Kunj- Twinkle, I Love You.

Twinkle sat up and looked at Kunj to check whether he is joking or not. She was caught completely off guard.

No, you don’t- Twinkle said, immediately regretting it after seeing Kunj’s hurt expression.

Kunj- Twinkle, I know how I feel about you.

Twinkle- But why?

Kunj- What why?

Twinkle- Why do suddenly think that you love me?

Kunj- I don’t suddenly think that I love. I know I do…… because…. you are beautiful. Kunj cupped her cheek with his hands.

Twinkle looked down. She always did that when Kunj called her beautiful.

Kunj- You care about me and you nursed me back to health even I cheated on you. You were angry with me but you still cared for me. Someone like you deserves a loving and caring husband.

Twinkle bit her lip unable to meet Kunj’s gaze. He moved closer to her and said- And your innocent….damn. Kunj whispered, placing a finger under her chin to make her look up at him- You were never the type of woman I thought I will ever like, but I was wrong, you made me learn to love. You are exactly my type and I love you.

Twinkle- Since when?

Kunj- What do you mean since when, I don’t know the exact tell you since when, it just happened. Maybe sometime when I was hurt and you were taking care of me or when I realized how much I have hurt you when I told you I cheated you. I am not sure when but I do.

Truthfully, Twinkle wouldn’t have been able to tell Kunj he exact moment when she had fallen in love with him either. She didn’t know why she asked such a silly question. Maybe she just wanted to be sure that he didn’t love her when he cheated on her.

Kunj asked suddenly- Twinkle, do you trust me?

Twinkle first looked at him. He had already broken her trust once, but she had forgiven him. She simply answered- Of course.

Kunj- Then why are you not believing me that I love you.

Twinkle stayed quiet for some time and then replied- It is actually hard to believe that you have fallen in love with me.

Kunj- Why?

Twinkle- Because, you are not like this, it’s not you. You are…. Twinkle paused knowing that she had made a mistake.

Kunj- Because… because I am a Casanova, a womanizer? A man who doesn’t know the meaning of love? That’s what you were going to say, right? Twinkle, I was like this before we married. Even after I got married with you I have left all those habits. I know I made a mistake once but that was a mistake, I am not like that now. Kunj was trying to convince her.

Twinkle- I didn’t mean….

Kunj- No, I know what you meant. Kunj interrupted angrily. He took a deep breath to calm down.

Kunj- I don’t expect anything from you, if that’s what you are worried about. Just because I am in love with you doesn’t mean that you have to love me back and I am not even expecting that from you. All you wanted was a husband who care for you and value you and love you and I want to be that husband for you which you deserve it Twinkle.

A tear slipped from Twinkle’s eye. Kunj was being so caring and so selfless. Kunj paused once his eyes landed on Twinkle’s face. He reached out and wipes away her tear that had fallen from her eyes to her cheeks. Twinkle took his hand with both of hers and held it for a moment.

Twinkle- Kunj, I love too.

Kunj was shocked- But…

Twinkle- Kunj.

Kunj- But you didn’t believe me

Twinkle gave him a sly look- I was not going to tell you without making sure you love me with all your heart.

Kunj- But Twinkle, how can you love me, I cheated on you. He got up from his place sadly and took few steps away from the bonfire turning away from twinkle.

Twinkle- I loved you before you told me. I couldn’t just stop because you made a mistake. I didn’t want to stop.

Kunj turned around to face her. She stood up and made her way to him. Twinkle looked up at Kunj, bringing her face closer to his.

Twinkle said smiling- Kunj, we are in love.

Kunj closed the small distance between them and kissed Twinkle softly. He took her hand and led her back on the blankets.

Kunj- This is the best day of my life.

Twinkle- Mine too. She leaned closer to Kunj, resting her head on his shoulder. He brought his arm around her, making for room for her to move closer.

Twinkle reached up and kissed Kunj, reveling in this perfect moment and Kunj deepened the kiss, making it more passionate. He shifted, taking control of the kiss, which Twinkle willingly allowed him to do. Kunj leaned forward, making Twinkle fall back on the blankets with a thump. She broke the kiss and started to laugh.

Kunj said smiling- Sorry Twinkle.

