The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (part 18)


The sky was painted with a beautiful combination of light blue, violet and orangish red, announcing the arrival of dawn. Kabir’s eyes fluttered open as he tried to move his stiff body. Immense paint shot up through the every part of his body that he tried to move. It felt like he had been tied down by thousands of weight that restricted him to move even an inch. He felt an exceptionally soft and light weight on his chest. He gazed down to smell the most sweet and intoxicating cologne which instantly lightened his heart. He tilted his head to gain a better view of the beautiful angel in his arms. Her face was reflecting serene calmness and this made him forget all his pain. He stared at her for what seemed like an eternity and then got to his senses. He looked around to spot someone, but on getting a clean chit, he picked Sanchi up and carried her to her room. He laid her on the bed and left the room half heartedly. Sanchi groaned on the sudden absence of the comforting warmth but was in too deep a slumber to wake up.

Kabir straight away went to the gym to relax his overnight contracted muscles and install some normality in his ever so stiff body. He pondered over the feelings he had developed for Sanchi. He had fallen head over heels for her when he had seen her for the very first time in her wedding attire. He was devastated to accept the simple fact that even the Mafia King can feel for someone. He hated to admit it that Sanchi was like a drug to him. The drug that would intoxicate him and bring out the best of him in better ways, which he never willed. He loved her but it was dangerous for her to be with him. So he made up his mind to let her go after the wedding was over. It was important to organize the wedding perfectly to cover up their mission. Once the mission would be accomplished, he would make sure that Sanchi no longer remains in his life. After all, he loved her enough to let her go.


Sanchi woke up at around 8:00 am. She felt her body stiff and pain spread in her body as she tried to stir a bit. She lay on the bed with her eyes closed as the memories of last night flooded in her mind. A smile broke on her tired face and she instantly got up with a strength that she did not know she possessed. Even the thought of him made her feel safe, secure and strong. She was beaming with happiness as she discovered that she was surrounded by a thick blanket of his scent that she loved. She took a warm shower to relax her muscles, dressed up and made her way through the staircase to the dining hall.


Isha was very happy. After all she was going to see her Janu today after one whole month. They had a fight the last time they saw each other and then Janu had left only to never reply to her messages and never to pick her calls. She had worried her head with all the possibilities related to Janu’s leaving but then Garv had assured her that Janu was okay.

Isha threw a casual look around her room and instantly began to worry. Janu did not like a dirty room and hence Isha had to clean the room as soon as possible. She knew that it was not her cup of tea to clean a room. She only knew how to mess up a perfectly clean room. She quickly took a shower and put on a jeans Capri and a baggy shirt and took a run towards the dining room to find her night in the shining amour.


Sanchi entered the dining room and made her way to the table where the breakfast was laid. She sat down next to Pragya and opposite to Veer and Arjun. Kabir was sitting at the farther end of the table. Sanchi sat down and massaged her neck muscles as they were still a bit sore. Veer noticed this and his mind instantly presented the picture of two love birds that he had seen later in the night before.

V: What happened Sanchi? Did you not sleep well yesterday or did you sleep on a rock instead of the bed?

Sanchi glared him and he threw a smirk in her direction. Then Veer saw Kabir who was shooting daggers at him. If looks could kill then Veer would be lying dead on the floor till now. Veer just rolled his eyes and turned towards Sanchi for the answer but before she could reply, Isha busted through the door of the dining room and came up to their table.

I: Sanchi, Pragya I need your help to clean my room.

Pragya instantly dropped her spoon which was half way through her mouth and Sanchi glanced up to give Isha a look that stated that she had grown horns on her head. Kabir and Arjun were confused to see the girls’ reactions on a simple help request where as Veer was too busy to notice Isha that he totally was zoned out of the conversation. He was brought back to the reality by a squeak that erupted from the girls sitting opposite him. In an instant, Veer, Arjun and Kabir covered their ears to stop the ear bleeding sound from getting on their nerves. The girls ran up to Isha and started examining her as though she was sick.

S: Isha, are you alright?

P: Did you eat something wrong yesterday?

S: Did you sleep properly yesterday night?

P: Did you hit your head with something?

I: Stop it guys. I am perfectly alright and you need to help me out.

S: You are asking for help to CLEAN YOUR ROOM? This is weird. You know that.

P: You never clean your room. You just create a mess of it and make it shabby. What happened now?

