Jodha Akbar 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha says to maham that we used to listen that a son can betray his mother but a mother can never hurt her son but you made this saying wrong, maham turns and shouts to talk with respect, jodha looks at her.maham sasy I am still chief minster and you are just a rajvanshi women fro me, maybe you have got jalal in your net and he must have accepted you but I will never accept you, once a hindu dasi told me that I will bow down infront of hindu but that day will never come, I will not let it come, yes I plotted against you and I am not ashamed, I told this jalal too, I cant see Mughal sultanat and jalal bow down infront of you that’s why even after knowing that he was sujamal, I filled jalal’s ears, I had put doubt in his heart and I was successful as jalal started hating you and threw

you out but it was your good fate that truth came out, my fate may have changed but I will never like you, you are asking me that I am not ashamed, I ask you are you not ashamed? even you try to touch animal’s child she attacks you back, you snatched jalal from me and I know that now you will go running to jalal and will fill his ears against me but I don’t care, go and tell him, I am not ashamed at all for what I did, go tell him because I have nothing to loose. jodha says right you have nothing to llose because you lost everything that day when jalal took mother’s position from you, I am not angry but feeling pity on you, she leaves. maham sasy I am lioness and you snatched my child but I will attack back remember that. she recalls how jalal had said that you lost your child and how her powers was snatched, she remembers jodha’s pity taunt on her and goes somewhere.

Scene 2
atgah informs jalal that all have sent congrats letters to you for removing yatra tax, atgah says jodha’s brother sujamal also sent letter thanking you, jalal says I will want to listen this letter.
jodha helps moti in removing curtain, jodha looks at her bangle, moti sasy did it break? jodha says no one bead fall from it, moti finds it, jodha sasy I have to fix it, moti says I will take it to jeweler, jodha says no I cant take it off as jalal gifted me this bangel, ask jeweler to come here, moti sasy oh this much love for jalal’s gift, jodha sasy he gave it to me on marriage so I don’t want to take it, moti sasy its one year of marriage and still this bangle is like new one, jodha says so what if 1 year… she recalls jalal making her wear it and says 1 year has been passed since our marriage.
jalal sasy to atgah to sent letter to suja also, he is a good warrior, atgah says one more letter from rajvanshi, its from pratap, jalal sasy I want to listen to it, atgah reads and it says that I couldn’t stop myself after listening that you removed tax, I don’t know your heart is changed or its some new plan but let me tell you that by just removing tax you will not become our friend and our problems will not end, we were and will always be against you, jalal says I like his personality, atgah sasy bharmal sent you some gifts as your relation with him is of now 1 year, jalal sasy strange one year passed away. jalal recalls how he had 1st saw jodha in amer.
jodha says to kahna that 1 year passed and I didn’t realize, she goes out of her room and goes somewhere, she recalls her marriage with jalal, jalal is also coming to some place (mangalam bhagwan Vishnu plays). jodha goes to dargah. she is about to tie thread on net and sees jalal on other side of net, she smiles shyly, they both tie their thread and prays. jalal looks at jodha praying and comes to her side. jodha recalls how earlier they had tied it together. jodha sees jalal missing, jalal calls her from behind, she smiles, she ask what you asked? jalal says once I asked you, you said that one should not tell her wishes and it doesn’t get fulfilled, jodha sasy that time situation was different, jalal sasy I will not tell, jodha says oka don’t tell, jalal sasy weird, you should have forced me to tell, I am your husband after all, jodha says what you think I will request you, jalal sasy I always like to tease you, jodha says you are naughty, jalal says you are calling me devil, jodha says I am sorry, I didn’t mean that, don’t be angry, jalal says I am not, I am just teasing you, jodha says again, jalal says I got habituated, jodha smiles, jalal says lets leave and extends his hand, jodha holds his and they both goes.

Scene 3
maham comes to secret place and sasy did he open his mouth, maham says to bring her hunter, she beats her secret thing/human. she laughs and says sorry I was angry on something else. she says now tell me about secret, fast open your mouth and tell me about it all, she sasy don’t make me angry as I cant control myself when I am angry, I can kill too, but you don’t be afraid as I will not give you that easy death, she beats again wildly. she ask servant to bring doctor and when I again come here, he should be alright.

Scene 4
voiceover says that news spread in whole palace that its 1st marriage anniversary of jalal and jodha and preparation for celebrations starts, hamida comes in kitchen and checks preparation, she says there should be everything perfect, I have to see everything in absence of maham.

Scene 5
Rahim comes to jalal and jodha and shows that he got doll and prince. he says dll is you and prince is jalal, jalal says your doll is beautiful, jodha says your prince is also handsome, rrahim says no they both are good, they are looking beautiful together, jalal jodha smiles, shehnaz comes and ask Rahim to give her doll and prince back, they scuffle and runs behind each other, jalal sasy to jodha that I prised Rahim’s doll but you didn’t do for his prince, jodha says oh you want to listen your praise from me, you want me to say that you are good looking, jalal says wow you didn’t want and said it also, jodha says when did I say, jalal says so you don’t find me good, jodha says no I didn’t mean that, you look good, I mean.. jalal smiles,n jodha understands and says what you get tesing me, jalal says I like the face you make, you become wild cat, who is about to attack, jodha says you sit here, I have work I am going, she leaves, jalall smiles.

