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Jodha Akbar 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mughal army is all lined up for the war, jalal arrives n inspects it n then directs atgah, mirza n others about strategy, he then address the army that he tried a lot to bring a way to sort this out apart from war, but the enemy is so stubborn so they’ll fight n show them their valour, he reminds them of their past victory n says that today their aim is only Fateh/win.

In camp, jodha sense sum1 was there, she ask about it n rahim came out, he says that he’s searching for shield as he’s a man he needs to fight with jalu like others, jodha smiles on his innosence, she suddenly feel pain in stomach n rahim brings water for her n then says that thr’s baby inside her stomach(aapke pet me khilona hai), she was shocked he explains that when ruqu was about to bring baby for him

javeda told that its inside her stomach thats y she was having pain, it means the same for jodha, jodha says that its like God speaking via rahim.

At kabul, thr was sum culprit brought in front of MC, thr she notice that her hubby was flirting with her daughter, she indirectly scare them by punishing that man n then flirt with her hubby .

Other side, both sides army reaches in the feild n jalu ask his soldiers that although they are less still no one compete with thr bravery, finally all scream …yalgaar ho !!..yalgaar ho !… by both armies, All swords are drawn out , Severe blo*dy battle ensues,Lots of casualties from both sides.

After a while abul n jalu came face to face n gave a tough fight to each other, when abul fal down n jalu was about to kill him sum1 came from behind n distracted jalu, abul ran away within that span n jalu follow him, in the jungle one more time jalu catch abul n hit him badly.

Abul starts instigating jalu, that they are using nigaar n now she’s of no use so he sent sum soldiers to kill him, jalu got worried n hit him n then ran behind those soldiers, meanwhile sum of jalu’s soldiers reached thr, jalu soon meet nigar.

She was tied around a tree n ask him not to cum closer as he’ll kill her but jalu is a good brother he convinced her that he’s thr to save her n with her, they hugs, nigar says that she was foolish to believe MC n abul, then a soldier attack them n nigar save jalu n then jalu hit him back.

Nigar take jalu to sum secret place until the soldiers disappears, n as they reaches thr, nigar attack him from behind n all soldiers with abul reaches thr n capture jalu, she told that it was all drama n now he’s under arrest by MC soldiers, jalu is shocked n angry.

Precap: TodarMal told the harem begums that jalu has been captured, ruqu says that means soldiers might attack them as well n if it happen they have to drink this poison, jodha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amor

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  3. Crystal has posted it. It is nt of utube but the promo is there

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  9. Written: the scene opens and we can see all begums with shamsheer. Jodha says: ab hame hamla karna hoga,aaj hum ek naya itihaas rachenge and after all these jodha says” akraman” and all other begums says together”fateh fateh fateh…”

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