Jamai Raja 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid hosting DD’s Garba event and thanking her for believing him. He tells about relationships, etc., and invites his friend and celebrity Gurmeet to perform on stage. Gurmeet performs on Bang Bang… Everyone clap after the performance. Sid sees Bablu smiling and taunts him.

Naani asks DD to announce about her and Roshni’s performance. DD says once she separates Sid from Roshni, she will happy celebrate and dance with Roshni. Nani gets annoyed hearing her comment and says she does not understand Sid’s importance, says she will pray for Sid and Roshni’s long relationship and says he will unite our family.

Sid tries to speak Roshni, but she is still angry and ignores him. Simran suggests him to lure her with his dialogues and dance. Sid says his life is incomplete without Roshni and thanks her for coming in his life. DD sees Roshni’s angry face and thinks she would have been happy if she would have married Krish.

Sid and Roshni’s dance performance starts with song Badalon ko……Roshni dances angrily. Sid climbs up and tries to jump. Roshni stops him and smiles, singing Hai Qubool Dawat-e-Ishq hai.. Sid smiles and kisses her hand. Naani thinks whatever DD tries to separate them, Sid gets even closer to Roshni and prays for their longer relationship. Sid and Roshni then dance on Tere liye hi to Signal tod taad ke…… song. Sid apologizes her again during song and they both hug each other happily. Roshni also apologizes him. He jokes with her and she also jokes. She then thanks him for completing her.

DD sees Pratima signalling Sid to speak to her and he going behind her and follows them. Sid gives Pratima mangalsutra, wipes her tears and consoles her by hugging her. DD is shocked to see that and senses opportunity to separate Sid from Roshni, thinks to inform Roshni, but servant come and informs that Japanese guests are about to leave and are asking you. She thinks she will get Sid’s true colours out in front of Roshni soon and leaves to meet her guests.

Naani announces DD and Roshni’s garba dance, but DD does not come to dance. Nani then announces celebrity mother/daughter duo from Balika vadhu serial’s dance performance. They both dance on Mahi ve mahi…. song… Roshni sadly looks at DD. DD sees that and thinks Roshni will dance with her mom for sure as he planned.

Precap: Other celebrities’ perform. DD thinks she will tell Roshni about Sid’s infidelity and will separate her from him soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Roshni behaves like such a child alot of the times!!!! Writers give her some more maturity please, she is after all a WIFE now!!!!!

    1. yes tottaly agree

  2. i personly think DD should be out of this serial she ruing her daughter relationship wat a spoil brat she is

  3. Too childish indeed…!!!

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