Twinkle woke up to find Kunj’s arm firmly holding her. She sighed knowing that she wasn’t about to get up anytime soon. She looked at Kunj, who was still sleeping and smiled. She leaned over him and kissed him on his cheeks. Kunj stirred in his sleep but didn’t wake up. Twinkle kissed him again on his cheeks, letting her lips linger and travel to his ears. She felt Kunj’s arm tighten around her. He pulled her on top of him.

Kunj- What were you doing? Kunj asked still in a sleepy haze.

Twinkle- Nothing. She said sheepishly.

Mhhmhmmm sure- Kunj asked skeptically.

Kunj’s fingers brushed against Twinkles back, which was left bare from when Kunj had undressed her last night. He had only unzipped the dress of her suit and pulled it lower so that her shoulders were bare, but it was enough for Kunj to make him wild. He let his hand slip through the unzipped part and under the fabric. He started caressing her back. Twinkle shivered at his touch.

Kunj- I love waking up to you in the morning. Kunj said kissing her neck softly.

He noticed that Twinkle has not adjusted her clothes and her shoulders were still bare. His eyes travelled down her neck and over her shoulders, resting on her chest. He desperately wished that he could see what was behind her clothes, but of course that was not happening soon. Twinkle looked down, trying to figure out what Kunj was looking at. She rolled off of him and pulled her kurta back into place as she sat up. She felt Kunj’s hands move around her waist.

Kunj- I will help you in zipping up. Kunj whispered in her ears. He started to nuzzle her neck. He slowly pulled the zipper up and laid Twinkle back down. He positioned himself on top of her and continued to kiss down her neck.

Twinkle- Kunjjj, pl… please….sttopp. She was moaning his name and trying to push him against his chest.

Twinkle flinched and tried to pull away but Kunj was having none of that. He pulled her arms above her head and trapped them against the bed. He started kissing her neck, sucking on it before moving lower. He hugged her body and placed his head on her chest as his new pillow.

Twinkle- Kunj, get up we need to get out of bed.

Kunj- No.

Twinkle tried to protest- But.

Kunj- I said no. He said and remained in the same position.

Twinkle accepted her defeat and laid there beneath Kunj.

Suddenly Kunj’s phone rang, Twinkle smiled knowing that Kunj would have to get rid of her to answer it. Kunj groaned and lifted himself up. He picked up his phone from the nightstand and laid back down on the bed this time beside Twinkle.

Hello- Kunj said a little forcefully.

Don’t hello me Kunj, I need your help- UV shouted on the other side of the phone.

Kunj- What help? Kunj asked and looked over Twinkle, who was about to get up. He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back onto the bed. Twinkle gave him an angry look to which Kunj replied with a smile.

UV- It’s Chinki and I need your help.

Kunj- Now what have you done. He laughed and tighten his grip on Twinkle’s arm.

UV- I have not done anything. Why do you always think I did something?

As Kunj listened to UV, he saw Twinkle climb on top of him. He gave her a questioning look, trying to focus on what UV was saying, but Twinkle ignored him and placed an open mouth kiss on his neck.

Yeah, yeah, I am listening- Kunj said into his phone watching Twinkle suspiciously.

She sprinkled kissed all over his bare shoulders and chest. Kunj took a deep breath, trying not to give in to Twinkle’s attempt to distract him. She looked up at Kunj and gave him a sly smile. Her kissed moved on his lower body. She kissed along his tight muscular abs. Kunj tried desperately to stifle a moan.

Yeah, yeah UV, I…. I think you do that… pleassee- Kunj said as he saw Twinkle continuously kissing him on his abs making him loose his control, while Twinkle looked up at him and continued her work of kissing him.

UV- Hai, Kunj are you ok, why you are saying please to me.

Kunj- No, no not you UV.

UV- I am coming over.

Kunj- Noo! Now…. now (after a brief pause). Now is not the good time to come.

Twinkle’s hand grazed against his skin near Kunj’s waistband. He knew if her hand travelled any lower, then he’d need to finish what she started, and he knew she was not ready for that. Twinkle left a lingering, wet kiss along Kunj’s abs. He could have sworn he felt her tongue on is abs for a brief moment. He thought that if she is going to continue like this then he can’t help but take her then and there.

