Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Daksh’s Flight Meets With An Accident

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Daksh calls Devika and says he is in America and just now heard her message, why is Varun marrying someone else. Devika says Varun has forgotten everything and is marrying Dhani, says she is staying in a house as servant which Daksh transferred in Varun’s name. She tells him whole story. Daksh asks her not to worry, he is booking flight and will be there in 24 hours.

Kesar happily tells Heera that once Dhani’s wedding is finished, she will go on vacation. Heera says she can go wherever she wants except US as it is very expensive there. Kesar laughs. Devika plays music and dances and asks Heera to join her. Varun walks in and shouts what is this drama. Devika says now it is Heera and her puppet’s turn, Varun himself will marry her tomorrow. She continues


Heera and her team tensely think reason behind Devika’s rejoice. She says someone is behind Devika and if it is Devi. If Devi is alive, where is she, why she is not coming in front of them. Kesar says Devika must have planned something and hidden her mother. Basanti says let us ask Devika directly why she is so happy, maybe it is something else. Heera asks Kesar and Dhani to spy on Devika.

Kesar and Dhani watch Devika hiding. Devika continues singing seeing them. Dhani asks why she is so happy. Devika says her pimple went away. Kesar shouts to tell truth now. Devika says she has lost weight and asks to check her waist, it may be due to magic. Kesar runs away. Devika asks Dhani why her mother ran away. Kesar and Dhani inform Heera what Devika told. Heera says Kesar’s doubt may be right, Devi is alive and informed Devika that she is Rajawat family’s daughter, so Devika is planning to rule on us. Dhani says if Devika knows she is her sister, then why she is snatching Varun from her. Kesar yells 19 years ago, Devi snatched her ritual right, now Devika is doing same. Dhani says she will not let Devika snatch Varun from her.

Devika walks to Varun’s room and shows her bridal mehandi. Varun angrily spoils her mehandi and washes her hand in water. Devika says mehandi is dark, this shows howmuch her Piya loves her. Varun stands fuming. Dhani’s mehandi starts next. Mehandi designer says if mehandi gets dark, Varun loves Dhani immensely, asks if Varun really loves her. Dhani comes dances around Varun on Mai Ghani Bawri Hogayi…song. Varun stops her and drags her there and asks why she is so happy. She says she will prove that she is not a lier, he will accept her himself. He asks if she has gone mad. Devika says he can laugh, but when he knows truth, he will find out what people did to separate them. Varun asks if she wants to say his mother tricked and lied him. Devika says Basanti is his mother…reminisces promising Maheshwari that she will not tell truth until she herself tell to Varun. News on TV displays that Dr. Daksh’s flight met with an accident. Varun mutes TV and says he could mute her. She says once truth is out, he will accept her. He leaves. She sees news about Daksh’s flight accident, calls him, but his phone is not reachable. She worriedly thinks how will she win her piya.

Precap: Devika challenges Varun again that he will not marry Dhani.
He says let us see. She says if Dhani won’t be there, how will he. Heavy metal box falls on Dhani. Varun goes to store room and sees a lady in dark there.

Update Credit to: MA

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