Jodha Akbar 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal says so you want freedom from me jodha?, ok I will give you divorce, jodha is stunned to listen this, hamida comes and says jalal, she is going to be mother, jalal says that does not mean that she will insult me, if she can gve me warnings then I can also, hamida says don’t say bad words, come to my room, we will talk,jalal says there is nothing left to talk and when this will happen one day then why not say this in open, people will also know it, jalal leaves from there, jodha says to hamida that from nw on I should learn to live alone, atifa gets sad.
jodha is in her room and thinks jalal was happy with news of being father then what happened that he started hating me so much, ruks comes there and says I know you want to be alone this time but I couldn’t stop

me from coming to you, till now I didn’t see but today I accept that you are beautiful but jalal has stopped seeing your beuty, its same cycle, jalal forgot my beuty when you came in his life and now when somebody else came in his life , he forgot you, today you must know how it feels when you special thing is being snatched, I was jealous of you, I became your enemy, I know you are thinking what will happen to your child? jodha says no need to talk about these things, I will agra soon, ruks says I am saying all this because I thought in jealousy with you that I should support atifa jalal relation then he will leave you and one day he will leave atifa too then I will be the ultimate queen but now jalal has gone too far that he is leaving his wives, he is leaving his throne, he has forgotten me too, now only thing that can save things is that maybe jalal has some love remaining for you, how will i live with the fact that jalal divorced you when you took my side infront of him. I always hated you and today also you did a lot for me, how will I come out of this debt, she cries, jodha holds her hand.

Scene 2
all sees moon for eid, people gossip that king has changed a lot, man can change his color at any time, they say which kind of man is he who showed adultery in pious month of Ramadan, priest comes there and says on eid jalal will have to leave his throne, we are planning to go there.
jalal comes to atifa and sees her with some persons, jalal ask who are they? atifa says they came with me from kablu and came here to wish me eid moon, atifa says I have no relative who can become witness for marriage from my side so can I allow them to be my witness? jalal says ofcourse, I believe that relations are made from heart, you can allow them. jalal ask why aren’t you happy? atifa says no, I am happy.
hamida says this eid, I have to distribute eidi(eid gift) alone, I have to officially announce eid to all too.

Scene 3
jodha is sitting in dark, moti comes there and ask her to control herself, jodha says I am fine, I have thought a lot, I have taken decision, I will go from here, I know this will not be good for rajvanshies, moti says I suggest that you should talk to jalal once more, today is eid and he will listen to every wish of yours, maybe things will get better, jodha says no, I still love jalal and I don’t want to go with feeling of bitter relation with jalal. maan comes to jodha and says its getting difficult fro me to stand by jalal;’s decisions, you came here, married Mughal for rajvanshies grace but I cant do this anymore, jodha says you came here and promised jalal to be with him so you have to be with him, maan ask from which mud you are made? jodha says jalal is in weak state and in this state any enemy can take advantage so you have to be with him, promise me, maan promises to be with jalal.

Scene 4
maham comes to chand begum, she says I have to give you news chand, where are you, why are you hiding, I am here to wish you eid, I told you that this day will be last day for you, so enjoy this last with me, come out, come to me chand, she looks around and doesn’t find chand, she ask where chand ran away, she sees someone and ask who is he? adham comes and says its me, she comes to adham and says chand is lost, what will happen now, adham says I told you to kill that mad women but you are behind that treasure whose way is not none, maham says try to understand, what will happen if jalal meets her, she says maybe nigaar came to know that chand is here and took her out, she ask adhma to go and find her, he leaves.
jalal says to todar that my nikaah should be grand, some people came from Kabul, bring them too and all should be in nikaah otherwise he will be called as traitor, one more thing, I don’t want jodha to be there as she is against it.jalal says I am divorcing jodha after eid so its better if she stays in her room on my nikaah time, jodha listens this. jalal leaves, todar and atgah are tensed, jalal comes to jodha and looks at her, jodha says I don’t want you to be sad for me, I am going from tomorrow forever, I just came to meet hamida one last time, jalal says tell hamida that I came to meet her, he leaves, hamida comes and says to jodha that I was coming to give you eidi, jodha says fom tomorrow I wont be jalal’s wife, I promised you that I wont leave jalal but he doent want me here, I just want permission to leave agra, hamida says no you wont leave, you promised me that you wont leave agra, you will live with me here, jodha says don’t stop me, I will always be your daughter and I know you wont be able to see me sad and I cant see all this so I request you to not stop me as I cant deny your request and I cant see all this, I cant see my husband being angry on me every single day, she hugs hamida and cries.

javeda is crying in her room, adham comes and ask what happened, this is happy news aws I am going to bre king and you will be queen, I don’t like to see your face but today I came to see you as I am happy, javeda ask what happened to jalal, all wives will not be in harem, she ask after becoming king will you leave me too? adham says when did I hold you to leave you? he ask to bring food for him, javeda looks at his face and says you head is big, I don’t think turban will fit on your head, adham shouts fool, go from here, she leaves.
jalal recalls how he said that he will divorce jodha, jalal says now enough, this thing going beyond control, beyond control jalal comes to jodha’s room. jalal looks at jodha who is sad and doesn’t see jalal.

