Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 27 # Behind the bars

Have you had an awkward moment in your life? Well, if yes I would tell you that this is the most awkward moment of my life, the BAAP of them all. Sona & I are in the same car but none of us is speaking. I can just catch her stealing glances & we smile awkwardly. Hmmm … Kuch to karna hoga warna this whole ride & especially Asha Aunty’s efforts would be wasted.
I know where she lives now but she doesn’t know that I know it. Now don’t you think that I’m a stalker … Okay fine many days I’ve just blankly opened her profiles on social networking sites & I’ve sat outside her home for hours to see her UNTIL I got to know that she’s still in Varanasi. Don’t look at me like that reader even she has been stalking otherwise how would she know of my NGO & she’s been donating regularly. She can be mad at me but I know there’s no room for hate in between us. Benefit of doubt utha le Dev, it’s time to turn the steering in the direction of the good old days.
SONA: Excuse me … Its great that you have taken the pain to drop your friend’s would be fiancé but do you know where I stay?
Dev: Sona … I know you are mad at me but whatever the scene may be you are MY FRIEND first & I can do this for you
Sona: Excuse me I don’t know you
Dev: Are you out of your mind?
Sona: Sorry I guess you are having a misunderstanding
This trick will not work Ms. Bose, I am in full Mr. Devrath Dixit mode & I will get what I want … Play games Sonakshi but I will make you own up
Dev: Oh!!! Maybe …
I said that with a careless expression but her expression was priceless, she was taken aback. HAhaha!! The ball is in my court.
Dev: I think you are right
Sona: Hmmm
Look at her face … She has lost the game
Dev: You know what my Sona was something else not like you …
Sona: Excuse me
Dev: Haan!! I mean just look at you naam Sonakshi Bose rakh lene se koi meri Sona ko match nahi kar sakta
Sona: You are insulting me
Dev: I am stating facts
Sona: Really?
Dev: Yup!! My Sona was …
Look at her expression; she is waiting me to praise her. Chalo … let me please her
Dev: Sonakshi … She came in my life like a fresh breeze of wind & changed my life. She was like a parking spot in heavy traffic. No fuss, no pretence, just that serene aura of hers which captivated my mind. She has that … that …
Sona: That?
Dev: Never mind
Sona: Tumi Eakdum …
I should say ‘smart, intelligent & handsome’ but I want to catch her off-guard
Sona: Complete it
Dev: What?
Sona: Won’t you say ‘Smart,intelligent & handsome’
Dev: Why should I? I said that with my Sona not with strangers like you.
Sona: Excuse me
Dev: You are not my Sona … You are a …
Sona: A?
Dev: Never mind
She was fuming with anger & I wondered that in her temper she may leave my car. So, I switched on the FM
Aaoge jab tum o saajna
Angna phool khilenge
Barsega saawan
Barsega saawan
Jhoom jhoom ke
Do dil aise milenge
She shifted in the seat, uncomfortable. I started speaking
Dev: This was my Sona’s favorite song
Sona: Yes mine too …
Dev: I don’t think so. Why are you trying to act as my Sona?
Sona: Because
Dev: Go on
Sona: Never mind
Dev: I’ll tell you why
Sona: Why?
Dev: You want to woo me
Sona: What?No!
Dev: I am a man & you want to woo me. Woman.
Sona: Lame that was. The worst PJ I’ve ever heard
Don’t mind my jokes reader. I need to break her shell. I’m taking her to Punjabi Bagh, the locality where we lived earlier. She now lives in Janakpuri. Hope she doesn’t notice.
Sona: I guess we are on the wrong track
Dev: Is it?
Sona: Yesss … Stop … Ruko abhi
I kept driving for a while & used plan B. I stopped the car abruptly.
Sona: Good. Now turn
Dev: Can’t
Sona: Why?
Dev: Because the car has broken down
Sona: You’ve got to be kidding
Dev: NO
Sona: Uffff!! Now what?
Dev: Do one thing stand near that tree I’ll try to fix it.
Sona: Fine
She got down from the car. I opened the engine trying to fix it & I called Jatin. Good thing I have a Bluetooth device with me otherwise she would have guessed that I’m upto something.
Dev: Hello
Jatin: Hello
Dev: Where are you?
Jatin: Teri Bhabhi ko Pujo Pandal ghuma rahu hu
Dev: Ohhh
Jatin: Why are you whispering? Anything serious?
Dev: I guess you are busy. Is Vicky in Delhi?
Jatin: No
Dev: Elena?
Jatin: No
Dev: Ohk
Jatin: Is it anything important?
Dev: I’ve met Sona
Jatin: What?!? Where?
Dev: Long story … I need a favour … If possible spare 15 minutes
& I told him my plan
Jatin: Seriously? You want to do this?
Dev: Yes … I know it’s silly but everything is fair in love & war
Jatin: Fine I’ll come.
Dev: Please tell Juhi Bhabhi that I’m really sorry for disturbing you guys … you are posted at different places because of your job as an army officer & can’t spend ample time with her but I need your help badly
Jatin: Don’t worry she’ll understand … I’m lucky to have her
Jatin leaves no stone unturned when it comes to praising Bhabhi but I didn’t had that much time. I had to get started with my plan so I told him that I’ll talk to him later & disconnected the call.
Sona was standing near a tree; I went towards her slowly & looked in her eyes with my piercing gaze. She stood still. I went near her & pressed my forehead against hers. She started breathing faster, I must be making her nervous with my breath hitting her face.
A blinding light fell on us. I parted from her & turned to face the intruder. I looked at Sona who was bewildered to see who it was