The girls were practically going crazy with their one sided questionnaire and Isha was just shaking her head and trying to stop them from spilling further information about her ‘good habits’ in front of people. Kabir just rolled his eyes in boredom as he was disgusted with the way the girls were exaggerating a small matter. Arjun sat there eating his breakfast and completely ignoring the ramble that was going on. Veer sat there with amusement as his interest was perked up as he got to know a little bit about Isha. Kabir saw Veer’s interest with bewilderment and sent him a smirking look with his eyebrows raised. Veer saw Kabir’s knowing expression but decided to ignore it.

Even Sanchi was surprised to see that Veer was studying Isha with an unknown interest. She was happy for Veer as well as Isha. Veer, who was capable of taking interest in someone openly unlike ‘him’ and Isha that would be lucky to get such a compassionate lover as Veer. She glanced at Kabir and saw that he was making a smirking expression with his eyebrows raised and was shocked beyond belief to see Kabir show some expressions. Kabir, as though feeling Sanchi’s stare at him, turned to face her and was caught off guard when he realized that she had seen him showing emotions. He masked his face in a grim setup again and continued with his breakfast as though he was least affected.

I: STOP IT GUYS!! WHAT’S WITH THE BIG FUZZ? I am just asking help. Please help me. Janu is coming today.

Isha’s outburst quieted the girls down.

S: Are you serious?

P: When?

I: Today with Garv and Satish.

S: Okay. Let’s go then. We don’t have much time.

P: Hmm. They will be here in two hours. Hope your room is not that dirty.

Isha nodded. Veer’s face color drained as her heard about Janu. This didn’t go unnoticed by Sanchi and Kabir. Sanchi decided to clean the room first and then she mentally noted to talk to Veer whereas Kabir decided to ignore the matter. The girls left the dining room and spent the rest of the two hours tidying up Isha’s room. The room was back to normal with their combined efforts and some whining from Sanchi and Pragya about Isha’s bad habit of messing around and Isha’s puppy face to help her excuse out of the problem.


Isha was waiting impatiently at the porch for the slightest hint of the arrival of a car. Arjun had gone to pick them up. She was pacing around the reception area when she heard the car’s honk. She got excited and stood up in anxiousness. Sanchi went to her and placed a hand on her shoulder to give her support. Veer looked on confused but chose to ignore it. Kabir’s eyes were glued on the door to see the ‘acquaintances’ he had gathered information about, walk in through the door. Garv and Satish came in and Pragya launched herself at the later. The former however made his way through the couple that was hugging each other passionately to the kidnapped bride. He hugged her and placed a hand on her cheek when he broke the hug.

G: Are you okay?

S: Yes. I am fine.

Kabir was fuming when he saw Sanchi and Garv’s intimacy but chose to classify that as close friendship. Meanwhile, Satish who was released from Pragya’s arms came and met Sanchi and exchanged their worries. Isha cut in between their talks.

I: Garv, where is Janu? You told that Janu will be coming with you, right?

Before Garv could reply they heard a sweet feminine voice from the door.

J: I am here Isha.

Everyone turned around to stare at the new face. Isha immediately ran to her and engulfed her in a bone crushing hug. The girl reciprocated it with the same intensity. Instantly relief washed over Veer’s previously sullen face. A small smile broke on his face as he closed his eyes and a sigh of relief came from his mouth which he quickly covered as a small cough. Sanchi stood next to him quietly and whispered to him.

S: What did you think Janu would be? A boy?

Veer just shook his head at the way he had behaved and decided to remain quite as Sanchi teased him over this small mistake of considering Janu as Isha’s boyfriend.

The girls cried their heart out as they hugged each other. It was a month since they last saw each other. Both went into a flashback.


Isha and Jhanvi were cousins. Their parents had died in a car accident and hence all the responsibilities lied on Isha as she was bigger of the two. Jhanvi had expressed her desires to become a model to which Isha had objected and they have had their huge fight. It was a month after Sanchi’s kidnap.

J: I want to become a model Isha.

I: No. It is not a safe profession. I cannot allow you to go to Mumbai alone. You don’t know the risks in going somewhere alone. Please just be here and do whatever you want to do.

J: Delhi does not provide that many opportunities as Mumbai. Why don’t you want me to go there?

I: Please Jhanvi. I have made up my mind. You cannot go to Mumbai.

J: But Why?

I: Don’t argue with me Janu. My decision is full and final.

J: Why are you controlling my life like that? Just because you are my elder sister does not mean that you have got a right on me. I am an adult and I can make my own decisions. I don’t need your permission to go somewhere. I am just informing you.

