiers died in it.
in rajvanshi palace, soldiers discuss that they will attack their soldiers and will win the war.
one rajvanshi soldier kills Mughal soldier, jalal gets angry and hits an arrow, he kills one rajvanshi soldier.
rajvanshi discuss that wall can be broke anytime, the leaders says to soldiers that its time to show your full power to Mughals, you have to win this war and not allow Mughals to come in our palace, we will win mewar from Mughals, place your women and children in safe place. otherside rajvanshi women discuss and says we will not let Mughals attack our mewar, we will not give in to Mughals, we will do jauhur but wont allow Mughals to touch our mewar and ourselves.

Scene 3
the official war begins, solider from both sides run to each other, they attack each other and kill as much as they can. some Mughal soldiers goes to gate of fort and breaks it, Mughals come in fort of rajvanshies, war is in full swing, maan signh, todar, all are fighting with other soldiers, all are killing, jalal comes there on his horse, his sword has blood on it, he gets angry seeing rajvanshies fighting, he starts killing people.
inside fort, all ladies come to well which has fire in it, they pray for mewar. in garden area of fort, fight is going on, jalal sees one rajvanshi fighting nicely, he is their leader. all ladies jump in well full of fire and kills themselves, doing jauhur, jalal sees it and ignores. jalal kills one leader of them, one solider comes to jalal and says we will give our lives but wont tell you about uday and kunwar pratap, you are not doing war but its cruelty, jalal makes him injured and ask him where is uday and kunwar, soldier says they are not here, we wont tell you, jalal kills him, jalal says to his soldiers that kill all rjavnshi soldiers, nobody should be alive, he listens some child crying, he thinks that god took my child away from me but cant take my power from me, I wont leave this child.

PRECAP- jalal forwards with sword to kill the child.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Saniya some senses.. 😮
    we know u are hurt.. evryone is but this is wrong 🙁
    i know u WILL NOT kill that child :'( Our jalal is strong; not so weak that he will shower his revenge in a poor child :*

  2. Crystal

    Omg !!……… Ja cant do dis !!……. He always luved kids.!!…… Im sure dat he is goin 2 change his mind soon

  3. shreya

    n ys ja u cant kill that sml child n why u will kill him whn he has not done anythng hw cud ak cn do injustice

  4. wat is going on cv you said tis is bit diff from ori so you dont hv to show ja cruel, show how he comes back to jodha then hw is salim born, how their love survives all problems. not take leap to salim love whichs was not real only.
    do something rajat just got award don let public vote him out for other awards ////////votes same with p sharma show her strong n smart not stupid n how she gets back jalal’s love

  5. princess akeela

    y are they taking so long to show that jodha is pregnant.. she is pregnant so y take so long that is the only way jalal will clam himself

  6. guri

    what kind of shehansha he is? he has no senses . his babies was killed by mughals by his own brother . so he should fought with them . not with rajvanshis they are very trust worthy to him

  7. Mohi

    They are only depicting how the Muslim rulers acted those days. Its tough to watch, but this is how it was folks.

  8. jai

    This is the true face of Akbar at that time.cruel n matter how much this serial tries to project him as a hero…he had indeed been a mercyless killer who ordered killing of innocent women n even history of Maha Rana Pratap, a true hero n fighter.

  9. antara

    i couldnt help but read the comments u gguys do know. its ekta kapoor serial least thing regarding history is true else all there love story n. love scene jodha was very roast and intelligent not stupid as shown her in serial god ekta kapoor do know how screw up even great warrior character having taking. look at the history. akbar was a sensible human being not because of jodha but becz he war

  10. shreya

    Yes antara u r rite he was wise frm begining not bcz of jo , n the wrong things shownhere as 1st jo as his fvt wife wn in her place ruk was thr n hass n huss wr ruks chldn n at the very last moment jo got prgnt ruk had mny childrn hass,huss,fatima,khanum etc……..!!!!!!

  11. shreya

    n ja is a mug wy will he kill mug he will kill rajwanshis only its natural yaar if he wl kl any1 of his own palace or religion then wat will b his respect in his saltnt…..

  12. shreya

    ja ki jodi ruk k saath zyada achi lagti hai jo k saath nahi, ja n ruk u both were a true luv brds in past n u both r still n will b 4evr in the future u both r luvly luv u both a lot

  13. shreya

    tmrw my flight is thr 4 new york, 1st patna-delhi n then frm delhi -new york uffffff…… A lot of journey!!!!!!

  14. shreya

    cm up here fst we hv compltd 84 comnts we need 16 more cmnts yaar pl cm fast wating 4 u all n getting bore !!!

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