Gangaa 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv and Ganga select the same doll for Radhika. Aashaa keenly watches this and appreciates their choice. On the way back, Shiv hits a woman undeliberately. The lady shouts at Shiv that he does this deliberately. Ganga comes to interrupt and says the lady doesn’t recognize a difference between any goon and a simple man. Ganga tells the lady he is her husband and must have held her hand to support her. She says no one should help girls like her, and tells her to go away. Shiv wish Ganga similarly understand his love for her as well. Ganga wonders why she sided Shiv in front of everyone. Ganga makes the payment.
On the way back, some bikers pass by trying to molest Ganga and Aasha. Shiv returns to beat the men and holds thier collars teaching them a lesson. The guys leave after apologizing the ladies.
Ganga gets a call from Riya that Savitri has been shouting for long, they have to go to thier Chachi. She warns Ganga she will have to take care of everything. Ganga informs Shiv about the plan.
At chachi’s place, both chachi and Savitri have an argument with each other. Soon, Savitri comes out and shout at Shiv that she doesn’t want to stay here for a second. Savitri shuts herself at home and says she did exactly what Kushal asked her to do. Outside, everyone had gathered and asks Savitri to come outside. Kushal asks if Savitri is angry. Ganga tells Shiv that Savitri is angry because Chachi said alot to her. Savitri cries inside that Geeta didn’t say something wrong, she wonders why she didn’t die before hearing this. Shiv asks Ganga about the matter, he says he would ask Savitri about it. He deters to break the door if Savitri doesn’t open the door. Savitri finally opens the door and cries that Geeta taunted her, she tells Shiv she taunted that Shiv and Ganga don’t live as husband and wife. She warns Shiv if they don’t develop a relation within next 7 days, she will marry Shiv to someone else as she needs grandchildren in the house.
Riya tells Savitri to let go of whatever Geeta says. Savitri was stubborn and insists they both live as strangers. Riya asks where would she bring a girl in seven days to remarry Shiv. Savitri says Aasha is there, she is an aunt of Radhika and will take care of her as well. Everyone was in disbelief. Shiv warns Savitri can’t make him up for marriage on Parvati’s name. Savitri cries again that Shiv promised to agree to everything he says. Savitri shuts herself again inside the room. Riya takes Aasha away. Ganga stands there, upset.

PRECAP: Ganga asks Shiv what he wants. Ganga allows Shiv to marry Aasha, she is a nice girl. Aasha takes Shiv outside with her. Shiv returns home and tells Ganga he has decided when and how he would do something.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hi Sona,

    Thanks for speedy update. πŸ™‚

    After reading the precap, I am wondering if Gangaa will walk away from Shiv and make way for Aasha so that they can be a family? I really hope not! It would be nice to see Ganga wake up to her feelings for Shiv and be happy, ending on a positive note. I’m hoping Riya and Kushal plan will bring Gangaa and Shiv together…Gangaa admitting finally she has feelings for Shiv and not restraint any further. Not to forget, justice for Sagar and Praviti. Pratap and Savitri surely is not going to get away with murder…right? When is Jhumki fake pregnancy is going to be exposed, or will it?

  2. Just watched the episode. Love love loved it. Everything from Shiv and Gangaa choosing the same doll and having Asha go on about how they think the same, to Gangaa sticking up for Shiv and then Savatri doing her dramabazi to cause havoc but it’s going to backfire because it’s not her plan but Khushal’s plan and we all know Khushal ships Shingaa. Even Jumki who I can’t stand made me laugh when Savatri said the girl is in this house and Jumki is looking up and down. There is no way Asha is going to marry Shiv especially how she went on and on how Shiv and Gangaa have the same taste etc. I think she will agree to go along with plan and agree to marry Shiv but she will only do it to bring them together.. yay another Shingaa fan! Oh silly writers if only you had shown this earlier you might still have a show. By the way does anyone else think Aditi looks stunning post revamp, the saree, make up and jewellery really accentuate her beauty more than the saree and straight hair she had previously or may be I’m just biased.

  3. The only downside I can think of is that I don’t think Parvati and Pratap are going to pay for their evil deeds. I just don’t see how the writers are going to bring that part of the story to an end in a week. Unfortunately I think this will be one of those loose ends that won’t be tied up.

  4. Hi Sandy and summer
    According to me gangaa is never ever going to follow savatri’s words at all……..and aasha she didn’t say a word when savitri announced her marriage along with shiv…….I don’t know why the writer wants to end gangaa serial when there is so much left yet to be explained…..and if yes then writers should end it positively exposing all culprits.From few episodes I’m noticing gangaa has developed feelings for shiv and I really appreciate it…..but writers are hurriedly trying to end serial and I think shiv should remember his promise and go against savitri……sad ending like Ashoka serial doesn’t make a sense at all…….good people should only win at last……but unfortunately I feel that won’t happen as I read previous day comments and people were saying that Aditi informed about the sad ending….I was trying to find out on utube but couldn’t ????