Scene 6
shehnaz is running behind Rahim and ask him to give her doll, she catches at end of wall, she snatches doll and Rahim falls from roof, he holds roof end and shouts to help him, jodha sees hm hanging and runs to him ,jalal also comes there, and jumps to save Rahim, ruks, salima also runs. Rahim falls but jalal jumps in air and saves Rahim in nick of time. all are relieved, shehnaz laughs seeing her dolls without thinking what she did. jalal and all look angrily at her.

PRECAP- jodha says to jalal that I know her heart is innocent, jalal shouts enough, you met one mad girl in Mathura, did sweet talks with you and you became soft for her and brought her here and today when this big incident happened even then you are favoring her, I saw Rahim falling from height and that girl was laughing, only mad can do that.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. aivar

    i am good… i hate the precap…. shehnaz is going to be the reason that there is going to be a rift between jodha and jalal

  2. shraddha

    Zee Gold awards-
    Congratulations to the entire team and all fans of JA over here.
    Best actor male(critics)- Rajat Tokas(Jalal)
    Face of the year male- Rajat Tokas(Jalal)
    Best actor female(debut)- Paridhi Sharma(Jodha)
    Best supporting actor female- Lavina Tondon( Ruqaiya)
    Best negative actor female- Ashwini Kalsekar( Mahamanga)

  3. ray

    i hate the precap i dont like jalal being mad at jo espically at there 1 year aniversary

  4. Arun

    it seems new track of shehnaz, all except jodha are against her but one day again jodha will prove right.

  5. aivar

    Rangrasiya…what do u guys think will happen today… paro did see laila hugging rudra … and she gave a speech about how she is a flame that is meant to be with fire with paro is a insect that can go into fire… any opinions out there

  6. ray

    @aivar i think she will ignore the hug and still be mad at them and then atr the end rudra will make paro not mad he will make her forgive him

  7. aivar

    yupp the two main characters have to end up together …. paro an rudra… ya ray i havent seen anaelle in a while too

  8. shraddha

    @Rose that was a beautiful serial but I didn’t watch it completely. Enoughof unnecessary twists ruined the show. And show also shut down much earlier than it should have been because Ekta had some issues regarding that. But I used to watch it for Rajat.

  9. I loved dat soap… such a wndrful chrmstry btwn d lead actrs.. n d stry too… whr best frnz bcm soul mates

  10. Shaini

    Dis serial is a historical luv story. OMG evry1 wil laugh 2 hear dat.
    Any way i liked jalal jumphng 2 save rahim. Wow brave jalal

  11. O god what’s that precap guys don’t no but i think shehnaz pushed rahim purposely something is wrong with this girl and anyone remember that spoiler that on their marriage anniversery jalal will save rahim shehnaz ‘s son (but their is one difference that there was salima’s son rahim) and will be in danger and jodha will fight with jalal for leaving her alone on their anniversery and that night they come to no that ruqaiya is pregnent . SO THIS TRACK IS VERY MUCH SIMILAR TO THAT SPOILER DON’T U ALL THINK SO.

  12. U edoits @hh nd @dumb serial u both are dumb nd lame nd not this serial so go on another serials forum if u do not like this serial we love this serial okay nd we like to say hi in your comments so whats your problem u both r stupid

  13. Kranti shikha

    Ya sanaya i met these 2 stupids. In other serials 2. Dey r just real idiots. Any1 can figure it out from there name. So u supids i wil be happy 2 hear abt ur depart ure from here.

  14. Kranti shikha

    Sanaya these stupids dont have any work. I dont know whether dey understand d serial or not. Dos who dont like JA they r d biggest idiot i ever saw. Any way dey should enjoy there dumbness. V should not waste our time talking to dumbs and lamlames like these 2 stupids. U idimts should be ashamed of urself.

  15. Shaini


  16. Shivangi

    How dare u speak like dis on dis serial. Now i can understand y u r named dumb and hh. U r real bastards, nonsense, nasty. Scoudrel. Idiot and chuckle heads. Chi

  17. dumb serial

    @shivangi…gal u such a loser..b*t*h!! calm down…the comment was not on the serial…it was on people like u……so just f**k off!!

  18. Hey how dare u talk to to like dis with our readers of our forum and u r such a dumb like ur name and u no what just get lost u blo*dy nonsense nd same to u stupid nonsense bastard fool dumb nd lame

  19. kriti

    woah..woah..calm down both of u..sanaya and @dumb serial…..
    @ sanaya…u dnt have to bother about people like “dumb serial” coz they can’t respect other’s views
    so chill…enjoy the serial….and just ignore this person.
    @dumb serial…. if u are so much against these serials…y do u have to come and unnecessarily comment and spoil the aura and decorum of this discussion forum…?? u seem extremely jobless…

  20. dumb serial

    i didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s sentiments here…. its just that the sanaya gal….is talking some crap…
    And its sort of that i am really jobless…i accidentally came across this site….so i thot lets have some fun….so…ok i accept my mistake…. but @sanaya… it was just a comment…not intented to hurt anyone..i totally respect everyone’s views… and it was only on the purpose of having fun!!! dts it!!

  21. Its ok @dumb serial but u should haven’t hurt our emotions because v really love this serial . BY THE WAy whats ur real name

  22. kriti

    @dumb serial… u forgot to mention many people in ur comments….
    anyways… leave now….don’t ever comment here again…. tata goodbye adieu…..hope i never ever have to reply to ur silly comments!!

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