Before Twinkle could tell Kunj that she didn’t mind, he kissed her again. She felt his tongue on her bottom lip and pulled away. She looked at Kunj for a moment. He gave her a smile and started to back away, knowing he has reached his limits. Twinkle suddenly grabbed his collar, stopping him from moving backward. Kunj too gave her a curious expression. Twinkle pulled him closer and he got the message. He kissed Twinkle again. Twinkle opened her mouth allowing Kunj to explore every part of it. Twinkle felt their tongues meet. It was deepest kiss and the most passionate one she had ever had in her life.

Twinkle was lying down and Kunj was on top of her. She felt her veil slipping off and was almost sure that Kunj was pulling it away, but Twinkle didn’t care. Kunj broke the kiss and stated to kiss down her neck. It was more of smooch that he was giving arousing Twinkle. Twinkle also started to lose her control and she wrapped her arms around him. Kunj kissed her body not caring about the fabric that stood between his lips and her skin. He reached her stomach and intended to move further down when Twinkle turned away unexpectedly. She was still lying down, but now on her side with her back towards Kunj.

Kunj asked placing his hand on her shoulder- Twinkle, do you want me to continue?

Twinkle said in her breathless voice- Yes.

Kunj kissed her neck and kissed down her arm. He leaned over the side of her body and kissed her cheek. He started to unzip the dress. He peeled it off one of her shoulders and started kissing down her bare back. Twinkle turned around so that she was lying on her back again. Kunj started pulling her dress lower until her shoulders were bare. He kissed Twinkle again, moving them down her neck and over her shoulders.

Kunj wait- Twinkle stopped him. She reached beside her and took her discarded veil over her exposed shoulders as she sat up.

Kunj backed away, looking somewhat disappointed.

Twinkle- We are outside.

Kunj- So? No one will see us. Kunj said leaning forward to kiss her again.

Twinkle- Still…

Kunj- Ok, come. Let’s go home. We can continue in peace. He quickly stood up, expecting Twinkle to follow. Twinkle stayed sitting on the blankets. She slowly slipped her clothes back in place and made no move to stand up. Kunj sat back down. He leaned forward and kissed Twinkle’s forehead and said- I will zip you up.

Twinkle leaned forward and Kunj wrapped his arms around her, pulling her zip up. He unwrapped his arms around her and stood up. He held his hand out, offering to help Twinkle up. They said little to each other on the way to Kunj’s car. Once they settled into Kunj’s warm car, Twinkle broke the silence and asked- How long will it take us to reach home?

Kunj- About two to three hours.

Twinkle- That late, it’s already late.

Kunj started driving and said- Don’t worry Twinkle, there will be plenty of time for us to finish what we started.

Twinkle didn’t reply. She felt unsure about whether or not she was ready to finish what they were doing on the beach. He had a slight smile on his face. She knew that today had been such a great day. It had been perfect, and Twinkle didn’t want to do anything to ruin it.

Twinkle- Kunj, would you mind if I take a nap? Two hours is a long time.

Kunj- Oh come on Twinkle, talk to me. Give me company, don’t sleep.

Twinkle- I am tired.

Kunj- Ok, if I let you take a nap, then you promise me that you will not say that you are tired tonight?

Twinkle- What, but why?

Kunj- Twinkle think about it, what we are about to do once we reach home? I don’t want you to be tired for that. Kunj smirked.

Twinkle settled in her seat and learned against the window. Soon she drifted off to sleep.

Kunj- Twinkle, wake up, we are home.

Twinkle- So soon?

Kunj- Sorry, but you have to wake up.

Twinkle- No, I don’t want to.

Kunj got out of the car and walked around Twinkle’s side. He opened the door and lifted her out of the car. He carried her inside the mansion and up to their bedroom. He laid her on the bed without bothering to turn the lights on.

Kunj- Twinkle, you are awake? Twinkle’s eyes were still closed.

Twinkle- Mmmhmmm. She said but still her eyes were closed.

Kunj kissed her softly on her lips. Twinkle eyes fluttered open. She sat up quickly looking around her.

Twinkle- We are home?

Kunj- yes, you slept the whole ride.

Twinkle said biting her lip- Sorry.