UV- Kunj, are you listening to me. Gosh, you are behaving so awkward this morning. Get ready, Iam coming in ten minutes. He said and hanged the phone abruptly

Kunj- Dammit, Twinkle stop. You are killing me. Kunj said throwing his hone to the side and grabbing his wife.

Twinkle- Let me get out of bed or I will do worse with you.

Kunj- Do worse. Kunj said and raised an eyebrow and said- Do, let me also see what my dear wife can do.

Kunj said and flipped in a moment and now Twinkle was again beneath Kunj. She blushed listening to what Kunj said and started pushing him.

Kunj- I love when you blush. He said and bit her cheek.

Twinkle- Kunj, get up and let me also, please.

Kunj- I said no then why you are asking again.

Twinkle- Kunj, it’s so late.

Kunj- Doesn’t matter.

Twinkle- So, you are not letting me go?

Kunj gave her a smile and again caged her body in his arms.

Twinkle- Mr. Sarna, then I will do a whole lot to you and refrain from doing things to you. Both ways, I will have your body aching for me, but you won’t get me.

Kunj whispered- Damn, I am loving this sinfully devious Twinkle.

Twinkle got off bed and Kunj allowed her to. She picked up her veil which landed on the floor after Kunj snatched it off last night. Kunj puled on his t shirt as he watched her. He stood up and followed Twinkle into the closet.

Kunj- Why don’t you wear something s*xy today? Kunj said into Twinkle’s ear. She could feel his body behind her. His hand was lightly placed on her waist.

Twinkle- I don’t have anything like that.

Kunj- What about these? Kunj pointed to the lingerie which she had bought with Roshni.

Twinkle- No.

Kunj protested- But.

Twinkle- I said no. Twinkle giggled, using Kunj’s own lines against him.

Kunj smiled- Well played Mrs. Sarna. Ok, wear a saree then.

Twinkle- Why?

Kunj- Because I have never had a chance to take off a saree, but tonight…. I will. Kunj smirked.

Twinkle- If you think are then you are wrong.

Kunj- Am I, now?

Twinkle- You are not going to get another night like last night for a while.

Kunj sighed- Fine. He had promised her that he would not bother her about this anymore, so he accepted Twinkle’s decision.

He chooses his clothes and went into the bathroom to freshen up and change. Twinkle decided to take shower after Kunj. Kunj went down to see what his staff was doing as he had given them many days off while he was busy romancing with Twinkle. He didn’t want anyone to interrupt them and intrude their privacy. He saw that the maids were doing some cleaning stuff and the chef had already prepared breakfast.

Kunj heard the doorbell, followed by knocking on the door. He knew it was UV. His butler opened the door and UV rushed into Kunj’s mansion.

UV- What took you so long? UV said to the butler and rushed to Kunj- Kunj, I need help.

Kunj- What is the matter UV. He asked not showing any interest.

UV- Chinki, she doesn’t love me.

Kunj- How do you know that?

UV- I know she just doesn’t.

Kunj- UV, you just think that.

UV- No maybe, I don’t know. Kunj, I really love her.

Kunj- Yes, I can see that. He was happy for his best friend.

UV- I want to marry her.

Kunj- What! Seriously! UV, I can’t imagine you married. Kunj was shocked.

UV- I couldn’t imagine you married either, but see what happened?

Kunj- Good point. So, when are you proposing her.

UV- I don’t know. I don’t know if she is ready or not. I need to know that and that is why I need your help. I need the proposal to be perfect and no one knows how to woo girls better that you.

Kunj- Woo girls, I don’t woo girls.

UV made a shocking face- Uh huh Sure.

Kunj- Ok, we will work on the perfect proposal, but UV, she is not going to say no. She is crazy about you and you know it.

Maid- Sir, you have few mails. The maid came and placed the mails in the living room.

Kunj thanked her and started looking the mails.

UV- You think so?

Kunj paused as his eyes landed o n a fancy looking letter. He curiously opened it also trying to listen to whatever UV was saying. His curiosity was overtaking his attention, however.

Kunj- Shit! Kunj shouted after reading the letter.

What- UV screamed and started looking around him like someone was about to jump and murder him.

Kunj- Nothing, I just got a paper cut.

UV- What the hell! I just got a heart attack because of you. He said and grabbed Kunj’s hand and started examining his hand where Kunj got a paper cut.