PRECAP- atifa kills jalal with her sword, hamida shouts jalal, jodha runs to jalal but atifa’s men stop her.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. I used to love this show now everything is going haywire! plz let jalal’s love for jodha rekindle asap also plz let maham anga be caught it’s about time !

  2. Deeksha

    I think jalal told jo to live in her room only because she cant see the marriage . She would be sad otherwise

  3. Cuckoo

    If I were in her place would have left the place before he could tell to leave ….. am fuming with anger…. what the hell is happening to all serials? First Sathiyaa went down with Rashi’s death and now Jodha Akbar…… Hope this doesnt happen with kum kum bhagya….

  4. raisa

    Not bad….jalals acting was suppperb..i think jalal is doing all this bcoz that aantiji belive that jalal really love her…such fool

  5. raisa

    U r right AB today atifa sory atiba is quite slow…oh ppplz atiba quiqly i have to study after seeing wu

  6. ft

    I know that Jalal is acting, but i really hope he’s not truly divorce Jodha…. Is there someone who know it??

    • Cuckoo

      No he won’t… how will Jahangir be born if he divorces Jodha… But since this is Ekta Kapur serial I assume Jalal will divorce jodha now and again marry her…..

  7. Deeksha

    Hi cutie are you there. Guys i want to clear that many things
    1) jalal is not doing marriage with atifa(just acting to reveal her that she is send by maha manga)
    2)jalal is not giving divorce with jodha.
    3)after these acts jalal will tell jodha that he was just acting to save her and their children . And he loves her a lot

  8. Preeti Khairajani

    Ppl dont ryt all this about her shes better than other updaters according to me plss dont say all this about her

  9. Cuckoo the dream is jalal fumes at jodha and she goes to her amer and then makes a plan to let the truth of aunt be out……..her friend helps her and then make jalal jealous and take friends help an aunt is gone forever

    • Cuckoo

      Hehehehehehehhe…….. it should actually happen…. when khaiber was there we saw jalal’s reaction!!!

  10. uru

    You know atiba is also updating in desitvbox that why she is late plz update fast its 9:11 pm update fast

    • Alia

      Dude wat if the poor girl has sum work or issue?!! Itna hee sabar nahee ho raha toh khud jaa kar dekhle beta

  11. Tamara

    Can’t wait for tmrw episode where atifa real face gonna be reveal. She is mahamanga’s pawn to kill jalal. So he is pretending to hate jodha to keep her safe from all.

  12. farheen fathima

    plz ab who ever u r dont speak bad bout others ok……she does better job..can u do dat

  13. Celika

    Jalal would not divorce joda. It is all a game he is playing to see who send afita there. And maham manga is behind it all. He is pretending the love afita so he can protect joda. Her true colour would come out in tomorrow episoda

  14. rs

    maybe she is looking at the other shows so she can update them as well…that may be the reason for the delay

  15. raisa

    Yeh i have seen desetvbox just now but there is the same… But i dont thinkbthis is the reason bocoz everyday she update in telly & desetvbox..but those days she didnt late…whats different today

  16. farheen fathima

    ok thn gve a chance to er no…..n according 2 me 1st tym d update s so late… it dosent mean dat she should talk bad bout er

    • Cuckoo

      chill sweety…. everyone is here waiting for update…. they need someone to take off their frustration…. BTW if Atiba doesn’t have a problem listening to all this… then seriuosly… What’s your problem? Take it easy……. anyways I think i wated for long am logging off…… take care guys

      • u ppl need to be more respectful, if u were in that person’s position u would nt want these mean things to be said about u! u don’t know what engagements the person was held up with so back off

  17. Yes i also read a similar article that jodha will try to stop jalal’s marriage but on the day of jalal’s nikaah jalal places another man beside atifa in his dress and atifa kills another man instead of jalal and jalal tells everyone that he was just pretending to love atifa and to hate jodha just to save jodha . He tells everyone that he loves jodha very much and was just trying to protect her and their children from maham anga and atifa and the show will take a leap and jodha will give birth to 2 babies ! Hi guys ! Anyone there !