Kunj- I will forgive you this time Twinkle, because I love you. He said leaning closer to her.

Twinkle- I love you too.

Kunj- Good, because I wat you to show me how much you love me.

Kunj’s lips connected with Twinkle’s. She let his tongue explore her mouth, welcoming Kunj’s affection. Kunj started kissing Twinkle’s neck. Her back arched as he kissed down her chest.

Kunjjj- Twinkle said, sounding out of breath- I don’t want to continue.

Kunj asked, pulling away from her- Continue what?

Twinkle- What we were doing on the beach…. what we were doing now.

Kunj- I didn’t expect tonight to be our consummation night but after what just happened, I hoped that….. I just thought that you also wanted the same what I wanted.

Twinkle- I know I am not being fair to you.

Kunj- Yes, you are.

Twinkle- I am sorry, I don’t want to ruin the night as it was so perfect.

Kunj- Then don’t ruin Twinkle and just let this happen.

Twinkle- Please Kunj, a little bit more time.

Kunj had hurt expression on his face which made Twinkle cry but at that time she genuinely wanted more time from him.

Kunj- Ok, I will give you more time. Kunj agreed and he stood up and started walking to the closet- Maybe we should change as our clothes are still wet.

He disappeared into the bathroom to change. Twinkle too made her way to the closet, ruffling through some clothes trying to find something to wear. She quickly changed and went back to bed. Kunj came out a few minutes later, dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt. He laid down beside Twinkle without saying anything more to her.

Kunj- Twinkle said after few minutes of laying in the dark.

Kunj- Hmm. Kunj was sounding like he didn’t want to have any conversation right now.

Twinkle- Are you angry? She wanted to know if he was angry with her or not.

Kunj- No Twinkle, am not angry. He said turning towards Twinkle and now he was facing her.

Twinkle- Are you sure? Twinkle asked Kunj thinking that he was just telling her as she wanted to hear that and also that her feelings are not hurt.

Kunj- Twinkle, it’s not we having s*x anymore, I love you a lot and if you are not ready to take next step, then I am ready to wait as I respect your feelings the way you are ready to respect mine.

Twinkle- I just need some more time Kunj. I promise it will happen. Twinkle explained to him but she was not feeling good to reject Kunj and he was being so caring and understanding, but the time was not right. She just wanted Kunj to wait a little longer.

Kunj- I know and I understand. Kunj said but there was sadness visible in his voice and face.

Twinkle turned over and leaned over Kunj. She kissed him gently on his lips. Kunj smiled at her as she pulled away to see his reaction. She hovered over Kunj and kissed him again. Her fingers slipped underneath Kunj’s t-shirt, lifting it slightly up. Kunj pulled away this time, confused and trying to understand her intentions.

Kunj- twinkle what are you doing?

Twinkle smiled- This is your consolation prize.

Kunj laughed- Means?

Twinkle said and tried heard not blush- It means an entire night of romance.

Kunj- Romance?… And do you mind clarifying in detail, as in what I am allowed to do and what not with you.

Twinkle- Nothing dirty.

Kunj sat up and quickly pulled his t-shirt off. He grabbed Twinkle and flipped her so that she was beneath Kunj.

Kunj- Twinkle, your definition of dirty and my definition of dirty are completely different. Yours probably covers a lot more things than mine. Kunj said, his voice deep with lust.

Twinkle- Ok, then let’s go with your definition, as it is your consolation prize.

Kunj grinned. This really was the best day of his life, and his wife just gave him permission to make it the best night of his life as well. Kunj couldn’t be happier.

They are soooo about to consummate their marriage soon. twinkle is juts holding it a little longer. Keep guessing what are they going to do tonight. 😛

They are soo much in love and officially in love, now that Twinkle has also confessed her love for Kunj.

Ananya- thank you dear, yes it’s been really long that I have read your lovely comments and believe me, I was really missing you. 🙂

Aamna- It was a great surprise from you, I am really happy that you have liked the fiction, thank you s much for appreciating it dear. 🙂

Thank you to all my lovely readers for your lovely comments and reviews.

Do tell me how you found today’s episode and  please share your views.

Thank you and love to all readers. 🙂

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