Kaleerein 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan and Meera’s Romance In Inebriation

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Prince informs Meera that he arranged money for Biji’s treatment. Meera thanks him and smirks at Vian saying his plan failed. They both enter home and inform family they arranged money. Vivan returns home and reminiscing Meera’s words starts drinking liquor. Meera changes clothes and dries her clothes. Dolly gives her herbal concoction to ward off cold. Meera drinks it and feels drowsy and sleeps. Nimmo walks in and seeing her sleeping drapes blanket on her and hopes she could help her in her fight. Nimmo then goes down and sees Prince holding briefcase, asks what is it. Prince says it is his friend’s who helped him, he asked to keep it tonight. Nimmo says let us check what is in it. He tries to open it and says it is locked. Nimmo asks to keep it safely and guard it whole night till he returns it to his friend.

Meera wakes up from sleeping hearing Vivan’s voice and thinks she is sleeping on other side, she should go to her sasural now. On the other side, Dolly cries seeing Biji’s condition. Sweety consoles her. Heavily inebriated Vivan wobbles in his room and imagines Meera coming there and laughing on him. Their chatting starts. He says he had to take her on a date, but he did not. She says let us inform family and go. In living room, Amar asks Dolly where is Meera. She says Meera is sleeping in her room.

Vivan and Meera’s chatting continues. Vivan walks to her holding rose and says he wants to tell her something. She asks to tell then and thinks when will express his love for her. They start romantic chat. A romantic song plaays in the background. Vivan gets back to Meera on bed and fixes mangalsutra in her neck and says their marriage is complete now. Their romance continues. Kidnapper peeping from other side of window thinks they are romancing freely and worryless, let him give them a gift. He burns paper and throws it inside room. They both see it, but continue their romance.

Precap: Meera and Vivan fall asleep on same bed. Dolly informs Biji that Meera slept in Vivan’s room last night.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hello Friends,should we feel happy today for Vivaan and Meera who could finally confess their love for each other…Ofcourse ,they were not in their senses,but it is a fact that one’s true feelings come out that time only…At the same time ,the scene would have been more beautiful ,had it happened when they were not intoxicated..Anyways let us hope that they won’t take back their words once they wake up in the morning or feel guilty for admitting their feelings….Unfortunately ,the kidnapping drama still continues and the identity of the culprit / culprits s still kept in the dark…Looks like Prince is unintentionally helping the kidnapper thinking he is a friend and he has gained entry into the house also ….Is n’t it strange that the residents of Kapoor Mansion don’t secure their front doors before retiring for the night,,,…starting from the dangerous dacoit queen to this elusive kidnapper …the access to the house seems to be very easy…by the way ,the kidnapper doesn’t seem to be Sumer…so,the suspense still continues..

    1. Lakshmi…you have confirmed for me that this lovey dovey scene did take place after all… I’ll see it later with subtitles… I’ve heard that people do speak what’s exactly on their minds when inebriated, so as you say, let’s hope they remember what happened the day after.

      1. Where do you find it with subtitles

  2. Listen up ladies, when your significant other gives you trouble, do like Meera and Zara….reciprocate with a hard time as well, show him you can function without them, that’s what they can’t handle and you’ll see how they come with their tails between their legs, you see how Vivaan is reminiscing Meera’ s words, that ought to give him something to worry about and I hope he has sleepless nights. I’m happy that Meera is showing some steel…and it looks like Vivaan is dreaming about Meera and in an inebriated state as well, because she won’t fall in bed so quickly with him or could be Meera is a sleepwalker…

  3. Thank you Simone….for your kind words. Happy to know that our comments can bring you some smiles…it’s just how I see it, I say it….gotta make discussions interesting right?…or things would be boring. Have a lovely day dear…???

  4. The sub heading say that Meera and Vivaan romance in his inebriated state, do you all think that Meera would allow Vivaan to romance her with bad blood simmering between them at the moment?? Sometimes these updates are a bit misleading…and thank you MA for the update but your updates are always short on details and I’m left to think of the rest…ADDNK suffered the same fate…

  5. Naz, even I wish this to be not true as Vivaan has not done anything to set things right and we can not expect Meera to hop into bed with him with so many questions at the back of her mind but the precap shows that may actually turn out to be true..I don’t know whether Dolly will actually see her daughter coming out of Vivaan’s room in the morning but she will inform Biji about the same…this is according to the precap….hope this will somehow turn out to be a dream because we don’t want them to admit their feelings for each other when Vivaan is guilt ridden and Meera hurt and furious…

  6. So….. This is it Lakshmi… 5 days ago I threw out a rhetorical question on the probability of which teams would advance to the final World Cup game, and here we are, at least one of the token teams is going forward. England put up a good fight but Croatia pulled it out in fine flair. I think it was in 1998 that France met Croatia in a semifinal to book the former team into the final but look at this today, they both are going to meet..in the final event. Whoever wins, I’m happy but since this was a game of major upsets, won’t it be nice if Croatia in this fairytale, wins the golden prize? Just this time? Anyway we look at it, this is going to be a super fantastic final and true to my nature, I’m gonna shed a tear, that this beautiful game had come and left us again..till four years time.