  18. farheen fathima

    oh even iam visiting this site from a long time ok….bt i hve nt joint u ppl i just read n go…whn i saw ur comments saying bad bout atiba.. comented u….i think u no 2 read well n see also gud bye

  19. Ranjani

    Jalal wud hav wanted jodha to b in her room as he knws that there gonna b a fight and he wants her to b safe

    The promo showing atifa killing jalal mightb a dream r jalal wud hav placed sum1 else instead of him

  20. Maggie

    Next the twist will be that it’s all jalal’s plan to capture mahachachauk or whatever. Atifa and her husband are never separate. They tried to trick jalal. But jalal came to know that befor hand and want to teach his enemies a lesson. That’s why he acted just the way they wanted him to and suddenly he will say I did all this to capture my enemies and all that blah blah. I strongly feel that this Ekta should get married first to understand how the relationship between husband and wife works. What emotions really are and what love is all about. Atleast then she will not picturize relations in such a poor and horrible way!!!

  21. shree

    In coming episodes inspite of Jodha’s repeated attempts to discourage the alliance between Jalal and Atifa, Jalal remains adamant. He claims to be in love with Atifa and preparations of the Grand Nikkah of Atifa & Jalal begin begin.The Marriage date arrives and all are upset with Jalal’s move,but Jodha will only be the one who will look forward.But twist in tale will be when Atifa attempts to kill Jalal ,but we hear from sources that it will not be Jalal who is in bridegroom’s attire and Jalal stops Atifa in nick of time before she attempts to kill and her real face is revealed.Further Jalal reveals he has been acting all along to know Atifa’s real face and motive,this shocks Atifa and her pretending husband as they are already caught by soldiers,while Jodhasighs relief and so as others.Real twist begins when Jalal reveals it is Maham Anga’s game plan who sent Atifa to trap Jalal,further clearing misunderstandings between Jodha and Him confessing he loves her a lot.He tells he wanted to keep Jodha safe from all and so pretended to hate her.Sources informed this will be the end of Atifa’s character and Jalal will get back Chand Begum into palace after Maham getting arrested.Nigaar will be happy to see her mother and thanks Jalal for finding her mother.Soon showwill take leap where Jodha will be having kids and happy

  22. jk

    what is this world coming to? You hide behind your computers like cowards and write horrible messages and threats to the person writing these updates… and i am sure this person isn’t making much money doing this.
    Grow up and have some manners. If you need to study, then WATCH THE blo*dy SHOW instead of waiting for an update!

  23. raisa

    Oh last part is awsam….& also precap was interesting..really fell bad fr jalal as he is hurting jodha sooo much and also he is hurt….poor jalal and jodha..i love their love story..

  24. raisa

    Oh i am also sory aatiba…but actually i cant see this episode as i am from BANGLADES in our country this episode will be held tommorow 6 pm. Thats why i see wu everyday…

  25. Sanam

    Atifa is a dog I knew it from the beginning Jalal justs wants to praise and he tells ruks that I can’t believe it was Atifa ‘s song I think!,!!

  26. ambika

    Finally dat whore atifa will be gone and chand begum will be found….f**k u jala for hurting jodha i knw u r pretending to hate her to protect her u r goin over limits tho …

  27. Waooooooo
    I liked today’s episode
    And and and
    Sorrrry to be late guyed
    I was doing my work
    Do I couldn’t get time
    And jalal is pretending hehehehwh hppy

  28. Guyed listen
    Listen be humble
    I heared that today
    When jalal will be ready for marriage he will exchange a person with him
    And when nikah will start first atifa will be asked and when she will be asked she will get up in anger and go towards jalal and cut his nech although as I told before he will not jalal
    But q man dressed like him and when every one will be sad and curious about jalal death where as jalal will come from back and every one will be in shock he will cought atifa and then will say to leave every one other he will give his speech that it was only a damn drama for the reveal of atifas through every one will be shocked jofha will be happy in trees
    And than jalal will day that he lives jodha foremost and all and it was only a drama that he was divorcing her
    And so he will say that she was going to be the mother so he didn’t want to tell her every thing and shouting on her was also a part of drama
    And they will hug each other jalal will ask forgive ness and chand begum will be find mahamanga will he areas ted as chamd begum was acting and every thing will be Fina huh πŸ˜›

  29. Ya cutie good news ! Atifa aunty bye bye go to hell ! Ok guys gotta go ! I had an urgent worrk ! Will Chat to u all at night ! Bye !

  30. vanitha

    i enjoy reading comment rules but yet shudder to know that the commentees use vulgar language and personally its just not right – please i know u guys get angry but bear in mind its only a programme and please be mindful that there is the younger generation that also watches and reads these updates – set an example

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