Kunj- When did you become my wife? Healing my wounds is Twinkle’s job not yours. He said sarcastically and took his hand back from UV’s hold.

UV- Of course, Twinkle can do what I can’t.

And what is that? Kunj asked unsurely but he was not willing to know the answer.

UV said with a grin- Kiss it and make it feel better. If I did that, Twinkle will divorce you and Chinki will dump me.

Both of them broke out in laughter.

Kunj- UV, I will make sure that you make such proposal that Chinki can never say no to you and she will straight away say yes to marriage

UV face lit up and he knew that his best friend was the only one who could help him. He knew Kunj was the only one who would be able to understand his feelings for Chinki.

UV- Thanks! I know you will. By the way Kunj, why you said on the phone that it was not the right time to come over? I used to just show up but now I have to inform you? UV asked sarcastically.

Kunj- I…. well, you know…. You fool! You know why. Kunj was first at loss of words but then he told UV.

UV started laughing loudly- idiot! You think I wouldn’t find out that you are in love. It’s so obvious. You are in love for quite some time.

Kunj- How do you know?

UV- It’s written all over your face. Every time you look at Twinkle, when you were in hospital, any idiot with no brain can tell that. Now tell me that have you told Twinkle about it?

Kunj- I told her last night.

UV- Oh, last night. UV raised his eyebrows and came near Kunj asking from his eyes.

Kunj- UV, nothing happened.

UV- Sure, sure, whatever you say.

Kunj- UV, she loves me too.

UV- What? Twinkle has no taste.

Kunj- Shut up.

UV- Ok, I am leaving, have some planning to do.

Kunj- Yeah, we will plan something out to impress Chinki. Kunj said smiling.

UV- I am happy for you. I never thought that I will see the day that Kunj Sarna will fall in love.

The two best friends said goodbye. Kunj was eager to go back upstairs back to Twinkle.

Kunj- Twinkle. Kunj called as he walked in bedroom.

Twinkle who was making the bed turned around to face him.

Kunj- UV is going to propose Chinki.

Twinkle- That’s great.

Wait, that’s not what I needed to tell you- Kunj said, he wanted to show Twinkle the letter, so he by mistake told UV’s news instead.

Twinkle- What do you need to tell me? Twinkle asked interrupting Kunj’s thoughts.

Kunj- Well, read this letter. Kunj said, holding the letter that he just received.

Twinkle- What does it say?

Kunj- Read it.

Twinkle took the letter and read it. After a moment, she looked back up at Kunj with a smile.

Twinkle- This is such a great news, Kunj. You are going to get awarded for philanthropy efforts.

Kunj frowned. How could Twinkle see the problem here?

Twinkle asked- What kind of philanthropy are they talking about?

Kunj- I have nearly fifty agencies all over that help women who are in bad situation. My father started the first one. We helped Bebe through it. I decided to expand it. There are few in Australia as well. It’s nothing really.

Twinkle- Kunj, it’s nothing? How can you say that it’s nothing. You are doing such a great work. You are helping thousands of women and their children. She walked up to him and kissed him softly.

Twinkle started to walk back to bed, but Kunj pulled her back to him and kissed her passionately. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he pulled their bodies closer. Twinkle pulled away to take a breath.

Kunj smirked- I will help thousands more to get another kiss from you.

Twinkle looked down blushing. Kunj sighed. He took the letter from Twinkle’s hand and held it up.

Kunj- Look, at the date of the awards ceremony. Kunj said pointing to the bottom of the letter.

Tinkle looked at her letter again and now her eyebrows furrowed. She looked back at Kunj.

Twinkle- It’s on our anniversary day.


Wow- UV wants to get married. and kunj is helping him on a perfect proposal mission.

And how sweet of Kunj, he helps women and he is getting awarded for that but sad though. Will they be able to celebrate their first anniversary.

Anyhow, they are getting so romantic with each other.  So what do you think will they celebrate or postpone it?

Ok, I need to tell you something really important- Kiya, really wants me to continue, so I am continuing it.

Now, I really want to ask you all that as per the upcoming story, there will some twists, so should I include consummation scene in upcoming episodes or later.

Please tell me through your comments.

Shrady- Thank you dear for breaking your silence, and yes definitely will be your friend. 🙂

Love you all and please comment. 🙂

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