  7. Why not Naz ,Croatia certainly deserves to win the cup…to tell you the truth there is no such team in this World Cup that is awe inspiring…Gone are those days where teams would win matches on the brilliance of their individual players ,for that matter there seems to be no such wizards in any team now …After seeing Mbappe’s brilliant display in one of the group games I was really Impressed …the same with Lukaku …but they played quite ordinarily in the first semis…Obviousky whoever has better coordination as a team and most importantly whomsoever the Lady Luck favours on that specific day will be the winners…yes,England did play well but Croatia proved to have better stamina than them in the crucial extra time….I will be very happy if they will go on winning the tournament…

  8. Trisha

    Hi all! Well this is an interesting episode?…. I guess its not a dream if the kidnapper is looking at them?….That must be some herbal medicine Dolly gave to Meera!??…Cant wait to see this! My hindi is ok but even i need the subtitles for some of the dialougues??

    Naz can you tell me what time it comes on zeetv usa? Been watching it on zee caribbean but the epis run toooo slow there… Vivan still hasnt seen his mother there yet!
    Ive been watching the repeats at 4:30 on zee usa.

    Finally…world cup finals on sunday! France vs Croatia! Alot of ppl will be supporting France but im on team Croatia. Loved that they beat the England team today! What a match!

    1. Trisha…I’m on Zee Caribbean too and it’s laughable what the schedule is on for the network, however…..I view the episodes on desitvflix.com using one of the 3 links. For ISA and AKAJS, I watch without subtitles because the written updates are so detailed that im able to follow exactly what is happening and the little Hindi I can understand, makes up for my understanding but for Kaleerein, it’s not well written and so sketchy in details that I have to wait till the next day around lunchtime to view it on the APAC link which has the subtitles….the difference between the two links are the subtitled version is cut a bit to facilitate commercials whereas the other one without subtitles gives you the entire episode without the commercial so you get to see the entire well written updates. I’ve viewed this episode last night and you are right, Vivaan will be seeing his mother soon but the episode will be aired next week Monday because Zeetv Caribbean sees it fit to give Kaleerein 3 times a week..what sense does that make huh…and after all the rambling on, I’ll be rooting for Croatia, they reached the final by no easy feat, but they have to facilitate Mbappe….I’d like to see a new football King, however, I agree with Lakshmi’s thought that the caliber of football isn’t like what I’ve seen in the past..those guys were and are legends…likes of Romario, Klinsman , Baggio, Beckham and too many others. I’ve had a fondness for the Italian stallions ever since and I had a huge crush on captain Paolo Maldini as well as the past Bulgarian goalkeeper Sergio Goicochiea….lolllllllll……whoever wins on Sunday’s game Trisha, I’ll be happy… btw, I started watching football just after Maradona’s exit so can’t include him and Pele on my list….

  9. Trisha,according to Indian folklore certain herbal concoctions did exist that would make a person romantically inclined..But nowadays we read about them only in fiction….kudos to our writers for discovering that magical elixir yet again for the benefit of our estranged leads …LOL……but we all know that unless Vivaan tells Meera about the complete kidnapping drama and his dumbness in conceding to their demands and of course asking for her forgiveness,there is no charm in their romantic escapades…..Yes,the specific scene couldn’t be a dream as the kidnapper watched them close in each other’s company and Dolly is going to see her daughter coming out of Vivaan’s room in the morning…Let us see if there is any other twist to this romantic night…

  10. Trisha

    I used to do the same thing Naz…read updates n watch epi on ozee… it really irks me to know that they cut the the epis just to facilitate commercials and songs that suck! Cant they air bollywood songs that people know or like? They shorten episodes on both zee caribbean n usa channel? but on usa its sun-thurs. I dont understand why kaleerein is only airing 3 times a weeks…its not like there isnt enough epis to show. They have already shown the mahasangam episodes on zc so get ready for some jumps and skips in the storyline. Waiting for kaleerein to air ive gotten hooked on ISA. For some reason i cant bear to watch kkb or kdb…or woh apna sa. Really happy that Jodha Akbar has returned on CNC 3…ekta’s best story so far.

    True the caliber of football has gone way down…now its just players tripping over themselves and falling down….too many missed opportunities and silly plays on the field, but world cup is a family bonding tradition in my house so we keep watching. Just love when the game hits penalty shootout mode…so much tension n excitement. Lets hope Croatia manages to gain their first world cup trophy. I think this is their first time in the finals…

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