  5. I really hope that writers don’t end it dressing gangaa in white saree itself …….. If not Sagar then at least she should get shiv’s love & if not Krishna then she should get at least radhika’s love…..ahe definitely deserves it otherwise they should have shown gangaa as a intependent woman only who is happy and successful being alone too…… introducing shiv in her life means something.
    If it doesn’t happen then one is bound to think that writer’s personal life also doesn’t have everything fine otherwise why he is so sick to end such a beautiful serial in such a way…………… I’ve been watching gangaa since 1st episode and I only wanted her to be happy always so at least I can hope that justice is done with her.

  6. Shri Krishna serial to launch from 19 th june till then the slot at 8;30 pm will be empty so maybe Gangaa will continue till then. Hopefully!

  7. Hi Sandy! I also think the same. Aditi is looking very beautiful post revamp. Her large eyes are particularly very beautiful . I wish for a happy ending.

  8. Hi Sandy, Priya and Poonam,

    After watching the episode, i thought the storyline is finally picking up, but alas to end soon. πŸ™
    Loved the way Ganga stood up for Shiv and how she got irked because Shiv just walked away. If only they could read each other minds hey!
    When Shiv saved Ganga from those goons and Ganga questioned why he beat them so hard, loved Shiv’s response. Finally we get to see some light humour, it was nice to see Ganga have a small discreet smile too. πŸ™‚
    Its funny watching Savitri putting her plan and drama into action thinking she is the smart one and she doesn’t even realise she is dancing to Kushal tunes.
    Sandy, yes, i too thought Gangaa post revamp avatar is stunning. Her saris, her colours etc. However, i too also liked what she wore before, but definitely heavy fabric with elaborate colours and desgns, Aditi has definitely carried it of well.
    Priya, I was too was worried that they were going to end to serial with Ganga walking away in a white sari, but after watching this episode, i am hopefully that there still could be a positive ending. πŸ™‚

  9. GUYS be mentally prepared this serial is not going to have a happy ending nd this aditi has said it on her social media not in any interview…. secondly i could not found gangaa beautiful means she is always wearing all those heavy tika jewellery means no one could wear all those jewellery all time all day even when sleeping LOL……she was beautiful before revamp her long open hair nd cotton sarree whick makes her extremely beautiful……… gangaa is developing feelings for shiv she has made love a joke her husband died nothing happen she has got a ready made family a ready made husband nd daughter fine for gangaa husband beti mar gye toh kya hua kisi aur se pyaar karlenge means its is so easy for gangaa to forget evrything in just 2 months nd move on…… gangaa is so cheap that she can have a baby wid shiv.. shiv is so kamina that he vl be ok of having a baby wid gangaa nd widout any regret……. nd yesss gangaa is just one more week or two then it vl go off air it vl not going to air till 19 june the time slot vl be vacant for some days nd yes enjoy watching this cheap serial……….

    1. Quote The source !

  10. Hi everyone!

    Watched the episode now and loved every bit of it!! Just like old days πŸ™‚
    Gangaa sure looks beautiful with the bright sarees and matching jewellery! πŸ˜€
    When savitri said that she’ll keep a fast until shiv agrees to her demands, for a moment I remembered Amma Ji πŸ˜› She also used to say the same to Niru πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    I do hope that the serial goes on till 19 and has a happy ending!! we as viewers and Gangaa as a character deserves that happiness! πŸ™‚

  11. So I’ve been thinking about the sad ending Aditi has mentioned – If this is true then it could mean the death of a character. They could have killed Shiv earlier but they didn’t so maybe Gangaa?!! I’m just speculating here but the truth about Parvati and Saggar comes out and she gets in the way, a dying Gangaa could make Shiv promise her that he’ll marry Asha (a la Saagar) and that could be where it ends. I would totally hate it if they went this way, it’s would be sooo cheesy but this is TV Land where anything is possible. Also it could be the writer’s way of pleasing the SaGa fans who are still watching the show.

  12. Guys i dont understand that the thing which cannot be happen why to demand for that we know that there wud be a sad ending as it is said by aditi…. pls explain me the actors know about the story of the serial or u guys know the story nd all plot obviously they know nd aditi also said that the serial just for one more week….. but yeah i have to agree that ammaji also used to say this type of things to niru nd sagar…..

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