Cop: Lajja hai? ( Do you have some shame?)
Dev: Nahi Sona hai … Dekho (No I have Sona … see)
I pointed at Sona mischievously.
Cop: Ye gadi tumhari hai? (Is this car yours?)
Sona: Iski hai (It’s his)
She said while pointing at me. She must have sensed the danger & started moving away.
Cop: Oh Madam ji … Kaha jaa rahi ho? Ek to no parking me gadi park karte ho upar se yahan ped ke niche khade ho ke ye … ye sab karte ho (Where are you going Madam? First you parked you car in no parking & then you are doing all … all this under the tree)
Sona: no no no … it is not what it looks like … Dev kuch bolo ( Say something)
Dev: Inspector saheb aap apne gadi ka darwaza kholo (Let’s get into the car officer)
Cop: Chalo chalo
Sona whispered: Dev, ye tum kya kar rahe ho? (What are you doing?)
Dev: Nyaya ka saath de raha hu (Supporting justice)
Sona: Nyaya ki murti banane ka bukhar kyu sawar ho gaya tumhare sar par? (Why do you want to do this?)
Dev: Dekho jo meri Sona thi na wo jhoot nahi bolti thi … Tum to Sona ho nahi khud hi jhooth bol do (Because My Sona never lied but you are fake Sona you can lie)
Cop: Chapad chapad band karo & gadi me chalo (Stop your nonsense & get into the car)
We got into the police van & started moving towards the police station. Finally, after a 10 minutes drive we reached the station & were locked up in jail. Sona sat down on a wooden plank & I sat down beside her.
Dev: The place is good.
Sona: Good?
Dev: Ms Fake Bose … we will have to stay here together …
Sona got up from that seat.
Sona: I don’t want to stay here
Dev: Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaara … Ik vaari aa
Sona: Tumhe gaane sujh rahe hain? (Why are you singing?)
Dev: Just getting familiar to the place
Sona: For how long will we be locked up?
Dev: Yahi kuch 5 mahine (Some 5 months)
Sona: 5 months
They heard some footsteps coming towards their cell.
Dev: Hi Jatin
Jatin: Hey
Dev: So Ms Fake Bose Goodbye
Sona: Why?
Dev: Because he will get my bail papers ready & you may enjoy
(That rhymed :P)
Sona: & what about me?
Dev: Jatin is my friend … He’ll help me why should we bother about you?
Sona: Mera bhi to dost hai (He’s my friend too)
Jatin: Nahi to aap Ms Fake Bose hain … I don’t know you (No … you are Ms. Fake Bose
Dev: Admit it Sona … leave your ego …
Sona: What? What should I admit? I have not lied
Dev: So Bye Ms Fake Bose … Let’s leave her
Sona: Stop … Okay fine … I’m your Sona
Dev: &?
Sona: I’m your friend Sona & the same Sona who …
Dev: Who?
Sona: Never mind
Jatin: Enough for today … I’ll drop the two of you in my car … Juhi is also waiting outside
Sona: Juhi?
Jatin: My wife
Sona: Oh! Congratulations Jatin
Sona went out with Jatin while I stayed back for a second to shake hands with the cop & pay him for his service. I wouldn’t have done all this if she wouldn’t have played the I DON’T KNOW YOU Game… Well it is indeed kuch rang pyar ke AISE bhi


I had to post yesterday only but my laptop was with a cousin
Next episode will be posted on Monday/ Tuesday.

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    I really loved it…
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    Post sooonn..
    Love u di

    1. Riti1107

      Na na marna mat aise hi comment karne wale kam ho gaye hain??

      Extreme ho gaya Dev ka?? …. Pata nahi aisa idea kaise aaya

  2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Loved it!! Dev’s POV is always amazing… Be it any FF….. N if Riti is writing it then toh its the BAAP of all POVs??….bechaari Ms. Fake Bose.??? and Juhi congrats yaar…..Jattu se shaadi karle aur mujhe bulaya bhi nahi…..galat baat?….iski punishment toh banti hai.???
    Superb episode… post soon twinny?

    1. Juhi16

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    2. Riti1107

      Pichli baar Juhi ne request ki thi ki she really loves Jatin so much & isiliye she should be paired with him…

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  3. Juhi16

    Great great great episode…are episode chodo..phle to thanku thanku thanku so so so much..meko
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    Over all it was a very cute vala episode …..

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    1. Riti1107

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      1. Juhi16

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    2. Riti1107

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    Riti di…. bahut maza aa gya… dev sir cancer se kya lad liye woh toh bahut hi zyada intelligent ho gye..
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    Love u loads

    1. Riti1107

      Intelligent ka to pata nahi par GKB se plan banane ke skills seekh liye hain Dev ne

      Jahi??? Jathi???
      I was also thinking
      Kuch aur weird name soojh rahe the

      JJ is okay

      Love u more

      1. Juhi16

        Itte khternak naam sun kr Jattu ka to pta ni pr has has ke mera pet drd ho gy h…????????????????

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    I am in full Mr.devrath dixit mode like seriously???
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    Perfect… just perfect???
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    1. Riti1107


      The song is my fav too!!
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