After lashing on Isha, Jhanvi collected her stuff and went out of their flat. She straight away went to airport and boarded the flight to Mumbai. Isha was too shocked to react. She sat on the chair as if she was paralyzed and pondered over every word Jhanvi had told her. When she came back to reality, Jhanvi had already left. She tried calling but Janu did not pick up and did not reply to the messages Isha had sent to her.

As the days passed, Isha was putting herself on the blame zone as she thought that she should have given Jhanvi some freedom after all it was her life, where on the other side, Jhanvi was sulking as she thought that she had said too much to Isha. However, Isha seeked Garv’s help to find Jhanvi in Mumbai and Garv offered Jhanvi to stay in his house as a house mate. Jhanvi obliged as she was in need of a residence and she was completely unaware about Isha’s relation with Garv. As the time passed, Garv and Jhanvi started to develop feelings for each other.

Flashback ends.   

They pulled out of the hug but still held each other closed. Pragya told Sanchi about the fight while Isha and Jhanvi were hugging each other.

J: I am sorry. I said too much to you. You were only being protective about me and I messed up with everything.

I: I am sorry. I should have given you the liberty to make your decisions.

J: No. I am sorry. It was my fault.

I: It was my fault.

S: Okay. Stop the sorry game. It was both of your faults. So it is okay.

P: You are safe and happy now. That is what matters at the end of the day.

I: Guess you are right.

J: Hmm. Ishu, how do you know about Garv? You told me on the phone to come with Garv. How did you know where he was going?

Isha rubbed the back of her neck as she thought the answer to her question. Jhanvi looked at her pointedly and Sanchi and Pragya saw everywhere else other than Jhanvi. Garv took it as his call to step into the conversation.

G: Janu, Sanchi is my college friend. She introduced me to Isha and Pragya when I was doing my degree in Delhi. He said as he looped an arm around Sanchi and Isha. Veer and Kabir glared at the back of his head. They were burning holes in his head with their heated stares.

J: You could have told me?

G: But then you would have not stayed at my house.

J: Hmm. Okay but do not hide things from me from now on. Is that clear?

Everyone was shocked to see the tone Jhanvi was using on Garv. Isha was the first one to voice the same question running in everyone’s mind.

I: Are you two a couple?

Jhanvi snaked her arms around one of Garv’s hand and everyone got their reply. The girls again created an ear bleeding squeak as they congratulated the couple causing the boys to close their ears for the second time in the morning. They were all rejoicing when they heard some yells from the front door. They saw Arjun and a new girl arguing at the entrance.

A: I told you that you cannot go in there.

G (Girl): I also told you that you are no one to stop me.

A: Get a hold of yourself girl, don’t you dare to talk to me like that.

G: Oh really! What will you do? Even I want to see what can you do Mr. Egoistic?

A: You…

Arjun was stopped mid sentence as he heard Veer call his name.

V: Arjun. What is the matter?

A: I asked her who she is and what she wants but instead of answering she started to yell at me.

The girl turned around and pushed some of the strands of hair out of her face.

I: Radhika, so glad that you are here.

R: Hey Isha, how are you?

The girls hugged each other and Isha replied as she pulled away from the hug.

I: I am fine. Why are you so angry?

R: He is not allowing me to bring my team inside with me. How am I supposed to work if I don’t have my team with me?

V: I am sorry but we cannot allow you to bring your staff inside. There are safety precautions so you have to oblige. You can still use our staff if you want.

I: Yes and don’t worry Radhu, we will all help you. Everything will be done.

R: Okay. She glared at Arjun and he reciprocated it. Sanchi, sensing the tension, decided to cut in.

S: Hi Radhika, I am Sanchi.

R: Hi Sanchi.

The girls then began to introduce each other and then they began to discuss the wedding designs and plans thus leaving the reception area and heading towards the main hall where the pre marriage rituals were going to be held. The men in the room waited in an awkward silence before Arjun interrupted it.

A: I will show you two the rooms.

Satish, Garv and Arjun left leaving Kabir and Veer to discuss on important issues in solitude.


Sorry for the long wait guys but there were certain unavoidable circumstances. I will complete this ff in two to three parts more and then I will start a new ff which will be very unique and hopefully you all will enjoy it.

Sorry for the delay again guys. Please do drop your comments.

The character of Jhanvi will be played by Mahima Makwana.

The last pair is: Jhanvi and Garv/ Mahima Makwana and Garv Bajaj.

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